238. Science of Kabbalah

Hundreds if not thousands of books have been published about the Kabbalah. Some are said to be introductions and others advanced, but all of them are written by students. Please remember that they are not an authority on Kabbalah.
Some try to explain what they know about it and others try to hide what they do not know by being mystical, but all of them present a tree that is incorrect .

It is said that some knowledge is not written down but passed on from mouth to ear which would indicate that there are a few who know and pass it on to their best student, something you can see being done by the free masons, by degree. There are 33 degrees in free masonry, which would give the impression that the higher their degree the higher their knowledge of the sacred secrets but the highest degree is no more than a honorary degree which is often paid for.

Throughout the world there is only a very few who could be called adepts, meaning they received part of the knowledge that will enable them to grow closer to the truth. This happens from mouth to ear, from student to student. This could be seen as a 32 degree student sharing insights with those with lower degree. But the true master builder if we speak in terms of free masonry is God himself instructing a 32 degree mason into the sanctum or 33 degree. This title  has only been given a few times throughout the ages. Who they were? Siddhartha Gautama, Jesus of Nazareth, Moses, Mohamed etc.

There are serious Kabbalah students all over the world. Most of them live in Israel and some of them are known around the world as authorities on the Torah, again a misplaced word, a word also often used in the scientific community, a word that indicates a person who’s knowledge is law, someone who knows and his word should be taken as such. But this is false because authority can never be based on theory but on truth. The danger here is that the use of such “title” misguides the serious seeker and the scientists/researchers themselves as they often take on this air of “I know”.  This automatically builds a wall between them and reaching the truth, unwilling to let go of their idea of it, and as seen before where in extreme cases they falsify the evidence because it does not fit their theory, or simply ignore evidence that does not fit their idea.

Having shown several of such cases here on truth & revelations I like to show a few to clarify this point using the study of Kabbalah. Most of you who looked at the material offered on the Kabbalah will have come across E.L.S. Letter skipping or the Bible code, which got a lot of attention after the book published by M. Drosnin “the Bible code” which provided clusters of thought to be associated words linked to world events and by using statistics, try to validate. With this I do not say there is no basis to it, but no answer will come forth from it because it is merely a fraction within the structure. But those who are researching it are convinced the answers will be found in it, a bit similar to Nostradamus who’s verses have been interpreted thousands of times, some are bound to ring some truth too but, like the ELS, it will not be translated/decoded correctly unless you have the biblical version of the enigma machine.

Then there are those who break down the Hebrew words to get their meaning and so hope to find the answer and ultimately God. And here again beautiful things are discovered and they think all there is to know will be discovered through this, but this too is but a part of the whole that is God’s creation.

The truth is, there is nothing hidden. It is you who closed yourself off. There are layers within layers and you might be able to penetrate into one or two layers and pick up some grains but others will remain out of reach. You can say that it protects itself and limits the level you can reach until and unless you have reached a stage where you become both treasurer and king.

Some rabbis have, in their years of study and devotion, found some of these grains or pearls and they wrote them down. Some of them reached the final gate, some were in the lineage of King David (and this too is only understood by a Very Few) but what they revealed was in accordance with God’s will, meaning it would protect itself from miss-use. This led to, for instance, the representation of a tree that only somewhat resembles the real tree.

The word Kabbalah comes from the root, To Receive, the word Kab finds its root in Kabir, meaning magnificent, great and spiritual teacher, and Allah is God.

Receiving the great spiritual teachings from Allah. This is a little like what they do with breaking down the words as mentioned. Now in the written Kabbalah we find that the vessel broke into 288 sparks, the light of wisdom performs the sorting of the parts of Malchut. When it shines on each of the broken parts, it can only shine to nine of the sefirot, meaning to 320 – 32 =288 parts. When I once asked one of the more known Rabbis where can one find this number 288 in the Torah? He said, it is the second sentence in Genesis, in the word Merachefet, translated as Hovering, is MRCHFT, the centre word is RCHF and the other word is MT which means death, these sparks that died at this level descended into this world. It also mentions 8 kings, this is just to refresh your memory, but without this reference, is there anywhere else any mention that would be more creditable ? I mean in a way that reveals more? But before I point this out, I wish to mention Plato who warns his disciples in these words: do not pass the wisdom unto one who knows not its merit. Aristotle also warned: do not pass the wisdom to the unworthy, lest it shall be robbed, even Jesus did, but a little differently, he let mankind’s blindness take care of the protection.

Back to 288 again. One of the greatest treasures in the Bible and of which many films are made of is the Ark of Covenant. While I mentioned this in the previous article only few recognize its significance. This time it is directly connected to structural measurements and the most important individual mentioned in the new testament Jesus the Christ. You know he fought the battle against evil and won, he also represented the good and was one with God. We also know that after baptism he went to the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, just like Moses and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights in Noah’s story, we will come back to this later, except to point out that 40 plus 40 is 80.

We know Jesus also said: take this temple down and I rebuild it in 3 days. He was also resurrected in 3 days, anyone looking at this logically will realise it must be allegory pointing at a common principle, and it does. The Greek value of the name Jesus is 888, each 8 is a tree, having 3 trees, one being good, one evil and another the tree of life, and it also refers to the trinity. The father, the son and the holy ghost, body mind and spirit. All these powers are represented in the Ark of Covenant which had the dimension of 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5=5.625, knowing the Ark contained the stone tablets and Aron’s staff. Now 5,625 x 8 is 45 x 8 is 360 x 8 is 288,0 and Moses broke the tablets as you might recall, the broken vessel again. With the 10 commandments. 5 commandments on each circular stone, 5 directly related to God and 5 to man.

In another article I have shown that the Torah minus the Alpha and Omega gave us 18, 288 and 3,125 and if we take the 55 (two tablets with commandments) and divide 55 by 3,125 we get 176, which is the total sum of the cube.

If we take the number of each of the basic geometric elements found in the cube and multiply it by the letter that represents that element we have

8 points (10) =80
12 lines (6) =72
6 planes (4) =24
and the sum gives 176

Read more about it here:

17.6x 5.625 is 99 the value of amen
3 x 176 is 528
and 5 x 176 is 880
9 x 176 is 1584
and 18 times 176 is lord Jesus Christ 3168
and 18 times 31,25 is of course 5625
32 times 31,25 is 10,0000
80 times 31,25 is 25.0000
96 times 31,25 is 30,0000
117 times 31,25 is 365.625
128 times 31,25 is 40.0000

144 times 31,25 is 45.0000 and 45.0000 is 300 x 50 x 30 which is the Ark of Noah, and as you know there would be 144.000 saved very much like those who were on the Ark were saved. 8 times 18 is 144. As I have explained in another article the value of 18 divided by 3,125 is 5.76 which is the circumference of the eight or tree of which there are three.

Yet with all this, the Sanhedrin (not appointed by God) who’s members supposed to be made up of those who are closest to God (and therefore know how to measure) still wish to rebuild the temple without knowledge of the laws.

His return to and as Is -Ra-El, as him who carries the power to say, rise up and walk, who is the lost word, brings the fish to shore, the lost son who dwelt in the desert 40 days and 40 nights who walks among them unseen awaits for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.



Moshiya van den Broek