248. Call for jihad

Yes, you did read it correctly, I call for Jihad, the enemy has many faces and if we wish a better world I call for the holy war. Before you misunderstand let me first explain what it means and where it comes from: it comes from the Arabic root word “jahada” which means to exert one’s utmost efforts. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told Muslims that the great Jihad is the daily struggle of each Muslim to be a good person and has nothing to do with what the media is associating it with or what those extremists use the word for. Muslims are called upon to struggle against their own faults and weaknesses.

It is so much easier to point at others, shout against tyranny and oppression, to blame the West or blow up innocent people, but it is far more difficult to overcome your own weaknesses. Some sites will point out that Jihad does not mean holy war, some of which are Muslim sites, but I tell you it does, this war against your personal wrong doing is a holy one. Jesus went into the desert to fight the devil (I will come back to the meaning of 40 and desert which is related to it another time). I mentioned the enemy has many faces or masks, and the Greek word for mask is PERSONA. Throughout the day we move from being happy, sad, agree, jealous, longing, scared, etc. each for slightly different reasons based on someone’s experiences, this whole, we call personality.

But how do you fight it? Most do not realise that you hardly ever really fight it, and are victim of IT. Now for the sake of explaining let me call it “him”, the Bible personified it as devil. Your awareness, your sense of “I Am” is connected to body/feeling and mind/thought, while there are more veils or barriers. For the sake of explaining I just wish to talk about one, which lies between the “I Am” you identify with, and the sub-conscious. Ever experienced trying to remember a word or a name and not being able to do so? And then suddenly when you do not think about it, it suddenly pops up? You do not know where or how it is stored. You cannot really move your I Am in there and look around like you do with your normal senses like eyes.

The sub-conscious is a kind of filing system that selects on the basis of patterns. It does not know wrong from right and seeks and stores to its liking. It does not just do it for and steer motor functions but feeds you with thoughts and feelings too. It is why, without you actively thinking about the word or name you cannot recall, it will suddenly pop up. Because it picks up far far more bits of information coming in from all senses than you are consciously aware of. It might trigger a feeling or line of thought of which you do not know the cause. For instance, a smell that is linked up with an event in the past of which you were not aware of at the time of the experience, while the experience at the present might be somewhat different, will be linked to the previous one and strengthen its conviction/idea about it, it does so to words as well.
For the sub-conscious to have a sense of awareness it needs input. You might wish to feel a kind of awareness that is pleasant, but the sub-conscious does not care about pleasant or bad feelings or thoughts and will trigger all it needs to hold on to its made up believe system.
At any point when you wish to change the negative which has built up, like smoking, gambling, drinking for instance, it will, when it “thinks” give reason, it will cause thoughts such as, “yes but, not now, I am busy” or whatever else as long as it can hold on to what it has built up.
A system that works well is walking. You do not need to think about it. Or driving, which becomes near to an automatic process and enables you to do more things at once, because some are left to the sub-conscious. It is more often than not, “him” running its life through you and you have become its slave.

In the previous article I mentioned the snake and zodiac and told you it did not have hands or feet “you let it use yours” and its influence on the eight, having its mirror in you. This eight has two sides to it, male and female, your brain too has two hemispheres left and right, are you getting the picture yet? But there is another eight, the torus, the energy field around you. Perhaps you start to realise how little free will you actually have and need to take on this holy-war.

Just one more point. When you look at the star configuration, the eight, you will notice there is a lower part/half of the eight “4” or “40” and a point that sticks out into the top part of the eight, and if you visualize yourself in that torus “spinning eight” then you will see that it touches the heart and points at the throat chakra.

Jesus said, “you cannot come to the Father but through me” , the heart, and the Father said, “let there be light”. There are many parables about the house and guests.
Ponder on them and realise these stories are vehicles, tools to explain something, they are more than morals, and not about a material house or visitors, but about the heart, the centre of feeling being wired to either the sub-conscious or….

Then there is the story about the newly born and marking the houses and about many rooms and they are all related to what I have mentioned above.

Remember that, when you wish to reach the ultimate goal you need to overcome it, “him”, and fight your holy war. And when you say: I think, it is likely him that causes the thought, and when you say: I feel, it is likely him that causes the feeling. And when it is said he knows you better than you know yourself and you realise how this could be, then you are opening your eyes, and are nearly ready.

When you are tempted to argue with the ignorant and lower yourself to his level then he will win by experience. If you think there is such thing as self-realisation then you are not even close to the path, the self, the I Am, that is attached needs to dissolve. Then, there is realisation. Remember also, that when you read, listen, look or smell, then you often listen, see or hear what he likes to hear and reject what he judged differently. The value/meaning of words such as Jihad by the repetitive imprint by media and groups like al-Qa’ida have lost their true meaning.

Imagine the power words can have when spoken from the heart in all its purity. They would bring light to the world, but would be lost to the blind and deaf.

So what are the weapons you should take to the battle? When we talk about love, compassion and forgiving then I do not mean the kind that is distilled within the sub-conscious mind, but from insights of and through pure awareness. This will lead to a true forgiveness and compassion and against those he has no weapon.

Getting back to the structure whereas the zodiac-snake influences the energy field that is in and around you. “The eight/star configuration or tree of knowledge and the tree of life, known as the Kabbalistic tree most who study think they are familiar with”.

In order to show it, I will first need to go back to the Sumerians from where this knowledge came to us albeit it came in ways which are now considered lost knowledge. Therefore I will start with the story of the tower of Babel, found in the Biblical book of Genesis, one of the most famous and beloved legends of mankind.

“The whole earth was of one language, and of one speech and it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, they found a plain in the land of In’ar and they dwelt there. And they said one to another, come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone and slime had they for mortar. And they said, come let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the children of men built. And the Lord said, “Behold, the people are one and they have all one language”, and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be withheld from them which they have imagined to do. Come, let Us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth; and they left off building the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel, that is confusion”.

There is a similar story written down on Sumerian tablets, one of which can be found at the Louvre in Paris France. The Esagila tablet is a neo-Babylonian mathematical text that has come down to us in the form of a later copy made at Uruk “ Mesopotamia” in 229 BC. A part is about the temple of the god Marduk in Babylon recorded by the scribes are two courtyards built earlier than the temple.

The temple of Marduk in Babylon.

The temple that raises its head. The text first gives a double description of the base of the multi-tiered tower built inside the city walls or ziggurat, then describes the main temple, and finally, gives the measurements of the multi-tiered tower, called Etemenanki, “House of the Foundation of Heaven and Earth” – the “Tower of Bable” in the Bible (Genesis 11, 1-9). This tower seems to have had seven stories, built in the form of terraces, and was surmounted by a temple. They have also shown that three large stairways, resting on the south facade, provided access to the first story, higher than the others and to the second story. Smaller staircases led to the top. A complex mathematical system.

This text, which illustrates the mathematical calculating methods used by the Babylonians, reveals a more mysterious aspect of the art of the scribe: these dimensions are “sacred”, and on the back of the tablet, the recapitulation of the dimensions to be calculated are accompanied by the phrase, “let the initiate show the initiate, the non-initiate must not see this”. This closed learned system was for the sole use of the “wise men”, the guardians of tradition. In their concern to safeguard it, they omitted to pass it on to their Aramaean and Greek colleagues, which brought about the disappearance of the entire Mesopotamian culture, for nearly two thousand years.

Excerpt from the text:

“Measurements of the base of the Etemenanki: here are the length and width to be considered: 3×60 is the length, 3×60 is the width, measured in standard cubits (1 elbow length = 52.36 cm). Its dimensions are therefore: 3×3=9 ; 9×2=18. If you do not know the value of 18, here it is: 3 measures of seed, surface area measured with the small cubit. Base of the Etemenanki: the height is equal to the length and width. Let the initiate show this to the initiate. Let the non-initiate not see it. Tablet written, traced and collated, after a copy made at Borsippa… Uruk, month of Kislimu, 26th day (12 December 229 BC). Year 83: Seleucus (He was) roi”.

The Greek sources.

This tower of Bel-Marduk is also known to us from Greek sources: Diodorus Siculus (Book II, 7-10) records that “The temple of Bel erected in the centre of the city … was extraordinarily high … and the Chaldeans did their astronomical work there”. Herodotus (I, 178-182) gives its measurements: “This temple is square, and each side is two stadia in length. In the centre is a massive tower, of one stadium in length and breadth; on this tower stands another tower, and another again upon this, and so on up to eight”. The Babylonian text confirms this information.

Now we can move on to the zodiac, the snake and the tree again, the value of 18 only known by insiders, sacred secret, (more information on this is shown in the articles) but 18 represents the start and first tree, the eight plus a one on one side the other side is 81, students of the Kabbala know there are 32 paths, “ steps”. Divide 18 by 3.2 paths and you get 5.625 which are the given dimensions of the ark of covenant that contains the two circular tablets. Divide the Zodiac by 32 paths, “steps”, 25920 divided by 32 is 81 which is the mirror of 18.

There are 3 seed measures, and as explained before like multiplying and dividing you use 2 or 5 which are also mirrors. We use one seed measure revealed in the Torah which is 3,125 so we divide 18 by 3.125 and we get 576 which is indeed the circumference of the tree or eight, “two stone tablets”, which describes your path.
The 10 commandments, 5 on one and 5 one the other, in reflection 5 and 2, seven. As shown in the star configuration.

I have told you that it also represents you as the ark of Noah travelling the great oceanic waves/snake as 45 “the measure of cubits given”. 25920 divided by 45 is 576 or the eight again. The 8 is 4 and 4 or 40 and 40, as the two masonic pillars show one circle/globe is the heaven and the other the earth. In other words and the reason why one should not study Kabbalah before the age of 40 is that we need to overcome, fight the devil through gaining experience through which one can gain insight and overcome. The death of .. and resurrection.

Realise what it means that this is being revealed!



Moshiya van den Broek