249. Gnosis part 1

The word Gnosis means knowledge of the highest kind, that lies at the heart of ancient sacred mysteries that truly lies within ourselves. Therefore a true Gnostic is one who experiences of the divine within the illusionary self, the realisation and awakening, for whoever does not know self does not know anything. Whoever knows self already has required about depth of the universe. I shall give you what no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no hand has touched, that has never arisen. Those were the words attributed to Christ, these words are similar to nearly all other Avatars throughout history. Christ stands for our true inner self, when you “find it/him” in you, you will be able to see what no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard.

The following was said by Sri Ramakrishna: “dive deep, O, mind, dive deep in the ocean of God’s beauty, if you descend to the uttermost depths then you find the gem of love from the gospel”.

The story of Jesus the Christ descending to the underworld is nothing but awareness descending into the subconscious mind which through the five senses draws your focus to the external world. Intellectually, this might be understood but, it is very different from descending into it. To lift the obscuring veil we need to gain the ability to silence the mind/mental body and physical body, to rise above the illusion of identification with the mind, thoughts and feeling.

I will get to ego a little further. This method whereby practised letting go of attachment to thoughts and feelings that arise through all sorts of exercises such as focusing on a single thing, through counting, are the ways of the old, and much like the change, an eye for an eye to turning the other cheek . The new way to descend into this underworld “the until then subconscious mind”, the underworld where the dead live and come to life in this world is through Gnosis. Knowledge. Most of you know that the stillness that is sometimes found through the practise mentioned is not where the “I, you, he, she and they” de-solve into the oneness. While it might, at times, cause certain experiences, it is not a lasting one.

To be in it but not of it.

Hardly ever did you discover the nature of the adversary, “him”, that what causes you to be blind and deaf to what lies beyond, to fight the enemy. That what keeps you from reaching high enough will now be gained through knowledge of its nature. You will then be able to recognize when and how he has made you his slave and enter the battlefield with weapons he has no defence against. You hear some say an ashram or cave is the place to be able to gain spiritual awakening, some even say you can do it while living in a town or city with a family and a job and they say, all you need is a strong desire, dedication, an open mind and the willingness to invest time and effort in pursuit of this goal. If that were so, then there would be a great amount of truly awakened “in the true sense of the word”.

Where does desire come from? Where does dedication come from? And what is a really open mind? It makes near to no difference what this desire means, or dedication or even having an open mind unless you know what it is not.
How many consider themselves open minded? Those who consider themselves to have an open mind are often the hardest to open.
Is your subconscious “mind” open? Have you gained insight into it? Do you really know how deep the rabbit hole goes? And I do not mean mentally, intellectually because a simple question as, where, how and why do thoughts and feelings arise, would tell you there are vast regions of the mind you know very little of. In fact, your belief of what open mindedness means and is, arises from what the Biblical text calls the underworld.
The subconscious, as explained in the previous articles, has no real sense of right or wrong, its self-awareness arises from reflection through patterns, it seeks only to its liking, his hunger never stilled. It will guide you through the thoughts and feelings it will cause to arise, and you identify with them, yes even the words you read he has given a value, in his own light.
How then can you look within if the looking is done through him? And find truth? Some will have read in one of the articles that forgiveness is the weapon he has no defence against, or love and compassion, but here again I need to point out to you that the value and therefore the strength and power it has were given by the very one you seek to overcome.
Who reaches this great depth within if the one that is doing the looking is the illusion itself, the very source of thought and judgement? It is a little like looking through a pair of binoculars from the wrong side trying to read the small print on the back of an insurance policy 100 meters away. Even if one, through practice, realizes times of stillness by non-attachment, not clinging on to the thoughts and lets them pass by, if one does not know his enemy and his ways then he could and likely will translate anything perceived.

The level of experience and of insight that come from reading or being told about anything and real experience, can be compared to that of someone telling you about an experience or experiencing it yourself. You could only relate to what you understand through the vehicles,  words in this case, that required your imagination for all other sense organs, but will never have the same impact of experiencing it yourself.

Anyone who has only knowledge of this world takes the translation as the truth. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

We often trust ourselves while the “we” we think we are, is in truth the conditioned subconscious mind that lives its life through you. Again, understanding all this from a mental perspective remains just that and if not practised is a sin against your soul-self. Unlike those who do not know and are innocent. Jesus said: be you like children again, the kind of openness that is not conditioned by and through a conditioned mind.

Truth is lost when not lived, not following the laws causes you to be lost. Adam and Eve lived in innocence in the garden of Eden but of one tree they should not eat, a story that uses the known to explain the unknown “principles at work”.  A true Gnostic is not someone who was given the knowledge but re-gained it through experience, it is the successful alchemist, who died and is reborn.

All was already given “by the Father” but you can only come to the Father through me.

There are two teachers, one that shows collecting, the other shows letting go, and both were needed to ensure your free will and breadcrumbs to find your way home, both are part of the laws of the creation of this world, but the breadcrumbs became the food to still your hunger and you lost sight of the road.

The Hebrew word for History is Toldat, it also means genealogy, the history of your family, your family tree, your “his.tory”.  Tolada which consists of the same letters as Toldat means effect, cause and effect.



Moshiya van den Broek