260. Wake up and see

If you follow the instructions then you will see the sacred secret that the great sages such as Moses and Jesus knew and explained in parables so only those who had eyes to see and ears to hear understood. Something of such great value and power that it could raise the dead, heal the blind and turn lead to gold.

What you will gain when you follow it, step by step, was known by several names, the star of Bethlehem, holy grail, the tree of life, the trees of knowledge etc., but do not think that you can grasp it all in a single moment, the light reveals all “in time”. Once this instruction is followed which only takes 30 minutes of your time, a pencil and a piece of paper together with an open mind and thankful heart. A new door will open and a realisation will come to light. In other words, your eyes will be opened. If not, then they will remain closed, just like a conditioned heart and mind are to truth.

Before we start, I like to refresh your memory for a moment which will help it all fall into place;

The number Eight

The number 8 is the number for new life and new beginnings. In Genesis 8, Noah and the animals are allowed to depart from the Ark and restore the earth. Noah and his family consisted of 8 people that repopulated the human race. Noah’s name is found exactly 48 (8×6) times in the Old Testament. His name in both forms (Noe and Noah) is found exactly 8 times in the New Testament. When you combine them together you end up with a total of 56. Here we find that the name of Noah is the product of Completion (7) and New Beginnings (8).

In the 8th book of the Bible, the book of Ruth, you have this pattern displayed and preserved. The whole theme of Ruth is the redemption and restoration of Naomi, Jewish Church, based upon this verse, (Ruth 4:15) “And he shall be unto thee a restorer of thy life”.

The word “alive” is found 88 times in the scriptures. Its usage, as well, indicates the new life found in Christ through his resurrection. Noah travelled 40 days and 40 nights is 80, male and female entered the ark, travelling the great cosmic ocean. This ocean is the Zodiac and its 12 signs, the Animals and they come in pairs, Plato gave you its length 25920 years.

Now find a diagram of the Zodiac and draw a circle with a radius of about 4.32 cm, and another within it with a radius of 3,32 cm and mark the 12 signs. Draw two more circles each within the other, continue the dividing lines between the zodiac signs until they all end in the centre. 12 spokes . Now 4.32 is a Vedic number, multiplied by Pi 3,1416 is 1357.1712, let’s see what this circumference is in cubits 1357.1712 divided by 52,36 is 259200, Plato’s great cycle.

Next step, make a circle with a radius of 1.62 cm and then place your compass on the outer rim of this circle so that you get two circles overlapping each other with the Vesica Pisces where the circles overlap. 1.62 x 2 is 324 divided by 576 is 0.5625 “the ark of covenant”.

Place a hexagram in the top circle with one point up and one pointing down. Divide the lower circle by 15.  24 degrees x 15 then use these markers to draw a pentagram. Go to earlier articles to see the star configuration and on how to make the pentagram. These two overlapping circles can now be placed within the bigger first circle of the Zodiac . Now when you recall the ark of Noah was 45.ooo and it travelled 40 days and 40 nights, half the 8 above and half the 8 below, the figure 8 is the sign of eternity on its side.

Let’s see if the mathematics fits: 25920 divided by 45 is 576. That is the circumference of the eight within the Zodiac.

You now have the very structure upon which the Bible was written. When you look at the Vesica Pisces, and take that as the boat, then casting a net, upper or lower 40, the pentagram or hexagram/star of David, instructed by Jesus will start to make sense.

It was this He talked about when He said, “The knowledge of the secrets of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. This is why I speak to them in parables, Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand’” (Mat. 13:11,13). The parables contain the same knowledge, but uses the known to express the unknown.

I cannot stress it enough that knowing this, its movements and influences on both nature as a whole, life and consciousness “the theory of everything” are explained through the use of the stories and are in fact, at the same time, expressed through the numeral values in a perfect way.

It is the only real and whole Bible code that leaves no doubt whatsoever of creation by a Supreme Being .

Enlightenment can be reached if one realizes Self-nature. This is because as soon as ignorance, the root cause of suffering is eliminated, all the lesser delusions would be automatically removed. As the saying has it, to destroy the one is to destroy all.

Through the practise of meditation, the exercise of noticing with unhindered mind, pure awareness, “non-attachment”, the noticing mind will close in upon and fix on whatever object is being noticed, and the act of noticing will proceed without break, there are many different techniques to de-touch and purify awareness such as, awareness of breathing so the mind does not wonder off. These ways were the old ways, knowledge led you away, “Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge and were send out of the garden”.

The new way, the final way in this age, is knowledge gained through experience. Not personalised ideas which are built through experience, whose purpose is only focussed to feed the desire body. The seeking of self-nature goes beyond. I am talking about the true self, not the self most identify with as self or I. Such experience that leads to knowledge of the difference between the illusionary and true self is what I mean. With knowledge through experience, this knowledge can become wisdom, purified knowledge. In the old ways one had to believe, it was difficult to build will power, to let go so the illusionary could die and the true self would be born. You might have known or even experienced someone who was unable to quit smoking, drinking or another destructive habit but found the will power to stop after having had a close experience with its destructive nature. Such is the power of the kind of knowledge through experience. With such knowledge and willpower gained, you can take on the holy war, you are provided with the weapons to enter the underworld, to fight the devil, the lower self-nature.

When this illusionary self seeks, it looks through conditioned eyes and ears (explained in greater detail in other articles). Insights that lead you to experience the true nature of the illusionary self, will give you the willpower and strength to let go so the truth can see through the eyes and listen through the ears.



Moshiya van den Broek