242. A measure of time

There are many religious stories that give similar accounts to the story told in the Bible, some which pre-date the Christian era by thousands of years. There are stories that do not look the same at first glance because it uses different settings or vehicles to carry the message and therefore, many do not see that they are based on the same knowledge, the same laws and therefore the same source.

Having shown the most known to be of the same source, I like to take one this time that most are somewhat less familiar with, the Cambodian Angkor.

They used a measurement called a Hat and when one looks at how many hat are involved in significant dimensions of the temple, such as the distance between the western entrance and the central tower, the distance comes to 1,728 hat and another component of its axis measures 1,296 hat. Maron who did this research in the 70’s found them to correlate with the four ages or Yuga’s of Indian thought. The first of these, the Krita Yuga, the golden age lasting 1,728000 years, the next three ages lasted for 1.296.000, 864.000 and 432.000 years respectively. The fact that the lengths of these four eras correlate exactly with particular distances along the east-west axis of Angkor suggest that the “code” for the temple is in fact a kind of pun that can be read in terms of time and space. The distances that a person entering the temple will traverse coincide with the eras that the visitor is metaphorically living through en route to the statue of Vishnu in the central tower.

Walking forward and away from the west, which is the direction of death, the visitor moves backward into time, approaching the moment when the Indians proposed that time began.

In her research Moron also discovered astronomical correlations for ten of the most frequently occurring distances at Angkor Wat. Astronomers working with her found that the sitting of the temple was related to the fact that it’s western gate aligned at sunrise with a small hill to the north-east, Phnom Bok. Moreover, at the summer solstice an observer, standing just in front of the western entrance, can see the sunrise directly over the central tower of Angkor Wat.
This day, June 21, marked the beginning of the solar year for Indian astronomers and was sacred to a king whose name, Suryavarman, means protected by the sun and who was a devotee of Vishnu.

The close fit of these spatial relationships to notions of cosmic time and the extraordinary accuracy and symmetry of all the measurements at Angkor, combine to confirm the notion that the temple was in fact a coded religious text that could be read by experts moving along the walkways from one dimension to the next.
The learned Pandits who determined the dimensions of Angkor Wat would have been aware of and would have revelled in its multiplicity of meanings. To those lower down in the society, perhaps fewer and fewer meanings would be clear.

This lining up of temples could serve utilitarian purposes. Ernst Zimmer reports that temples were aligned by the ancient Egyptians so they could be used as star clocks.
Sun-clocks were used for daytime measurement and the Egyptians had water clocks which could be used day or night.
However, they also determined the hours of the night by noting when curtain constellations reached their highest point in the sky. In order to determine these zeniths, it was necessary to know where the meridian was. This presented no difficulty for the Egyptians, says Zimmer, since the determination of the north-south and east-west directions at the laying of the foundation-stone of a temple was among the most important functions of a king. The process of determining these directions was depicted in exactly the same way on reliefs from the 4th millennium up to the birth of Christ. The measuring apparatus used by the king consisted of a straight edge (an alignment stick) bent upward at one end and with a plumb line attached, together with the split rib of a palm leaf. There are tables found in the burial chambers of the Egyptian Pharaohs Ramses VI and IX dating from between about 1160 and 1120 B.C. which list what constellations correspond to what hour of the night and show a picture of a sitting man. The process of observing the passage of the hours of the night required two such observers, aligned along the meridian.

So far a piece of Gordan Fisher in his book “Marriage and divorce of astronomy and Astrology”.

Connections between religion, astronomy, astrology and predictions are very ancient, no doubt prehistoric. In “the Etruscans begin to speak” Zaharie Mayani describes a relatively late ceremony which unites the three. His description is based on a fresco on the wall of a tomb, known as the tomb of Augurs, which dates from 530 B.C. Two priests are seen marking out the bounds of a holy area consisting of a square in which two medians were marked, one running from north to south and the other from east to west. The quarters of the square are also subdivided and each resulting section is assigned to a particular deity. The square is a kind of mirror of the heavens, since the divisions of the square correspond to a conceptual division of the sky. A priest could stand in the centre of the square and with the help of a special staff determine in which zone of the square the direction of a celestial omen fell, hence which deity was sending the omen. Thus the holy area or templum constituted an observatory for observations were a mean of learning the will of the Gods.

While it may sound impressive they still look at it in a way that would give the idea that it is not an exact science and based on nothing more than or a little more than wishful thinking. Much of it like the present future tellers. This is partly to do with the mind-set of the investigators/researchers who have been indoctrinated into believing society has risen above and are smarter than those ancient civilisations, part due to thinking that present day technologies are proof of their advancement on them.
But the truth is that “the ancients” knowledge far surpasses that of present day science. Anyone who is able to let go of these fixed ideas will see that there is a very precise mathematics which describes the mechanics of creation from the infinitely small to the infinitely large and. Unlike most think, it is not one part influencing another but the whole influencing all.

Coming back to the ability to see it all is not, as so often thought, stillness. While in this stillness there is a possibility to gain insight as it is uninterrupted by thoughts and feelings but focussing on anything through mind-stuff still gets translated by the known. The very believe system one has to let go off, to really see one’s need to face the other way, the way to God and through him all is revealed.

In relation to this I like to return to the lost word, it is not the word itself that is lost but the truth that lies hidden within it. Such truth has the power to say: get up and walk.

To give you an idea of the mathematics and mechanics which joins astrology and astronomy, the circle of the zodiac has a cycle of 25920 years, some will feel the need to point out that NASA has another figure but this will be explained in another article, recall that the one has to move from left to right side of the eight which is the tree. In other words from 18 to 81 by the Ark as told in the story of Noah which is 45.0000. 45 times 18 is 81(0). Now those familiar with the Kabbalah know there are 32 paths or steps where each must be brought to the other side so 32 times 81 is 25920 and 81 divided by 3,125 is 25920 (do not pay attention to the decimal point, the zero too needs to be understood). 31.25 was revealed in the Torah and explained in previous articles and is related to 32 like the 2 and 5. Any number multiplied by 5 is equal to the same number divided by 2.
So 32 times 81 is 25920 and 32 times 18 is 576 which is the circumference of the eight. But 3125 has another key if we divide 25920 by 3125 you get 82944, the very number related to all of nature’s constants equal to 288 x 288.
The 288 sparks that fell to earth, from above to below 288 + 288 = 576. And the light was divided by seven rays which those who have looked at the tree as shown here in the articles will know has seven rays or points on its circumference.
And 32 x 0.3125 makes the 10. The Ark of Noah itself was not measured by the El but by the cubit of 52.36.

Now the Ark of Covenant contains the tablets and Aron’s staff so let’s divide 56.25 (1.5×1.5×2.5) by the El, the answer is 18 or the one staff and the eight of eternity. All this will provide you with the mathematics and mechanics of what, when and where, and ultimately why.

And if we translate it into letters then you get the story you are familiar with “the holy scriptures”, those tablets indeed contain the 10 Laws, to keep to them was needed to ensure clear view of the whole and not fall in the W-Hole and get trapped by the B-hole, black hole or the veil which is what has fallen into the darkness of the sub-conscious, the cause of thoughts and feelings.
It gets triggered by the rays you are not aware of. Astrology, astronomy, Kabbalah, alchemy, biology, physics, psychology etc. are all subject to and ruled by the same laws “until you come to the father through me” Jesus the Christ said.

They seem simple words seen through the eyes of a conditioned mind.

Some will say, why would I need to understand this? Isn’t my believe good enough? When you do think this then you did not understand it, the pure of heart are one with Christ/Krishna… they do not see through the conditioned eyes of ego, of personality who translates all to its own liking, but see with new eyes and hear with new ears. They can see that each word is a sentence full of light that can transform.

Numbers are not just letters but contain the wisdom of creation within them.


Moshiya van den Broek