250. The chicken or the egg

Science again proves ancient knowledge to be right.

In the article 210, 219 and several others it is explained that a black hole is not a hole but spherical and based on the tree. That it is both the creator of suns and in turn solar systems and the same principles of matter itself. The so called event horizon, “the border between the see-able and unseen” is the surface of, for instance the sun. It is a matter of scale and goes all the way down to Matter itself. Science used to say that the core temperature of our sun must be very high compared  to the surface area. Yet, sunspots show up as dark spots in infra-red, those sunspots are holes in the surface. Suns are actually smaller black-(w)holes and are both creator and destroyer.

Recent observations of the large telescope of ESO -European South Observatory- in Chilli have shown that black holes possibly build their own star systems/galaxies. This was announced by the research centre on Monday 30 November 2009. They go on to say that a black-hole is a spherically shaped area in space and our research data indicates super large black-holes create their own galaxies according to David Elbaz, one of the researchers of ESO in the science magazine Astronomy & astrophysics .

The astronomers come to this conclusion after the observation of a Quasar, an enormously large object millions of light-years away from earth. It is believed that the centre of a quasar is a black hole. Of this quasar HE450-2958 there was no known stellar system, it was thought to be behind large amounts of dust. With the super telescope they did not discover dust, but a stellar system that produces stars at a rate of 350 a year. That is 100 times more than usual for stellar systems in the nearer universe.

The science of the brain and research into conscious also show the knowledge revealed on truth & revelations to be correct. This ancient knowledge, you might recall the story of the Bible about Solomon and the molten sea, which was a perfect 10 cubits in diameter. When we know the circle has an 8 within and we divide 10 by 8 we get 1.25 and if we multiply this by Pi 3,1416 we get 3927 which is equal to the Bible, 39 books in the old testament and 27 books in the new testament, and if we multiply 1,25 by the formula to calculate a sphere 4,1888 we get 5236 which is the cubit.

The very mathematics of creation, the first language was known to a select group of initiates (article 206 Biblical value of Pi, the molten sea), unlike many who think that the new testament was composed by a group to leave things out that would weaken their credibility or any other reason the conspiracy theorists come up with. But it is quite the opposite, they did so in accordance with the laws and knowledge to preserve it for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

There is nothing new under the sun, all was already given to you.



Moshiya van den Broek