246. Count on it

There is a relationship between counting and stories. Let’s have a look at some languages, in English we have recount and count, in French, raconter and conter, in German, erzählen and zählen in Dutch, vertellen and tellen. The word for number in Hebrew is “mispar” which has its root in in the word for story “sipper”. We are told to count the 49 days between Pesach and Sjavoeot while the number of days between them never change. So what is the relationship between them?

By counting we learn to listen and recognize a story line, there are two stories which run through each other. One is a story of a tribe that becomes physically free with Pesach and another that becomes spiritually free with Sjavoeot.

7 times 7 weeks.

The offer that is made on Pesach was made of barley and on Sjavoeot the offer was made of wheat. Wheat stands for the capacity to use the brain, you need to use it to make bread, the Jewish people were transformed from those who were seeking freedom to those who were seeking humanity. What makes us human? The bond we have with God. This bond is also called Sefirot of our spiritual soul.

The seven aspects of God’s-bliss:

1. Chessed – kindness: the body is focussed on itself, while the soul is directed to others, we love others because it gives value to spirituality. We see the highest of ourselves reflected in it.

2. Gevura – strength: the ultimate goal of each Jew is to be a source of light, and for this we need to submit ourselves to God’s word.

3. Tiferet – beauty: this is created by harmony and contrast, when we become men of truth, are using words, thoughts, and deed in the light of truth. Through it we connect with God.

4. Netzach – infinity: is the source of hope and aspiration towards growth.

5. Hod – gratitude: when we start the day with “I thank you” directed towards God and at the same time seeing yourselves as creatures worth to be alive.

6. Yesod – basis: what we ultimately seek in relationships is goodness, we seek spiritual binding. We seek the face of God.

7. Malchoet – royalty: bringing God’s royalty in the world and in your own hearts.

The seven weeks between Pesach and Sjavoeot have the spiritual potency and possibility to have our stories unfold. Let us count each day and become more human than imagined. These seven times seven are related to the seven markers on the outer rim of the trees and the seven fruits of the soul. “God brings you to the good land” Deuteronomy 8:8, the Torah speaks of the promised land with seven special fruits, it also speaks of the human soul and her seven special qualities that enriches it as mentioned above, excellence, vitality, joy, conscience, action, fight and rest.

See the reference Deuteronomy 8:8, which indeed are the two trees the hexagram/pentagram configuration. Now these fruits mentioned like barley and wheat, stocks, figs, grenade apple, olive and date are the virtues mentioned above.

The physical body is a refined instrument that functions as a vehicle of the soul, and when the body does not function correctly then it cannot focus correctly. The body belongs to God who has given it as vehicle to the soul to fulfil its task on earth. We therefore have a duty to keep it in good health so you can fully focus on the soul and so fulfil his godly task.

It is becoming clear to science that the spirit of humans does have an influence on its health. A positive attitude has a healthier immune system than a negative attitude. Spiritual weakness leads to physical complaints and why true faith has healing powers in times of sickness. There is no greater medicine than truth.

The two circles that overlap each other are the two tablets of Moses. Divide the circle by 12.5 and you get 288, do so with the other circle and add them up 26 generations makes 576, which is the circumference of the eight.

12,5 x 88 is 11.00 x 3 is 33
3168 x 12.5 is 396 x 3 is 1188
3168 (the value of lord Jesus Christ) divided by 8 is 396
5625 (ark of covenant) divided by the 45 (ark of Noah) is 12.5
52,36 divided by 12.5 is 4,1888 formula sphere, which is equal to 52,36 x 8
52,36 x 360 is 188496
300×50×30 (ark Noah) is 45.000 x cubit (52.36) is 23562 divided by 12.5 is 188496
The zodiac circle that encircles the eight, 25920, divided by the ark of Noah, 45, travelling this great sea is 576.

Your date of birth, the location you are born at gives you your make up within the 8 in relation of the great cycle, your role in the story. To free oneself is the holy war, the perfected 10 (10/1.25=8).

The hidden measure equal to 8 times is dividing by 12.5 in another way, the zodiac with its animal signs 25920 divided by the ark, 25920/300 is 864. 864/50 is 1728. 1728/30 is 576.

Two trees, male and female, the animals in pairs of seven male and female entered the Ark of Noah. The animals, “zodiac”, are reflected in the ark.



Moshiya van den  Broek