243.The lost symbol

Theories of mankind being a high-bred, genetically altered caveman or other variations of it, all related to interpretation of manuscripts and symbols found throughout history and in all cultures, millions will take these theories as their truth with perhaps some minor alterations to correspond with their personal believe. But what about truth? This so called lost symbol that they refer to which is related to the lost word in freemasonry which points to a special kind of knowledge undoubtedly indicates advanced knowledge by the ancients.
But their knowledge does go beyond a calendar or star-map or even gene manipulation. It is about everything, and I mean Everything. It is far more important.

Let’s consider for a moment this given theory of manipulation of genes by an alien race, where it is said, if they would not have done so we would still be caveman. So who manipulated the genes of the aliens? The theory tells us they are perhaps a million years ahead in evolution.
Many conspiracy theorists and researchers complain about archaeological findings that do not fit the current theories and are kept out. Ranging from petrified finger, footprints overlapping those of dinosaurs, a petrified hammer, findings deep within mines, to them more proof of alien intervention.
But does it need an evolution of millions of years to have technological advanced machines capable to influence time and space, to be enlightened beings, to communicate telepathically and all these other things they are supposed to be able of doing?

Please think of the following and ask yourself, does it need time or insight?

Science is nothing but the finding of unity. As soon as science would reach perfect unity, the search ends because it would reach the goal. Thus, Chemistry could not need to research any further when it would discover one element out of which all others could be made. Physics would stop when it would be able to fulfil its services in discovering one energy of which all others are but manifestations… All science is bound to come to this conclusion.

At some point some thought the answer was a field called ether and science now tells us that all matter is energy. That even seeing is nothing more than the photons collected on the retina turned into electrical signals that produce an image in the back of the brain.
But let’s think about this for a moment, are there different photons? Or is their vibrational frequency different and I do not just mean colour.

There must therefore be information within a photon, what kind of information? What do you see when you look at a snail or a flower? Apart from colour and shape? You also pick up on ratios such as the golden ratio, it is likely that you are not aware of it, but as it is a natural phenomenon, you recognize it as beauty and you recognize it because you too are based on this ratio (remember what the word recognize means). And this happens not just on a conscious level but subconsciously too. So a photon must have all of these within it.

While there are many more of such ratios and principles which are not only seen in the physical expression of the body and within its individual parts, but it is also expressed in his expressions, his actions, but again most of the time not aware of.
Let’s take an artist for instance, without him or herself being aware of using the golden ratio, while some are aware of it and use it in their art as they are aware of its effect on the viewer.

Nowadays, marketing is using it, for example, on the A4 paper you are reading right now. So how does this relate to the lost symbol you might ask, this so called lost symbol contains all these things. All these laws and ratios.

What could contain all of these, like a book full of information? Mathematical principles, in fact a language, one such thing would be geometrical patterns. The lost symbol is not a star map, the star map is only a part of the symbol because they too are governed by the same laws. And there is only one that contains all of the above mentioned ratios, laws, patterns.
Yes, a photon must contain all of these, when influenced, it alters its internal pattern, behaving like a particle or wave. The ancients knew it, they could foresee events to come and it is the reason why so many of the religious scriptures have the same numbers and similar stories.

In the story of the birth of Jesus, there were wise men who saw a star that led them to the birthplace, but if this were true then why did they have to go to king Herod? First of all, a star does not move in close proximity so they could follow it as if it were headlights of a car. Others suggested that it was a cometh, but this could also not guide them in such as way.

So what was that light that pointed the way for the wise men? Known as the star of Bethlehem, also in some way related to the star of David and the promise of God, the seven rays, there is only one such symbol that has all of these. It is the tree of life, but also the tablets that bore the laws and were placed in the Ark of Covenant, you all know of the great power it represented and what would be greater than all the laws of creation? This knowledge would be very close to God, and a great treasure indeed and certainly dangerous in the wrong hands.

This lost symbol is closely related to another thing the freemasons lost. The lost word. But both were never really lost for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
Imagine having such powers being controlled by emotions. It is no wonder that only the pure of heart could enter the gate. No wonder it was something of great value that one must earn, something the alchemist should know all about, where the transmutation is really that of the heart. It doesn’t need to be hidden, it simply loses its power and becomes weak when it does not find its reflection. Wisdom and love.
Only the lesser can these words create when not spoken in that light. Like seeing, when not this love and wisdom looks upon it, how could it recognize? (look at the cover of the lost symbol, the blazing-star, the Star of David and two tails, now look at the star of Bethlehem shown on this website)

This is the real lost Symbol. And the two circles represent the eight 8.
The sign for eternity is symbolically represented (and all other symbols of importance) throughout history, a few: the I Ching, the Dendera stone in Egypt are just two, the prophecy of Pacal Votan concerning the culmination of the great shaking of planet earth with the Mayan calendar, which is actually the wheel of eight(8), where the wheel of 8 is seen in the positioning of three constellations.
The wheel of 8 is seen in the Dharma wheel of Buddha who predicts the coming of the second Buddha for this present time, it is also seen in the Coptic key given by Jesus to the ancient Gnostics as a sign of the entry to higher realms.
Then the temple of Hermopolis in Khemenu Egypt was called the city of Eight, its symbol was the Octagon emerald, which is eight sided and the temple was presided over by Thoth the leader of Eight. Within the great hall of Hermopolis was kept the secret of secrets concerning all universal life.

The lost symbol was not lost neither was the word but what was lost is what it represents in all its glory. Love knows, in all the wisdom of its oceanic nature, thoughts and feelings are its waves and ego its current. Ego and the waves it causes can never become the ocean and the ocean can never become a wave.




Moshiya van den Broek