259. The 360 of the ancients

A warning! This article is only for those who understand that seeing auras, angels, UFO’s, practise meditation, are vegetarian, licensed Reiki workers, see dead people or have outer body experiences etc. is not equal to being spirit-ual nor does it lead to awakening but is actually equal to eating of the fruit that lead to the fall.

The vessel from above broke into 288 pieces and fell to earth (Kabbalah) and so what was above became what is below and added up to 576.

As you may know, the Babylonians/Mesopotamians, used base 60 numbers in their business, astronomy, and mathematics (they used base 10 numbers as well). Connected to this was the division of the circumference of a circle into 360 parts by Babylonian astronomers. Geometric circles and the apparent movement of stars on the celestial sphere go naturally together and time is a common feature of astronomy.

When the cycle of 360 is divided by 57.6 we get 6,25 multiplied by 5 is 31.25 and multiplied by 9 is 56.25 both key numbers in the Bible of which the 56.25 is of course the ark of covenant. And 8 times 45 is 360, the ark of Noah, 72 x 6,25 is 45(000) 81 x 6,25 is 50625, 88 times 6,25 is 55(0). Now pay attention! 96 times 6.25 is 60(000) and 144 times 6.25 is 90(000). 153 times 6.25 is 9.5625. Go back to the great year of Plato, whereas the circle is now not 360 but 25920 years, and divide it like the 360 by 576 and the answer is 45(000).

Some will have a mental block with numbers and there are several reasons for this. Two of them I like to mention: the mental conditioning of seeing numbers as a quantitative symbol and find it difficult to see the qualitative in them. Secondly, they do not see that it is the true spiritual language which through its descriptive and qualitative symbolism tells us the nature of spirit and matter and their paths.

An example that I mentioned before (talking about these cycles/circles will clarify this), the ark of Noah “part of the eight” with the value given in the Bible of 300 x 50 x 30 = 45.(000) travels the great zodiac ocean on the waves going up and down until it eventually reaches the mountain where darkness is let go off and light radiated out. Just like life it might feel as if it is rudderless, without guidance or a hand that steers, and believe that luck and coincidence really exists. 2592o divided by 360 is 72, 72 x 8 is 576 and 72 x 6.25 is 45. If you start to grasp this then the zero too becomes more meaningful. 72 x 56.25 is 405000 whereas zeros are cycles/circles and therefore the 10 is really the one and the cycle/circle, and therefore the right way of numbers which starts at 1 and ends with 9, the next from 10 to 18 and from there to the next row from 19 to 27 shown in another article, produces the series 3, 6, 9, 369, 369 and that all numbers are really the same as 1 to 9 with the difference that greater numbers express something of the whole. As all is in Him, and He is in all.

Perhaps some of you start to feel something and it starts to become clear that number was indeed the first language from which all others came, that it became expressive and with it came confusion. That suddenly the story told in the Bible and other holy books are starting to open up, even realise how logic Hebrew and Greek with letters being interchangeable with numbers really is. But also wonder why this was not really seen before, apart from the two reasons given earlier there is a structural nature in numbers too and means more than just platonic solids, they are effect, second not first cause. They are like the fruits of the tree. Eating of that tree , its fruits led you away in the multitude of expressions of the whole, and this journey leads you eventually back to me. That was His promise to you, that eventually you are able to let go of that attachment, not by blind faith which seeks only of itself, not in believing self-created theories, but by truth.

Through knowledge to wisdom you can hold on to this when all that is not falls away. Those of you who are awakening to this truth will also realise that holding on to all the conditioning, even a single one, is attachment that will weigh you down while you need to rise from the death and be among the living. Understand that this knowledge is not given to feed the ego, the mental image of self, who will seek its expressions and reflections, but to be a tool, a truth that sets you free. So study it, that it may open your eyes and ears, that letting go really is holding on to pure consciousness. Try to see what it really means when Jesus said he will meet you half way. It is not a UFO, not even a cloud other than of living water, but you are not half way yet unless you start to grasp what is given.



Moshiya van den Broek