262. Three score and six

Many have played with the numbers 666 , but very few are able to calculate the number, LET him who has understanding….. It should be clear that it involves calculating and an understanding, First of all we have 600, then we have 3 score and 6, a score is 20. So it is 600 -20-20-20-6.

The zodiac has 12 signs multiply by 6 is 72, multiplying it by 6 is 432, multiply this by 6 is 25920. Plato’s great year. Equal to a Radius of 432 multiplied by Pi 3,1416. With this you will be able to calculate the height of the tree which fits in this circle.

These two overlapping circles that makes up the Vesica Pisces is the snake curled around the tree that is made up by the joining of the hexagram and pentagram, has a circumference of 576 degrees. The hexagram or star of David joins the pentagram at 288 degrees, the same number associated with the 288 pieces of the broken vessel that fell to earth spoken about in the old testament “Zohar”.

Now let’s go back to six hundred 3 score and six, 600 x 20 x 20 x 20 x 6 is 28800000. 288 in heaven and 288 on earth, as above so below. The mirror of 432 is 234 add them up and you have 666.

The value of Lord Jesus Christ is 3168oo, when we add the two trees 576+576 =1152o. 316800+11520= 328320 days = 912 years of 360 days. Set lived 912 years, Adam lived 3348oo days, 18000 days in jubilee or 930 years of 360 days 93 x 36, minus 3168 is 18o. Do this with all pre flood patriarchs and again you see they are part of this one great structure.

From Adam to Noah is 1056 years which is 380160 days divided by 22 is 1728, by 66 is 576 and by 88 is 4320.

As shown before, 9 is the highest number, the highest of God is the Ark of Covenant 56.25 divided by 9 is 62.5. 360 divided by 6.25 is 576. Times 9 is the highest goal in Alchemy 5184.

Now pay attention: man’s voice vibrates the larynx between 80 and 1152 a second. The amount of letters in the KJ Bible New Testament is 83838 8 x 3x 8 x 3 x 8 x 3 is 13824 divided by 1152 is 12 and divided by 80 is 1728, the shape of the eight with circumference of 576 3 times is 1728.

Noah travelled the great ocean for 150 days, the ark 576 x 150 is 8640000 the sun’s diameter, then breathed the breath of life into him, the spirit Pneuma which has the number value of 576. The accurate translation of holy spirit from the Hebrew h’Ruach h’Baruch or the Greek Hagia Pneuma is actually holy breath.

The movement of the stars, the Zodiac signs and planets in relationship with the earth and its inhabitants, its cycles and effects, man’s journey from slavery to freedom, including the how, why and when, are written in the sacred books in every culture for those who understand, who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

It is time to wake up, we are closing in on the end of the great cycle and harvesting will begin. Kabbalah means: the way to receive, study the material to follow the correct way to receive.

The following article on Science Daily of Apr.7 , 2010 states, our universe at home within a larger universe? So suggests Physicists wormhole researchers. Could our universe be located within the interior of a wormhole which itself is part of a black-hole that lies within a much larger universe?

“Such a scenario in which the universe is born from inside a wormhole (also called an Einstein-Rosen Bridge) is suggested in a paper from Indiana University theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski in Physics Letters B. The final version of the paper was available online March 29 and will be published in the journal edition April 12.

Poplawski takes advantage of the Euclidean-based coordinate system called isotropic coordinates to describe the gravitational field of a black hole and to model the radial geodesic motion of a massive particle into a black hole.

In studying the radial motion through the event horizon (a black hole’s boundary) of two different types of black holes — Schwarzschild and Einstein-Rosen, both of which are mathematically legitimate solutions of general relativity — Poplawski admits that only experiment or observation can reveal the motion of a particle falling into an actual black hole. But he also notes that since observers can only see the outside of the black hole, the interior cannot be observed unless an observer enters or resides within.

This condition would be satisfied if our universe were the interior of a black hole existing in a bigger universe,” he said. “Because Einstein’s general theory of relativity does not choose a time orientation, if a black hole can form from the gravitational collapse of matter through an event horizon in the future then the reverse process is also possible. Such a process would describe an exploding white hole: matter emerging from an event horizon in the past, like the expanding universe.”

A white hole is connected to a black hole by an Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole) and is hypothetically the time reversal of a black hole. Poplawski’s paper suggests that all astrophysical black holes, not just Schwarzschild and Einstein-Rosen black holes, may have Einstein-Rosen bridges, each with a new universe inside that formed simultaneously with the black hole.

From that it follows that our universe could have itself formed from inside a black hole existing inside another universe,” he said.

By continuing to study the gravitational collapse of a sphere of dust in isotropic coordinates, and by applying the current research to other types of black holes, views where the universe is born from the interior of an Einstein-Rosen black hole could avoid problems seen by scientists with the Big Bang theory and the black hole information loss problem which claims all information about matter is lost as it goes over the event horizon (in turn defying the laws of quantum physics).

This model in isotropic coordinates of the universe as a black hole could explain the origin of cosmic inflation, Poplawski theorizes.

Poplawski is a research associate in the IU Department of Physics. He holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. in physics from Indiana University and a M.S. in astronomy from the University of Warsaw, Poland.

If you go to : http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/04/100406172648.htm and look at the representation of this wormhole and look at the structure explained in the articles where the 2D representation is shown in 3D torus where the so called tunnel is the Vesica Piscis “black-hole white-hole”, then you should be able to see that the knowledge hidden in the ancient scriptures is far greater than scientists realise. And shows that religion and science are really two sides of the same coin.

If they would be able to put aside their ego, and be open, then they will find all the answers they have been searching for.



Moshiya van den Broek