236. The goal

The goal of truth & revelations is to offer a method for individuals to become spiritually fulfilled. You are familiar with the word soul and that it continuous to return to this world until the goal is reached. As we reach the final stage of human development, the only lifeboat that will bring you across to a new world that awaits you is knowledge. It is to gain insight into yourself. In order to do that you need an understanding of what blinds you from seeing beyond the world of matter.

Before you embark on this journey I need to tell you about some of the first obstacles you will come across, while others will become clear along the way as we go deeper into them.

The first obstacles you will be confronted with are words. They are like clothes on a naked man. Naked as in being one with truth, being one with god. As Adam was before he ate of the tree, unlike feeling naked after he ate of the fruit of the tree which means, he lost his oneness. Everything you see calls upon memory, where words are stored and are associated with an image, a shape, an expression in the physical world. So if I were to explain the spiritual world by means of words, I would bring it down through the roots, the stem, the branches into the fruits of creation.

Simply put, I use what is known, to explain the unknown. Your problem will be, that as it calls upon your gained knowledge of the material world it also calls upon the image you have associated with the word(s). While I would speak of principles of which the deeper meaning of the story and the words themselves contain, you give it substance, you cloth it. The moment you do, you close your eyes for the truth behind it. The story therefore is a story of laws and principles to ensure your return once you wake up from the illusion that you were separated.

There are a tremendous amount of connections made to each word. Your ego has given it its own colour and therefore each of you will imagine/translate to his own understanding, slightly different from someone else, this then becomes his personalised truth.

In the case of numbers it is different, because you have mainly connected a quantitative quality to them. When you start to see a qualitative side then it becomes a little easier to see in them principles that are far less material. But be aware, even with far less attachment you still have a tendency to connect them to material images. When I would talk about a measurement, you would directly relate it to a physical dimension while the law of cause and effect will eventually express itself in the world of matter. It is not my objective to point this out other than to show you from the fruit to the branches, the stem back to its roots .

In other words, because you cannot see the spiritual world I will need to start at the known and lead you into the unknown.

So how can words be of assistance then? Even the subtlest word like light in a spiritual sense is still imaginary and borrowed from the light of the sun, a bulb or candle light, they offer you nothing but falsehood and deceit. Therefore great care must be taken in the use of words if one is to assist in the research of wisdom.

What you need to realise is that the tree(s) have four worlds, four levels, roots, stem, branches and fruits. While they are the same in each item and event, they are the same in each level. That what happens in the first one is found unchanged in the next, likewise in all that follow. There is no difference, only different degrees of perceiving in the substance of the elements of reality in each of them. Each higher more pure than the previous one, lower one. Each one coarser and darker then in all the worlds preceding it.

If I translate this to the tree(s) then the branches and the roots are the same, they are connected, mirrored, as above so below. If I were to show you this in number then you should look at the two and five, both in shape and in outcome, the one is divided, the other multiplied, yet the answer is the same.

So please keep all this in mind while reading the articles and the numbers you will come across in them.



Moshiya van den Broek