264. Creator of the universe

Science speaks of a singularity, single entity, once again new scientific wrote an article on black-holes and that each galaxy has a super massive black-hole in its centre. The accretion disc where all dust and gas collects and stars are born, “the spiral arms of the galactic disks” onto a stationary black-hole, has only been solved analytically under the assumption of spherical symmetry. Then there is the Blandford – Znajek process, a theoretical method of producing jets in radio galaxies by threading the horizon of a black-hole surrounded by an accretion disc with magnetic fields. As the black-hole spins, it drags the field lines around and causes them to eject plasma in two opposite jets around the rotation axis.

The same principle happens on a smaller scale around stars, a so called proto-planetary disc that lead to clustering and on yet another lower level planets around a sun, down to, or starting with,  the sub-atomic world.

The earth has a magnetic field that flows between the north and south poles and creates a shield around the earth. But it also has a zero point in its centre, this creates another on a 90 degree angle, east west, the theoretical line of the disc. They say that the liquid metal centre of the earth is the cause of this magnetic field but the truth entails far more. This torus shaped field is created by two overlapping fields making a Vesica Piscis in its middle, “the Eye”, circular sphere and there is a pattern that pushes/pulls the two circles to or away from each other (think about the moon and the tides) and charged particles of the sun. Each of these magnetic waves are spiral and follow a pattern related to the golden ratio. It is similar to the DNA string, the sun holding the planets,  the planets their moons and the nucleus… from the very large to the very small and vice versa. The very principles of life itself, its double “circles” nature in a larger “circle”.

The whole of creation in a single thing and in the single thing the whole of creation.
The tree of knowledge led you away and leads you back to the tree of life.
It is not the flower of life, but its seed. It is not the chicken but the egg.

The nature of spirit, the breath of life, the knowledge of God, kept in the holiest of holies, the sacred mystery, the Ark of Covenant, the two stone tablets, one star of David’s lineage, the hexagram, the pentagram, Adam and Eve, the Vesica Piscis and birth. One leads away the other leads you back. The pure aware-ness eternal unborn, the centre “seed” in all beings.


The star of Bethlehem only found by the wisest of men, it is the very same that Kabbalists seek, the dream of every true alchemist, death and lead, birth and gold, the death of the pentagram and birth in David’s lineage, hexagram.
In it is found all the laws “nature and opposites”, not its material seeds found in the lower pentagram but its spiritual seed in the hexagram, which through Daath is reached. Daath equals Christ, that special place in the heart from which life flows and returns to. But be careful, do not mistake the lower physical heart for the higher spiritual heart.

It is there where those who seek fail. They place their trust in their lower nature, their mind and coloured heart. These two have based their ideas, theories and feelings on experiences that have built the very judgements through which they judge what is and what is not. The mental and physical body, even their so called spiritual experiences are weighed by personality which is a makeup of different masks, while each of the emotional “masks” has its own field of recognition and seek only to feed to its own liking. They all have one master, “ego”, who will use all masks to hold on to mental and physical life, something that can be seen in the very questions and answers it comes up with that only seek to satisfy the lower “mental and physical”. When I say letting go, there is a knowing that does not need mind, a feeling that does not need a body. But they still seek to satisfy these two lower bodies.

Yes it is beautiful to see, to understand creation. But through the lower bodies there will always be new horizons, like day and night, until we see everything from the viewpoint of the sun, the end of the universe or its beginning. Still bigger telescopes look further than before but does it bring it any closer? There is a knowing that like looking from the sun sees there in no night except from a limited viewpoint. Looking within one self, beyond the earthly look of person-ality, your internal son/sun.

You have worked the land, gave birth, built the mental and physical body, discovered its abilities and limitations, and if your faith is strong enough (not your personalised believe system), then the I AM, the eternal is within reach. And in your quietness, in your stillness we can become one, seeing through, hearing through and feeling through the physical body without obstacles and use the mind “instead of ego” to bring into this world the light of god.

Some might say : this is not the way. Some even say there are many ways. But I tell you there is only one, and it is like a fine robe spanning a great canyon full of dangers. No, numbers or words are not the way, they merely speak of the dangers and traps that weigh you down. That letting go of what is not is the only way. They, the words and numbers are there to remind you, to strengthen you. Read it, measure it, and its infinite wisdom becomes clear and so will you become clear.

Do not forget who, what, usually looks through your eyes and listens through your ears, who has conditioned your heart. Be aware, the only short-cut is letting go, and if you become able to be still you will come to know me in your heart as a flame of love and in the mind as the fire of wisdom. Recognize that the true self that is both love and wisdom has recognized of itself also.

That all this knowledge was kept from mankind might have some say; He is to blame for all the suffering, and even more, question the reasons (remember who does the questioning). IT WAS NEVER KEPT FROM THE REAL YOU, but from him who seeks only to satisfy himself through you.

Beliefs are the foundation on which people form their world-views. These world views determine how people deal with issues they face and how they treat and manage natural resources and life. Religion, some say, is the root of all evil. But its roots are truth and one, it is men’s personalised interpretations that divide. When I said there will be a time when there will be no true believers any more, I did not talk about a time in the far future but about this time.

Harvest time is just around the corner.



Moshiya van den Broek