239. The state of the world

We could talk about the environment, the financial crisis, the political unrest, wars or humanitarian crisis in Darfur or any other in a long list but I like to talk about the root cause. Before I do, I like to mention a Chinese proverb:

“The superior doctor prevents sickness, the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness, the inferior doctor treats actual sickness.”

This time I will not go into evil itself as this has been talked about enough in other articles, but about the spiritual state of humanity as a whole. We hear such things as, humanity entering a new phase of conscious evolution, a new consciousness demanding global responsibility and compassionate responsiveness is evolving with unprecedented intensity, but when we consider the present state of the world and the obvious inability of political and religious establishments to create sustainable peace and harmony, then it should be clear that a global spirituality, fulfilling this naturally endowed potential in all humans, has become an epochal need: an urgent call for connecting to the source of spirituality, nourished from an integrative experience of union with the deeper reality. Beyond the differences among the followers of all religions and ideologies, beyond any crusted concepts, myths and morals, a new vision of deep respect for the true essence of each religion based on a knowledge of the one source is what is needed that leads to the commitment for the benefit of humanity and world community. To recognize the ever present ground of being, the absolute, that what has always been the centre of religious and spiritual search, the source from which the many names of God emerged. It is ever present in each and every one as a liberating force of love and wisdom that is open for direct experience to all human beings at all times, unconditionally.

But with all the so called spiritual organisations, all the courses of Reiki, Shamballa, the Secret, angels and what else, the world is in a worse state than ever before. This so called spirituality is really nothing more than a replacement of all previous types of searching and many discovered that none of those things would bring lasting happiness. Individualism was the thing, to stand out, power, fame, material, wealth, those instruments are like fashion. To personalise, be noted, stand out. But fashion changed faster and faster, clothes, mobile phones, cars etc., impossible at one point to keep up. Even the richest among them could not keep up. The one tried to outdo the other, gone was the health and spiritual wealth. Now it’s back but this time round they kept the personalised touch, there are now as many personalised believes as there are people. Truth has become enemy number one. Why? Because they still hold on to their personal ideas and seek the bits and pieces that fit in the framework of believe they have built for themselves. But this has a plus for them, because they now have found something that cannot be touched, there is no proof, so they can hold on to it, finally! Even the rich and famous have found spirituality, and as there are so many, they can pick one that fits their way of thinking and living. Now they can justify anything, just like many did with the established religions, holy wars, in the name of God, have more wives if that was what they wanted, young children, or simply believe in Christ and be saved, be born again by holding on to what you believed it did mean. Yes Humanity has found spirituality and now we are going to be saved. I even read that the galactic federation is letting humanity into their circle because we have and are reaching a higher consciousness. This, while everything is collapsing around them. Yes it is time for something new, but who is going to lead? There are still millions of personalised believes. Cromwell once said: “ Believe in God but keep your gunpowder dry, you might want to blame whoever, governments or anything or anybody else, but that you are eating the fruits of your own created trees”.

Yes there are many who say they are on this inner journey of which Jesus said: “find you the kingdom within”, but how can you find anything else than the memorabilia you have collected over the years. That what has caused you to be who you are today has become the very same filter through which you look within. So, is there no hope? No way out? Yes, there is. But it requires you to wake up, not to the situation in the world of the mediocre and inferior doctor but of the superior doctor, who has placed his or her trust in God so much that they have become the incarnation of the truth. Only such person could lead humanity out of this darkness, because such person would include everything, a feat no Person-ality is able to do.

Now that most have stopped reading because they feel offended, you who have become aware of this inner journey, know that there is great spiritual poverty and that the qualities bestowed upon you are to serve the one goal, not as an individual but as a joined body.

This goal hoped for, is shown by many who have never reached it themselves in exchange for money. Others use people’s material desires and pack it in a spirituality tasting sauce and top it up with someone famous to sell it to them. They trademark it as if they can claim to be the owners. Just look at the amount that is on offer, a flavour to everyone’s taste, with the most popular and highest sales the ones that leave room to personalise their goal. Truth would bring down their enterprise and because money is involved media, publishers etc. will make sure the truth is not heard. So how do you protect those who are searching?

How can you ensure that the wellbeing of the seeker is protected, that they themselves become the healers of themselves instead of slaves of another fashionable sales story, remember adding water to wine? Lies are best served with a dressing of truth.

Turning water to wine means something else. It is using the known for spiritual growth, the life  experiences of each of you can become water that turns to wine with the right instruments. Truth-revelations aims to provide those instruments, so you become your own doctor, who has eyes and ears to see and hear love and peace calling.

I need your help to help those in spiritual need. Let’s look at the things that unite instead of what seems to differ as you were trained to do.

Social media like Facebook are giving the illusion to be a tool to do good while they are really only interested in numbers that lead to dollars in their wallet.  They too depend on you being isolated instead of being united and do not wish this knowledge to come out into the open.

Take back the power that is rightfully yours, remember you cannot invite him into your heart unless you live there yourself.



Moshiya van den Broek