253. Gnosis part 2

You will often hear someone calling him or herself a Gnostic, just like many call themselves spiritual, but a Gnostic is someone who is in the knowing. In the previous article “Gnosis part 1” I quoted Sri Ramakrishna, this time I will refer to the Qabalah, and show that the same knowledge is found in the Torah.

Before I do so it is important to understand that we need to gain experience on 3 levels and develop the 3 bodies and reflect upon them. As explained in other articles, in Hebrew we have Devekut, Hishtavut and Hitbodeut. The first is a passionate drive to the Divine, a longing for union that will lead to the spiritual path. This path is that of a pilgrim, gradually clearing the way through reflection. In other words we experience and see through it into the world and when we go back to the experience detached emotionally, mentally and physically “being in it but not of it”, then we become aware of how it influenced both present and future. This will strengthen our ability to let go of the clinging on to mind stuff. The insights we gain enable us to see the nature of the mind, and Hishtavut is developed, only then through stilling the physical and mental demands will we be able to enter the sacred cave. In the previous stage of development, the practise of meditation was to hold it steady, focussing on a single thing, be it a flame or counting because we were unable to see the cause of the rising of thoughts and feelings. Development of the mental faculty and experience was needed so it would become the perfect tool in this world.

In the clear light, in oneness with the father our re-birth into eternal life where our awareness, our true being sees. In this purified space where the left brain/the male side resided, “the pattern seeking part”, clear light, the dove with the olive branch can return and the mother, the right brain give birth to the spiritual Son.

The two spheres as shown on the website, one being the star of David, the other the  pentagram,  being the ruler of the world. So too is it reflected in the two hemispheres of  “the brain”.

Now the whole path is described in the Torah, its letters/numbers make up the trees, the 12 disciples are the zodiac signs that make up the 360 degree circle, the perimeter of the atonement cover over the ark was (1 ½ + 2 ½ x 2) 8 cubits and 8 times 45 equals 360. The eight as you have seen is the tree and 45 is the ark of Noah that travels the great zodiac sea.

“This eternal teaching of Yoga, spoke I unto Viva-swat, whom men call the Sunthe Lord of Light. He in turn communicated it to Manu, the reigning spirit. And he, in turn, transmitted it to Ikshwaku, the founder of the solar dynasty. And from him, it was passed on from higher to lower degree, until it was known to the Royal-Sages.”

“But know, O Prince, that as the years have passed by, this noble teaching hath decayed and its light hath grown dim. Almost lost hath become its inner spirit, and men know naught but its letter. Such is ever the fate of Truth among the race of men.”

How truly this describes the origin and present state of religion but only recognized by those who love the holy scriptures more for Her Great Hidden Truths than for Her Ritual and ethical teaching.

The articles on truth-revelations should not just be read but studied. Done so in the right way will lead to the discovery that the holy scriptures far transcends the moral and ethical teachings, not that these are of a lesser value but they should not just be studied but practised. Love thy neighbour as thyself and as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. Or, cast no pearls before the swine, these secrets are too powerful and valuable to offer to anyone cheaply. While saying I do not need to hide any of its sacred secrets, man himself causes the wool to be pulled over his eyes.

The first step of development is of the material and physical. The second step with the psychic and mental. The third is the apex, the culmination of its teaching and wholly spiritual. This same teaching, dealing with the three planes of being upon and in which component man operates, is elucidated repetitiously throughout the Bible. It is there related historically; it is related in allegory whereby it is likewise “veiled”, and it is “illustrated” by symbols. It is revealed in a grand theme of which the entire Bible may be said to represent a cycle, and it is concealed in separate accounts which may be termed “cycles within a cycle.” While apparently repetitious, each different account brings out some phase not covered by other recitals, and like a spiral is found to be on a continuing higher plane. The grand theme may be described as the entire Old Testament, which is the first two steps and the first section of the third step. The New Testament is the second section of the third step, the Great Moral Lesson. Within the great cycle the three steps are depicted again and again in lesser cycles, in various individual narratives.

It is asserted that the Ancient Mysteries, in harmony with the doctrine of the threefold man, had  as their objective, the bringing of man to an intellectual knowledge of his Spiritual Estate, that having cognizance thereof he might develop the spiritual latent within himself and eventually regain his original status as a SPIRITUAL BEING, conscious of his innate spirituality. The Mysteries taught by parable, analogy and allegory and illustrated their teaching with symbols of protean meanings. One or more meanings were usually quite obvious and known to initiate and profane alike with no attempt at secrecy. The more recondite meanings were known only to the initiates and even these were expanded and amplified only as the neophyte advanced in his studies and was admitted to the higher grades.

Evolution is from spiritual to physical to mental back to spiritual but knowing it for the first time.

The zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts, and to each is allotted a “sign”. These signs are first grouped in three divisions. The Cardinal, the Fixed, and the Common signs, each group consisting of four signs. “This division is apparently founded upon the ancient sacred doctrine that the Lord of the Zodiac, or Grand Man, functioned through a spiritual triad called the Father, the Power, and the Mind. Thus the cardinal signs are the Fathers, the fixed signs are the Powers, and the common signs are the Minds, resulting in the triplicates of the elements, each of which is composed of the trinity of a Father, a Power, and a Mind.” Modern astrology has not progressed far enough to understand or analyse the three spiritual bodies. The frequent references to them by the ancients indicates they possessed a thorough knowledge of them, their functions and significance. But mankind has not yet rediscovered their esoteric implications and, one might add, application. They would come into play in “spiritual” astrology/astronomy.

These signs are likewise designated by the four elements, therefore there is of necessity three signs in each of four divisions. These four divisions are:
EARTHY: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
FIERY: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
WATERY: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
AIRY: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The signs are so spaced around the circle of the zodiac that a line drawn from one of the Cardinal, Fixed and Common signs to the second like sign, then to the third like sign, then to the fourth, and back to the first, will produce a geometrical figure of three squares within a circle whose angles form a twelve-pointed star. Each square is therefore composed of one sign each of the four elements. Four equilateral triangles may also be formed within the zodiacal circle by drawing a line from one to another of the three signs of the four elemental groups; that is, connect each of the three fiery signs, each of the airy signs, each of the earthy signs and each of the watery signs.

The square and triangle are ancient symbols and are occultly explained by the ancient thesis that man has seven vehicles or bodies.

Four of these bodies are classified as “material” and three as “spiritual.” Each body is credited with its own rate of vibration, peculiar unto itself (the varying rates of vibration accounting for the differences between the bodies), beginning with the lowest rate of vibration, that of the physical or “dense” body. Ascending the scale the next is the vital or “etheric” body; next the emotional or “desire” body, and fourth the “mental” body. It is to be noted that the mental body is INCLUDED among the “material” bodies. It is the link between the lower three material bodies and the three spiritual bodies. It is the mirror which reflects the outer world and enables the ego to transmit its orders to the three lowest bodies in the scale. Of the three spiritual bodies the lowest in the scale is the “human spirit”, next the “life spirit” and the highest the “divine spirit”. Reversed in order they are the “Fathers, Powers, and Minds”.

Mention has been made of the Biblical representation of man as composed of Body, Soul, and Spirit. This account of man’s three-fold composition is not necessarily contradictory of the ancient seven-fold concept, the eight which contains the seven lies within, and is what could be seen as a birth and life signature. The Bible groups the three lowest material bodies in one classification as “Body”. As the mental body differs both in composition (rate of vibration) and function, it is separated from the other three material bodies and called “Soul”.  The three spiritual bodies are not differentiated and collectively are referred to as “Spirit”. And only in the deeper layers fully explained.

I wish to return to the symbolism, which like the sacred secrets lead you away from the truth when you have not yet reached “ know thyself”.

D.Wood and Ian Campbell wrote in their book “Geneset target earth” about the pentagram found in the south of France and of which Rennes-le-Château is part of:

“There can be little doubt that it is of great antiquity and one must therefore consider whether its purpose was contemporary to those times, or whether it was intended to be discovered at a later period. Certainly the subtlety of the markers strongly indicates the latter. So contrived is the method of determining the geometric shapes that one is forced to consider an implied secrecy, information which should not be easily discernible to a casual observer. In fact, it is a design which would never have become obvious before the perfection of sophisticated mapping techniques and even then, only with prior  knowledge of the figures and ratios associated with the doctrine of the ancients. Considering the ingenuity of the designers, it is reasonable to assume that they would have anticipated changes in units of measure and therefore, if they required to convey numerical data, they would also have to acquaint the discoverer with a unit of measure they required to use. Alternatively or in conjunction with this, they could guarantee perpetuity of understanding by interaction of axiomatics such as PI, Phi and the trigonometrical ratios.
Again – with the premise of the great antiquity and with the anticipation of the durability of the 360 degree circle – they could demonstrate geometric figures where angular and linear relationships exist which would alert an observer to the existence of a pattern so repetitive as to deny that it could have occurred by chance.
All this would, by necessity, assume a certain threshold of intelligence prior to any recognition whatsoever on the part of the discoverer. The figure and the complexity of its variations obviate the possibility of it having been designed to introduce a primitive mind to the subjects of geometry and mathematics. In fact, it could be argued that this missile from the past is aimed specifically at a moment in time when the intended recipients would be prepared to recognize it, and moreover this recognition would cause it to home in on to a precise chronological target. Examination of the extent of our sciences may well hold the key as to why our time is the target time.
Here we seem to be presuming the existence of a superior intelligence having lived in remote times, or even that a civilisation was passing down information from remoter times, without necessarily having a full understanding of the content of the material they were preserving.”

In fact both presumptions are correct, the one set up the structure that not just targeted this time, but every time to the level of their understanding. Through the 3 different levels mentioned earlier.

At this point in time most have not reached the inner path and seek only to satisfy the ego personality, picking from it only that which fits personalised ideas and are unable to see the greater truth behind it. But humanity is reaching the final stage, enough experience has passed to have developed IN-sights to see through the parables analogies and symbols to see that the virgin birth from the mother and spirit is nothing else than letting go of the male dominance of the left brain that did its seeking of self so the spiritual son/sun can be born.



Moshiya van den Broek