237. Beyond letters

This article is an introduction into the structure behind the holy scriptures. I will be using the Bible in this case but each major religion is based on the same knowledge and structure, including those of very ancient times such as the Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, even Plato’s Atlantis and Buddhism, but also the Koran, Veda’s, B. Gita and ancient civilisations lost in time.

Those of you who have looked at Hebrew know that each letter has a meaning so a word is really also a sentence. You would also be somewhat familiar with the fact that each letter represents a number and this is not just an idea but a fact. They did not have numbers like we have today that seem to be separate from letters, this was equally so with the Greek language.

To gain a deeper understanding of the Torah for instance, they study the Zohar and Kabbalah in the hope to eventually rise above all forms. The reason why this knowledge is not openly available can be explained by using an example related to this article. When we read something like “I go home” then the word go and home will mean different things to different people. One will associate the word go with taking the car, another the train or plane. Each has a different view of what home is to them, all based on personal experiences . Words therefore become personalised. They get their weight through the mental and physical relationship one has made with the words. This means two things, on the one hand you have a tendency to read according your personalised ideas about what those words mean to you, secondly, it creates a kind of boundary. Your understanding judges what it reads and therefore is limited to what is thought to be known. If I were to try and explain something of which you have no mental or physical image of other then only personal ideas which are again based on what it knows, then one might get the idea that it gains insight or knowledge on that which is not known. Let me take a word such as “Heaven or Hell”, so there are as many images build from what is known in the world of matter and mind as there are people. No matter how I would describe it to you, I would need to use what is known to describe what is not known. I would need to use vehicles such as words, knowing well that it would distort the true picture. I would have to tell those who have not risen to the level of being able to see beyond, that they are parables and they should not be mistaken with the truth. In order to gain the ability to see truth we need to be able to recognize what is not.

The veil talked about between the lower and higher world is a real one, not placed by God but by mankind themselves. Now, this very much relates to suffering and you all have experienced the darkness that envelopes you when emotions rise and become the judge in what you see, hear and feel, if it is anger then anger is determined to see reason to be in just about everything, giving it more and more reason to be, until another pops up to which you cling on. That is what personality really is, a whole set of attachments connected to feeling. I say feeling because all of your senses are frequency receptors (you have heard about the statement of science that all is vibration) and like a tuning fork you tend to resonate with it, and therefore anger attracts anger. More is involved but would go beyond the purpose of this article.

So veils, boundaries limit view, block the ability latent in you to look at the other side of the mountain. Before one can see, for instance what lies beyond the literal text, one would need to understand through experience what kept/keeps them from seeing it. Anyone who has made the first steps in removing those veils knows the rabbit hole is deeper than they could ever have imagined and how ego would love to get a hold of it so it could use it for its own goal.

Let’s get to a language behind the one in plain sight. In the article scientific proof, I have shown that the natural constants they have been able to determine and all scientists wish to find the cause, can be found in the structure that is based on the joining of the hexagram and pentagram. Also known as the star of Bethlehem.

With the seven heads, or colours of the rainbow, that was gods promise. The 7 seals etc. the number it is all linked to is 288. I have shown two ways and places where this number can be found. But there is another. You would need to know Hebrew for it to be revealed. While all those I have given you, you can check out. This one is sometimes mentioned by Rabbis. The 288 broken pieces of the vessel. In order to give this with the same strength as the other locations I contacted Rabbi Yosef Serebryanski. Remember here that this is not found in the usual Kabbalistic books because it is not written but passed on. This is the same for the tree so many who study Kabbalah are familiar with, which is also an incorrect representation and therefore those who fit it in the flower of life etc. are doing so with a representation which is given to keep you from the true configuration and will not be revealed. My question to him was if he could tell me where in the Torah could one find reference to 288, here is his answer: The reference from Kabbalah for this is from the second sentence in Genesis. The word merachefet translated as “hovering “ is MRCHFT, the centre word is RCHF, and the other word is MT which means, dead. These sparks that died at this level descended into this world as 600.00 souls and needs to be fixed. After this is fixed then the redemption will happen. So far his reply, notice two things, he takes aside the first and last letter which is death and we have the upper or spiritual world and the lower earthly where physical death occurs.

Yes, there is an upper and lower 288, just as the stone tablets of Moses one set he broke upon seeing the idolised false gods and a pair that was placed in the Ark.

The second point is, that he mentions that those first descended into this worldnumber 600.00. So I needed to reply. Here is my reply to Rabbi Yosef Serebryanski:
Thank you for your swift reply, this is not the only place, it can also be derived from the whole Torah itself, taking the first and last letter away, in other words the beginning and the end, 304805 minus alpha and omega is 304803and 3 x 4 x 8 x 3 = 288.
While 3+0+4+8+0+3 = 18 and 3/0/4/8/0/3 = 0,3125
0,3125 x 18 = 56.25 which is the Ark of Covenant.
I would like to ask why you say 600.00 while it is 576,00 the day of redemption (24 hours ) occurs when the 3 are as one.
There are 32 paths of 18, in the great zodiac cycle there are 32 of 81 = 25920
81 divided by 18 is the 45 of the Ark of Noah.

This structure, the real trees, are based on joining the hexagram and a pentagram that is derived by dividing the circle in 15 equals parts of 24 together the make 576 degrees or the shape of the Greek sign of eternity with the one on one side or the other 18 or 81. This 45, the Ark, travels the great galactic ocean crossing the river/milky-way.
Within lies the promise of god, the 7 seals, 7 points on the outer perimeter of 576.
The one point going through the opening of 24 enters Daath.
There were 8 on the Ark. When we divide the 45 by 8, we get the Ark of Covenant again. When we divide the great cycle 25920 by 8 we get 3240 and divide this by the Ark of Covenant 56.25 we get 576 or when we divide by eight again 405 and when we divide by eight again we get 506.25 which is nine times 56.25.
Knowing that the cubit is 52 and 36 makes the Ark of Noah 235.62 mtr. Divided by 56.25 is 4.1888 or eight cubits, it is the formula to calculate the volume of a globe, that which contains everything, thus the 3 eights also. And a last one, if we multiply 56.25 by eight we get 450, multiply this by eight is 3600 multiply this by eight gives 288.00. The opening in the Ark of Noah was on top in the centre so divide 235.62 by two is 117.81 (the centre of 66 books) the birth was at eleven times, at the 13, it gathered all the fish and died to be born 3 steps further at the 16 time, a new cycle.
Dear Yosef, I did not study the Torah, Zohar or Kabbalah but found on my quest what the veils were made off. Beyond the world of matter focusing on it reveals what lies within. Thank you. Moshiya.

His reply to this: Thank you, the sentence does not say what happened to them as it is in a space where this dimension has not materialised. So there are various ways that it comes out. The reason I wrote 600.000 is because that is what it says in Kabbalah was at the time of giving the Torah and it split into many millions of sparks. The words of the Torah can be read on many dimensions and so I am happy to read what you send me.

Those were his words. It will be clear in his answers that some of it is known but kept quiet. But let’s return to the language behind the visual language. It really tells the story in a numeral way and geometrical way. There is scaling, positive and negative and neutral, cycles and a story-line, but it is a little like a wristwatch, the upper visual story are like the dials that tell time but there is a whole mechanism under the hour plate that makes it tick and sets off the alarm.

The most important story it tells, is how it works aside from the physical world. It also tells how it works on a mental level and how to reach the high peak, the spiritual. This is visual in the outer story of the Ark of Noah where he lets go of the raven and the dove who later returns with the olive branch.

Throughout the articles I have explained how mankind has become slave of what lies behind those veils, emotions, recognition, subconscious and what lies there looks through your eyes and listens through your ears to find of itself as it has nothing else than eyes for what it knows. It does not know right from wrong. I also explained in detail how and why it sends thoughts and feelings, that it is able to pick up thousands of bits of information and link it to what it thinks it understands/knows, while your present conscious is much more limited in its ability to pick up and be aware of.

Here is a little of a news article of scientists of the Max Planck institute for psycholinguistic university and the universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht who just published their findings in an international psychological science magazine.
Their research shows that when someone reads a sentence where a question or opinion is asked, the brain has already answered the question before the full sentence is read or understood. The signal can be positive or negative according to the convictions of the reader. It has shown that within 200 milliseconds there is already a sub-conscious opinion made. Therefore, reading is conditioned by what has been experienced and judges according the ideas it has built.

Something I have explained years before already, knowledge that is as old as time itself, all within under the upper text.

From the beginning to the end its time ahead, all that is to be known and needs to be known right there,  always has been. It is time to learn about what blinds you so you can start to see the way.



Moshiya van den Broek