232. Key to paradise

Will appear once you understand what kept you from finding it. But not just understood intellectually but through experiences. The next step would be to place it in the lock and turn it for the door to open for you. Sounds easy? There are thousands of so called spiritual teachers, healers etc. and as much courses you can follow to spiritually awaken. The latest in the list that will lead you to it are the so called messengers of galactic federations, of other galaxies and planets and of course the religious orders who all promise you a place in heaven. But is it that easy? Most of these teachers and so called spiritual leaders and messengers are like the builders of a grand mansion but live in the barn next to it. They tell you how it is and how to live according it, but do not obey to the rules themselves. They are based and absorbed in satisfying their natural desires and impulses, whether physical, emotional or intellectual and at the very most they are tasters and spectators but not serious participants. They have no real inner life to offer others and their and your well-being is determined by the choices or moods of others and by forces that are beyond their control. WALK THE TALK, not that it will be of much help to simply do what they tell you to. They would be where you want to be, they would have reached it, how else would they know how to get there? They might be able to keep up appearances because you only see them during the sermons, talks, classes, courses or messages. On the other hand you picked the course, teacher, religion or messenger that fitted your personal ideas most.

Have you ever wondered how these choices came about? Ever wondered why there are so many with different views from your own? There are as many personalities, religions as there are people. All different mental, emotional and physical make ups. Yes, they might have similar ideas to some level and call themselves Buddhists, Christians or believers, in this theory or another but differ slightly. So when I say you do not believe or seek truth, you believe and seek in accordance with your personal (-ized) believe. In other words you are conditioned by what you have experienced and been taught at school, through media, friends, family and so called teachers. Do not forget, each experience becomes the lens through which you look at the next experience and so build your believe system, the way you think and act in response t . A way to see this is with colours. Take each experience as adding a different colour, eventually it will become black. Truth on the other hand works the other way. They are colour too, but with each colour added it becomes white/light.

This starts with seeing or learning the lessons in life. While they might still be relative truths, such as seeing your anger or fear was not justified, that it was a previous experience that tried to see it in its way and caused those thoughts and feelings to arise, but at least you are not adding those colours that darken any-more.

Know thyself means so much more than being familiar with your personality which is really nothing else then emotional attachments. Some say that women are closer to God and in a way they are. They are more in touch with feeling, something many men consider a weakness. But everything is feeling, yes, even seeing is a kind of feeling (frequency/vibration).

Beware, it is not what many consider intuition! Intuition in general is the tummy or heart being directly signalled, bypassing the mind, from the sub-conscious, the place where many of those darkening colours are stored. What is stored where, will be easy to figure out. While there is more to be said and explained here, this will be sufficient for now. Just one more important thing. In the journey inwards and the healing process of old deep settled impurities (all explained in other articles) it will try and defend itself by seeking evil in others. It will try to keep you engaged in searching for faults and failings in others. Be warned, they will further develop those faults and failings in yourself because they will strengthen its way of seeing things and acting accordingly through you each moment you are led by thoughts and feelings. Therefore dwell only on the good of others and in time they will become assets to you. Just like the bad that is latent in you, so is the good . And when it can feed on the goodness in others it will eventually sprout and blossom too.

Some of you are anti-religion. This is partly due to what you have been told, for instance, God is compassionate, loving, forgiving and righteous. And then there is your experience which seems to contradict and the answers you get from those of whom you expect to know often make matters worse. An example everybody will know is, when a child dies and a priest comes up with “Inherited Sin”. But let’s look at the story of the tree of knowledge. Like the stem and brain, its individual fruits, bits of information of which you eat/trust, a little bit that becomes the basis upon which you build opinions, incomplete, while you were connected to the whole. You identify with this as, I think, I believe, I am this or that. To try and understand a little bit, you needed to become aware of its properties/possibilities and attachment came into being because all it can recognize is of itself. You only know the material world, the world of outer appearances. And now, when you have not found lasting satisfaction, you start to try and understand how matter works to eventually gain full control. But like knowing yourself, it is only skin deep. You cannot see the nonphysical world. But remember what I said, reflection, you can only see in others what you know within yourself. You do not understand the other. It is because you do not know you. You can only see as deep in the other as the level you can see within yourself.

The Bible is very much the same. You mainly only see the outer story. Yes, you are discovering bits of the psyche, little bits of the brain, so you discover little bits in the Bible too. Jewish Rabbis say that they will not understand the scriptures until the Messiah comes. But when He comes, He will not only interpret each of the passages for you, He will interpret the very words. He will even interpret the letters themselves. In fact, the numbers they represent and the spaces between them.

Now your ego might get the better of you, thinking you are so smart, you came up with writing, counting, language, the decimal system, metric and imperial , and PI, PHI to name a few, but did you really? In other articles I have pointed to the 1 divided by 7 and the relationship with multiplications producing a continuous string of 1, 4, 2, 8, 5, 7, 1, 4, 2, 8, 5, 7, 1 etc. or the continuous appearance of 3, 6, 9. Or 1x2x3x4×5x6x7x8x9=36288 and reverse another 36288 is added and makes 72.576 and if we deduct it from the 82944 from the previous article we get 10368
1/8 of 82944 and 25 times 10368 is the 259200 cycle of Plato of the zodiac.

I have also spoken about the two being a mirror image of five, just look at them for a moment 2 and 5 divide 18 by 2= 9 multiply 18 by 5= 90, the relationship between 56.25 and 31,25 and 18. What is more, the 5 and 6 make 7 points on the star configuration therefore 5 (7) 6 576. A similar thing happens with the Torah on the Torus/ah as it moves through the 12 disciples or zodiac where the two circles of 360 make the 576. The correct amount of letters is 304803 times 12 is 36.576.36
576 x 8 x 18 576 x 8 is 4608 x 18=82944 / 576=144
8×8×8×9/8 is 576
8×8×18 is 1152
8×8×8×9 is 4608 5760-4608=1152

Then we come to the Bible itself, The Torah, Genesis, the Old Testament has 39 books and the New Testament has 27. Now some will say, the counsel of Nicaea decided which were to be added or excluded, by debates, prayers and research. Others simply take it on faith, that the Holy Spirit protected the church from erring in selecting the book of the Bible, just as He protected the authors from erring. The truth is closer to the last statement than the first. It is no coincidence that there are 39 and 27 a total of 66 books as I will show (by the way-there is no such thing as coincidence) 600 x the 66 books is 39600 and 600 times 3927 is 235620 and this number equals the ark of Noah 300×50×30=45000 x the cubit 52,36 is 235620.  3927 is ¾ of the cubit, 1/4th is 1309 another familiar number, a sin number and half the golden ratio and the ark divided by 18.

It is important to realise that there is only one. Three in one actually, on which all text is generated. Only one such structure that generates all the mathematics . Only one upon which the whole story can be written. For those who have not been reading the other articles I will have to mention that the broken vessel and its 288 pieces are also related to the stone tablets of Moses and Aron’s staff. Eliphas Levi hinted at it by saying, “he who joins the hexagram and pentagram has solved half of the sacred secret”. If you do so correctly you will, when both are encircled, see the all seeing eye or Vesica Pisces where by the joining the circles overlap each other. In this right configuration, 7 points will be marked on what is the total shape of an eight (8), where the two overlap, each is cut at 288 degrees, making the eight 576 degrees in total. This is the tree of knowledge. One of good, its mirror image with its roots on earth. Evil and the other with its roots in heaven and the tree of life, makes 3 of these eights 888 or the Greek sight of eternity, and Jesus Christ 576 , 1152 and 1728 they makes up the 12 with the son makes 1872 half way the generations. The clay tablet in the louvre states the following: They know not the value of 18.

Divide 576 by 18 and you will have 32 paths the 33th lies in the heart of the star of David by the elevated point. While 32 times the sum total of the ark of covenant 5625 will give you 18(0000) divided by 3125 gives you 576 again. Spin this eight in the right way and it will give you the torus/ah. I have shown where and how the numbers 18, 288 and 3125 are placed in the Torah. The pentagram comes into being by dividing the circle in 15 equal parts where the head goes through the 24 degree opening. But what I have shown you here is to fit their numbers. Now I will show you how it really is. This 8 or 40 (days) and 40(nights) where the ark travels along the (cosmic) ocean is the ark of Noah. The ark being 45(0000) cubits this great ocean is the heavenly 12 zodiac signs that makes a total of 25920 years. You travel through the zodiac signs, your entry point, or birth sign. If you divide the 25920 cycle by 45 you get 576. which is the 8, or divide 25920 by 8 is 3240, divide this by the ark of covenant 5625 and you get 576 again. Which multiplied by 31.25 gives you 18,0000, the 18 of which the Sumerians said you don’t know its value.



Moshiya van den Broek