256. He who has knowledge

The harmony in nature and the tree of knowledge.

Understanding the tree of knowledge which led the 3 wise men to the birth of Jesus and the science that will make us masters of our destiny, the forbidden knowledge that was lost to ego is there for a purified heart.
To really understand what the tree of knowledge is as shown in these articles, “the joining of the hexagram and pentagram”, it is important to read this article so it becomes more meaning-full, and realise it is real.

The Sumerians used 360 degrees, 12 months, 12 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds. They had great knowledge of the movement of the stars, their cycles.

Our sun “Helios” moves according our time, precisely two minutes per position, in a full circle we only see half because the other happens under the horizon, because as it is day there, so we can divide 24 hours by two minutes and we have 720. Seen from earth in truth, not the sun but the earth moves around its own axes.
What we actually see, due to the curve of the earth, is the sun rising to the sun setting, spanning 288 degrees. The sun moves 15 degrees per hour- 19,2 hours is 288 degrees making it the longest day (Anchorage Alaska) 720 are two circles but in this case, they overlap, twice 288 is 576. The, by now, familiar 8.
When the earth has circled the sun eight times “8 x 360=2880”, then Venus, “mother”, has done 13 revolutions around the sun and have been 10 times in line with Helios, 5 times on the same side and 5 times on the opposite side, drawing a Pentagram.
When the earth has made 3 rounds around Helios, then Mercury has made 13 revolutions as well, 13 + 13 = 26 generations, joining the conjunctions of the Earth and Mercury make two opposite triangles or the Hexagram, joining these two we get the star of Bethlehem, the tree of knowledge of the Kabbalah, or 576 degrees that make up the eight.

In Music we have Octave Latin for “whole”, think of October the eighth month. Because March is really this first month, or octopus with 8 tentacles. An Octave starts with a base tone and ends with precisely the double frequency of this base tone which at the same time is the beginning of the next Octave. This base tone is Do and in music it vibrates with a frequency of 432 times a second, an Octave is the whole of eight following tones “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. When Do vibrates at 432 a second then Re vibrates at exactly 486 times a second, because their relationship is always 8 : 9. They are all fixed.

Do 1 : 1 432
Re 8 : 9 486
Mi 4 : 5 540
Fa 3 : 4 576 the middle tone
Sol 2 : 3 648
La 3 : 5 740
Si 8 : 15 810
Do 1 : 2 864

The wavelengths of every tone from the cosmic ground-tone of 432 vibrations per second or in other words 432 Hertz, not the 440 hertz now used which disconnects us. So, how do we know that this base tone of 432 is in harmony with the cosmos?

Simply by using the golden ratio, the tone Fa, the middle tone is precisely on the point of the golden ratio. The second proof can be found when we look at the note C. When the “pure” musical note A is played in 432 Hz then the “pure” musical note C vibrates precisely 512 times a second. A note is therefore not equal to a tone, “tone – note”. The musical note C does not vibrate at the same frequency as the musical note Mi. The relationship for the musical notes A and C are 27 : 32, seen from notes C is the first note and therefore the beginning and end of the notes “octave”. When we go back from C in 512 we get 512, 256 , 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1.

The cosmic Base C in the very first Octave, vibrates precisely 1 time a second. Our second is therefore equal to the length of the vibrational wave of the cosmic C.

Let’s look at the underlying relationships again 1/2 2/3 4/5 5/4 3/2 2/1.

While for most it is easier to hear harmony than to see it, what you should realise is that everything is vibration/frequency whether time or space. These underlying relationships have the same effect on you as music. All is frequency, even if you are not aware of most of it, once received by the brain by any of your senses, light or sound makes no difference. Beauty we see in a flower, even if we do not know or are aware of it, resonating in the ratios with our nature affects us. The only difference is harmony or dis-harmony.

The ancient knowledge of the cosmos and the statement: as above so below, the occult science which affects life, became a secret of the ego to rule over others. Knowing how it influences life, and knowing how the principles as above affect below, will become clear that intelligent design does not oppose natural laws but simply states that mere undirected natural laws can never account for the high complexity found in life and the universe. Natural laws are adequate to explain how the order in life, the universe, and even a microwave oven operates. But again, mere undirected natural laws cannot fully explain the origin of such magnitude of order. You might not have noticed the magnitude of order, but you will when you study the material provided in the articles.

Phi 1,618033 a number found in the tree of knowledge is a ratio found throughout nature. If we look at trees, snails or the spiral arms of galaxies, you will see it starting in the centre expanding outwards. It is like a pendulum, swinging from right to left until it reaches the perfect balance.

1   divided by 1 is 1                          and added is 2 below Phi value
2   divided by 1 is 2                          and added is 3 above Phi value
3   divided by 2 is 1.5                       and added is 5 below Phi value
5   divided by 3 is 1.66666              and added is 8 above Phi value
8   divided by 5 is 1.6                       and added is 13 below Phi value
13 divided by 8 is 1.625                  and added is 21 above Phi value
21 divided by 13 is 1.61532           and added is 34 below Phi value
34 divided by 21 is16.1904            and added is 55 above Phi value
55 divided by 34 is 1.61764           and added is 89 below Phi value
89 divided by 55 is 1.6181818      and added is 144 above Phi value

There is something special in the tenth one, the 18 18 18 and 144.
When we reach the 17th and 18th step we get the ratio 1.6180338.

While Pi is considered to be an ever expanding number and already reached over a million after the decimal point 3,14159265…….. they are hoping to find a pattern or an end. But the pendulum that swings eventually comes to rest in the centre. What science is doing is a little like a donkey following a carrot, not seeing a pattern that is right in front of them, questions whether the uni-verse is expanding or contracting keeps them looking further and further away from the answers.

Ego is the main cause of not seeing, something that is pointed at in all true spiritual teachings. They look at the past and think we have grown, have reached higher in knowledge, are smarter, are technically more advanced but have we really? They were spiritual beings in a material world, now they are material beings seeking the nature of spirit.

I have used examples of most religious streams, the Gita, Vedas, Bible, Koran and Alchemy. I have shown you they are all based on the same knowledge, the Sumerians, Egyptians, all known ancient sites and another one, the I Ching or the book of changes with its Hexagrams where heaven is represented by the 3 unbroken lines and earth by the 3 broken lines.

Paul Martyn-Smith in his book ‘the Sum of Things’: “The 2 River Maps and the values of Heaven and Earth, when put together, give the measure of the ancient 360 day year calendar and the exact amount of years in Precession. The workings of time are found in the values of 64 cubes of Hexagrams in the math of the 2 River Maps, which in the Ho Tu give 4 x 8 x 8 squares or 64 symmetrically placed Hexagrams producing a 5th central square of values (the Chinese maths always claimed that was a 5th central set of values). The values of the Binary Lines, Trigrams, and cubes/Hexagrams produce the dimensions of ‘The Sacred Mountain’ ’ . This new maths gives the workings of the 6 and 7 days or steps of creation through the values of the 40 days and 40 nights, these values concur with the structure of time and measure as we still know them. The River Maps contain the measure of our universe being – the first map the Ho Tu reveals the transitions of days and nights, quarters, and the years. The sum of the Ho T’u is 8 x 8 x 8 squares or 4 cubic diamonds that constructs the 4 sided diamond of the sacred mountain (U4), and these fit into the Lo Shu (Magic Square of Saturn or Time) to reveal an exact number of years in the movement of Precession (25,920 years x 2 = 51,840 = 720 degrees), the measure of the Earth’s Mean Circumference, and the Equatorial Circumference. In the directions of ‘The Maps’ the movement of time were ordered by our ancestors into a binary sequence that fits natural integers from 1 to 10, as a set of cubic values .”

Here again you can recognize the same numbers but sadly most only wish to pursue their personalised ideas, considering their idea as the only way to truth. The I of ego not seeking truth for truth’s sake but guided by pride or desire for fame. I know and you don’t. Truth is in all of you, but recognizing it in others is an openness that is key in finding it. They are all little islands that need to put aside the I, and become the strength in numbers. Join in, overcome and we can make the change you have all deep within been longing for.

The Yellow Emperors are said to have put in place the alternations of light and dark (the days and nights), so that the people (created parts) found order and were able to hold a market in which they exchanged their goods. The people were then able to return home – as through the exchange of goods all of the works of creation were completed.

Exchanging their goods and the work will be completed.



Moshiya van den Broek