255. Time traveller part 2

Seeking Truth.

Throughout the website I have explained how we can change our past and so change our future. Where incomplete or incorrect observations lead to judging present situations and are acted upon, which in turn causes suffering.

It is also explained how these memories seek to satisfy their craving, that your awareness might be focussing on something pleasurable and unaware of a memory recognizing something of itself and so triggering thought patterns which are aimed to feed itself, be it fear or any other emotion. It does not care about its host, it may cause you to suffer or lead you into trouble, but the emotion is getting satisfaction. It does not care about right or wrong, and can only recognize of itself “what it has collected through experience and sees through it”. For example: you might have experienced a discomfort and someone told you about a similar discomfort, let’s say a medical condition, prior to having this discomfort you did not notice or paid any attention to any possible related illnesses but the pattern seeking part of the brain which lies in the subconscious suddenly picks up all, and you start to fear the worst, it feeds you with thoughts and feelings which are aimed to satisfy, to feed the emotion, to its own liking.

I have also explained what and how something can be done about it, how we can change these memories, and add to it and or replace parts of them so that this desire to feed the incorrect or limited viewpoint stops to try to see it his way, in other words end or at least lessen your suffering. These are steps on your journey that will eventually lead you to knowledge, a greater truth, a lessened clouded view and what Jesus meant with making the blind see and the deaf hear.

What you need to realise is that any memory does not stand on its own, but are all linked/wired to that which was experienced before and what comes after. It judges through its liking, the way it sees it and builds stronger convictions. Usually a person can cope or deal with the self-satisfying desire and manipulative ways of “free will” or avoid, run away from that which triggers for instance fear, not realising by doing so that it is keeping it alive. But in some situations it has built such strong ties that it rules the whole of your life. If I’d say you have sold your soul to the devil, you would likely wish to disagree with me or say: I hardly give in to temptations. I’d say he, “ the devil”, knows you better than you know yourself, perhaps you do not even know him at all, but the fact is, he lives in you all. This HE is nothing else than the principle that tries to satisfy to its own liking.

And he comes in many forms/ways. It is called personality, a word that comes from persona which means mask(s). Truth or God is something else, he is not divided, please contemplate on this.

Science continues to prove the Bible to be right even in this, yet continues to be blind, please read the following: Some researchers found that it was possible to open up memories and then remove fear and trauma permanently. Unlike previous research the move does not require medication and can be achieved using existing therapies. The researchers think that the new technique could help war veterans get over the horrors of conflict and cure people with debilitating phobias. It could even eventually be applied to ease the pain of a failed relationship or a bereavement like in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

“Our research suggests that during the lifetime of a memory there are windows of opportunity where it becomes susceptible to be permanently changed,” said Dr Daniela Schiller, lead author at New York University. “By understanding the dynamics of memory we might, in the long run, open new avenues of treatment for disorders that involve abnormal emotional memories.” The technique, reported in the journal Nature, may change how we view the storage processes of memory and could lead to new ways to treat anxiety disorders.

Normal therapy for extreme fear assumes memories are permanent and can only be modified through a process called “extinction training” where patients are conditioned to suppress the thoughts. But after the therapy, the bad memories can resurface under certain conditions, such as unrelated stress – and lead to other psychological problems. However this new technique allows for it to be permanently erased. Scientists have discovered that far from permanent, there are specific “re consolidation windows” in which memories can be opened and then completely rewritten.

Through research into humans and rats, they discovered that deliberately invoking the fear leads to it being vulnerable to being erased or permanently re-written before the brain re-stores it. A window of modification exists for about an hour, beginning 10 minutes after the fear is recalled. During this instability period, new information could be incorporated into the old memory. As a result, fear responses no longer return.

“Timing may have a more important role in the control of fear than previously appreciated,” Dr Elizabeth Phelps, co-author said. “Our memory reflects our last retrieval of it rather than an exact account of the original event.”

There are several points they do not realise:

1. All of personality is based on limited information.
2. All that followed is judged through previous.
3. All healing comes through understanding the cause, not by suppressing or cutting away the effect.
4. The nature of the beast is the true cause.
5. Know thy-self is not the same as knowing him as in “personality”.
6. Knowing what is comes from knowing what is not.
7. Wisdom is letting them both go so the light of truth can shine on it.
8. There is purpose in all.

The danger of this research without knowledge about life itself is that this kind of therapy, where they simply remove, “like lobotomy”, a memory, still leaves the effects that came after and were seen through the senses at the time of the experience. Let’s say some traumatic experience has caused you to act in certain ways that have become part of your character, but because its memory is removed the cause can never be traced back and therefore the valuable lesson forever lost.

Only when you are ready, and being ready to enter the underworld, then nobody but you should change the memory, shine on it the light of truth.

Buddha left the protected home where he did not see death, no one growing older, no sickness, and entered the world of suffering, through the experiences and his contemplation he reached enlightenment. Adam and Eve knew no illness, death or other suffering, until they left the garden and entered the world. Life has purpose and therefore each moment, each experience has purpose.

The time has come for harvesting, separating the weeds from the barley, and for Noah to build his ark.



Moshiya van den Broek