257. He who has Wisdom

Even those who are not familiar with the Bible have heard the number 666. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

In order to explain it and show you, we will need to look at other numbers first, In Hebrew isopsephia 37 is the value of Yechidah – the Cosmic Self existing at the core of the first Sephirah on the Tree of Life, Kether. The highest soul.

The ordinal value of wisdom 8+11+13+5=37 or 73 and 73 is the value of Chokmah – the name of the second Sephirah.
The Greek word logos meaning “Word” (as in “Word of God”) has an isopsephia value of 373.
666 divided by 37 is 18 and 18 is the beast, the eight and on the left 1, dominating until 81. And the eight should be familiar by now, the Ouroboros unlike the nine “9” which gets you of the cycle, the six “6” keeps you on it (see further explanation in other articles) and related to the left and right, good and evil on 3 levels, 369, 3 reflected becomes 6 and 9 is a coming home but knowing it for the first time.
The circumference of the eight is 576 degrees, and eight is two fours, one above and one below 3 fours “864” can be written as 48 which is the value of a generation. The Bible has 39 books in the old testament: 39 books times 48 is 1872 and 27 books in the new testament: 27 books times 48 is 1296 which is half the zodiac cycle of 2592,0 added up 1872 + 1296 is 3168 and is 66 times 48. 3168 is also the number of Lord Jesus Christ. Another number associated to Him is 33 and 48 plus 33 is 81 (9×9) while 31+68 is 99.

33 of course is Daath, the master Teacher number, the knowing heart, but do not make the mistake of thinking that simply by hearing lectures or reading books you will comprehend what Daath means. The fact is that the mystery of Daath has been explored by saints and prophets for centuries, and its depths still have not been fully explored—because there is so much wisdom, so much to this science of Daath. Daath [??? Daath is Hebrew and means knowledge. It is spelled with three letters: Daleth .[?] ???] [?], Ayin and Tav/Tau Daath.

The Tree of Knowledge is one of those symbolic trees described in the myth of Adam and Eve. In order for you to grasp the meaning of Daath, you have to first grasp that Adam and Eve are a myth—not a myth in the sense that it is not true or not real, but a myth in the sense that it is a mystery. Adam and Eve is a mystery—a story that contains and hides the truth until you have reached it.

The mystery of Daath relates to the entirety of what we are as Being. When you look at Daath or the Tree of Knowledge in relation with the Tree of Life, you will know from studying Kabbalah that these two trees share their roots, they have the same roots. Those roots are the rivers of Eden—that one river that was parted into four heads.

When you look at the tree as shown in the articles and Daath in relation with the Tree of Life, Daath as a mysterious sphere is just below the topmost triangle on the Tree of Life. Daath is in a void, a great gap or space between the trinity: Kether, Chokmah, Binah—the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva—between that Trimurti and creation. Revealed to be the point that extents from the lower sphere into the Star of David.

When the Solar Logos, the Supernal Triangle, unfolds itself in order to create, that Three-in-One divides itself into two. That dual form is called Elohim; it is God and Goddess, Shiva-Shakti, Abba-Aima, the Father and the Mother who, in their sexual co-operation form Daath. This is how God creates—through the union of Shiva- Shakti, the Yab-Yum, the Father-Mother. That union is represented as the sphere of Daath. This is the world of creation; this is how Briah and the remaining worlds of Kabbalah come into existence.

When the Tree of Life is superimposed over a man, Daath is at the level of the throat. This has great significance. It is through the throat that God creates. In the Bible it says, “And Elohim said, Let there be light ”. Elohim is El plus Eloah to make the plural word Elohim. That union of El (God) and Eloah (Goddess) spells Elohim, which is plural. God and Goddess, the duality, who work together.

Daath, that mysterious sphere, is at the level of the throat. It is from our word that the Logos emerges—Logos is Greek for word. This upper triangle is called the Logos, the Solar Logos. The first Logos, the second Logos, and the third Logos are the Three-in-One. When that Three-in-One unfolds into two and creates the Elohim, from the throat emerges the light, the sun, Horus, the Word of God.
The reason this is important is because Adam and Eve were created in this method. This is why, in the Bible, God says, “Behold, the man has become as one of us,”(plural, not singular) “In our image and likeness.” Adam, the primeval Adam, the root Adam, reflects that duality or male-female. Adam is later separated to further reflect that duality as Adam and Eve, or Ish and Isha, man and woman. The man and woman were cast out of Eden because of the “great mistake”.

It is not our purpose in these classes to spend much time on the historical or literal meaning; our concern is psychological, spiritual.

We know that we are out of Eden. We are not in Eden, and we want to go back. We want to return to a state of blessedness, a state of happiness. In Eden, humanity was free from suffering and death. When we seek spirituality, we seek that being free from suffering, to be free from sickness, from death. We need to discover the doorway back to Eden. As explained, the first letter in Daath is Daleth, which symbolizes a door. How do we reach the door of Eden? How do we return back to Eden? This is the great mystery.

When the man and the woman were expelled from Eden, the Bible says that they entered into the wilderness in order to till the earth and to suffer, and Eve begins to have children. How? Because Adam knew her.

You know that Lord Jesus Christ has a value of 888 and 8 being the structure of 576 and there are 2 of them being the tree of good and the tree of evil therefore 576 + 576 = 1152. If you take the good, like Jesus said “cast out the net” and he took 153 fishes from the sea, you take 153 from the trees 1152 you get 999 the opposite of 666. All 3 trees make up a total of 1728, add 153 to it and you get 1881 the Alpha and Omega 18 and 81.

Here is a question I received :

Moshiya, Hi. What does it mean in the Bible when it is written about:
*Adam lived 130 years + 800 for procreating = 930 years,
*Seth lived 105 years + 807 for procreating = 912 years,
*Enosh/Enos lived 90 years + 815 for procreating = 905 years,
*Ke’nan/Cainan) lived 70 years + 844 for procreating = 910 years,
*Mahalalel/Mahaleel lived 65 years + 830 for procreating = 895 years,
*Jared lived 162 years + 800 for procreating = 962 years,
* Enoch lived 65 years + 300 for procreating = 365 years (I KNOW THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE 365 DAYS IN A YEAR BUT NOT SURE WHY),
*Methuselah lived 187 years + 782 for procreating = 969 years,

Dear …., It is a little too complex to fully explain but it has indeed to do with cycles, and locations in relation to it. The large zodiac cycle on a circle of 360. The cubit is 52,36 and each degree is one cubit therefore 360 x 52,36 is 188496
while 6848 x 27 is 184896 (27 is 3/4 of 36(0))
188496 minus 184896 is 3600.
14400 is 4 times 3600
3 times is 10800 or quarter to 12

But remember we are talking about the zodiac cycle and another one which is explained in more detail in the articles of 360000. Each personality, each stage like the zodiac sign cycles and processes with their characters 27 is 3 times 9. And looking up the numbers 1 to 9 in the articles  will show you that after 9 we go back to 1(0) again after 3 times we get 369.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs are very similar to the Hebrew letters. They too have more layers and each have a deeper meaning, like a word whereby each letter having its meaning and therefore a word is also a sentence. The Rossetta stone, which was the basis for the present day translations of the hieroglyphs, only reveals the first layer much like the Bible.



Moshiya van den Broek