231.Scientific proof

I have contacted some kabbala students who consider themselves to be knowers to the point that they have set up the Sanhedrin, a name given in the Mishna to a counsel of seventy-one Jewish sages, members are not elected, nor are their positions permanent. Any scholar, at any time, may gain a place on the legislature by proving a greater level of scholarship in Jewish law than a current member.

I did so after an article which mentioned re-establishing the temple and it showed a vital mistake. In order to rebuild the temple, they would need to know how to build it in accordance with God’s laws, meaning that it has to be in harmony with his ratio’s and measurements. When I pointed it out they were rude and unwilling to listen because they are the authority, sadly this is not the case. They have a representation of the tree of knowledge and the tree of life which is close to the right structure but as it was passed on by those who were not knowledgeable some of the vital things were lost and building on an incorrect structure literally brings the house down.

Anyone who has seriously studied Stan Tenen of the Meru foundation on the Hebrew letters will also know of the court cases against Dan Winter and material presented by Drunvalo Melchizadek. Words such as unscientific, masquerades as a scientist and obsessed, falsified mathematics etc. are being used, so I contacted both Stan Tenen and Dan Winter on the one hand pointing out that none of them have any rights of ownership and pointing out that they only have rudimentary bits of a greater whole, a structure, the only structure that contains all, but not based on letters but on numbers. This was Dan Winter’s reply: I would suggest it is essential to graduate from numerology (appropriately not respected by science) to what is measurable. Namely converting the geometric ratios to the physics of electric field symmetry, that is key to bio-activity. When you know how to identify a produced electric field which causes a seed to germinate by its frequency signature, then there is something to share.

According to him just about everything is self-organized electric phase conjugation, it shows not only did he judge without seriously looking into it but as I have explained before looked with conditioned eyes, while openness caused them to find/see something ego/personality near to directly closes their eyes again for truth and think that their finding and only their finding, holds the answer. And again in his article today he mentions the frequency I have mentioned before 1356. That will release hydrogen from h20 linking it to the golden ratio and the Planck length but without knowing where these numbers really come from it does not mean a lot.

Someone who realises that is J.Luliano:

There is a most profound and beautiful question associated with the observed coupling constant, e the amplitude for a real electron to emit or absorb a real photon.
It is a simple number that has been experimentally determined to be close to -0.08542455. My physicist friends won’t recognize this number, because they like to remember it as the inverse of its square: about 137.03597 with about an uncertainty of about 2 in the last decimal place. It has been a mystery ever since it was discovered more than fifty years ago, and all good theoretical physicists put this number up on their wall and worry about it. Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from: is it related to pi or perhaps to the base of natural logarithms? Nobody knows. It’s one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the “hand of God” wrote that number, and “we don’t know how He pushed his pencil.” We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to measure this number very accurately, but we don’t know what kind of dance to do on the computer to make this number come out, without putting it in secretly!

Now let’s look at what he has found and the number he based it on and where it comes from and after that I will show you how it is interlocked, where it comes from and while it is shown to play a role in the micro cosmos. I I would also link it to the macro cosmos.
For this we need to go to the kabbalah (it will help you to have the picture of the star of Bethlehem, tree of life and knowledge next to it when reading the following).

The vessels of the three Sephiroth Kether . Hokmah and Binah at first performed well in the task of holding the light, but when the light poured down through the lower vessels, from Hesed through Yesod, these six lower vessels shattered and were dispersed in to the chaotic void of the Tehiru. This was the Shebirat ha kelim, the breaking of the vessels, the original vessels were in what is now the world of Atziluth, but when the light from above penetrated the Sephira Malkuth, this shattered into 288 sparks which failed to return to the primordial source but instead fell through the worlds and became attached and trapped in the broken fragments of the vessels which formed the Kelipoth, the shells or husks. These husks became the evil forces of the Sitra Ahra, the other or under world, preventing the return of the sparks of divine light to its source, thus the light or energy of creation fell into matter.

To help you a little, the top star of David/hexagram has two pyramids, one pointing up and one down. The one pointing up, the top , receives the light and spreads out to the pyramid its lower two points and reflects back but when it breaks through into the lower part (the pentagram) it is scattered /divided onto the 288 degrees. And as you know the top has 288 degrees and the bottom has 288 degrees that make up 576 degrees or the shape of the eternity 8 this 288 multiplied by 288 gives you 82944.

More on this later, but we now move to show how this number is connected to the scientific constants.SEPHIRA MALKUTH: “288 sparks from broken vessels” sqrt 82944 = 288


288^2 = 82944
DG Leahy: 82944 and the four forces of nature

The Feigenbaum number is derived directly out of the 82944 formula:
[tan^-1[1/(.367872976^Pi)]] + Pi = 4.669204313…..tan^-1 in radians
actual = 4.669201609…
4.669201609/4.669204313 = 99.999942%

The golden section is derived out of fine-structure:
[[[COS^-1 ((1.618033989-1)/2)]*4] ^ (2/Pi)] / 100 = .367872976
COS^-1 in degrees

The deepest meaning of the 1/Pi (1/3.141592654) phenomena is as the
supreme exponential link to the “hard” constants of Nature:

FEIGENBAUM CONSTANT = 4.669201609…rule of order in chaotic systems
F= 4.6692043132…..tan in radians
100/[(tan(F-Pi)…………………….^ (1/Pi)] = 36.7872976…

GOLDEN MEAN = 1.618033989…rule of order in living forms systems
Phi = 1.618033989 = (1+sqrt5)/2…COS^-1 in degrees
[COS^-1[((sqrt 5 -1)/4)*1152]……..^ (1/Pi) = 36.7872976…

FINE-STRUCTURE CONSTANT = a(em) =amplitude for an electron-photon exchange, rule of proton-electron interactions.
a(em) = 137.036000986…cos in radians
(cos 1/(a(em))*100……………………………= 36.7872976…

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS = 82944 = (288^2)…rule of brain/nervous/systems/symbolic
Prof. Leahy =(82944 logic) and Sephira Malkuth=(288 sparks)
82944…………………………….. ^ (1/Pi) = 36.7872976…

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS: Egyptian form, Cheops pyramid, Beta=.37
height = 486.256005976 feet = ht
base leg = 763.81 feet…cos in radians = bl
[cos [(10^(2*ht/bl))/(.37^2)]] * 100……..= 36.7872976…

[cos[(10^((2/Pi)+(2/Pi))]/(.370000606^2)]*100 = 36.7872976…

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS: Christian(666), Hebrew(288) form
cos in radians…
cos[(10^(287.999975988/37))/(666^2)]……..= 36.7872976…

NATURES CHARGED MASSES: proton, positive; electron, negative

pmev = proton million electron volts = 938.271998 (NIST 1998)
emev = electron million electron volts = .5109994691
[(10*pmev)^[(1/Pi)*(emev^-(1/Pi))]]……………………..= 36.7872976…

NATURES CHARGED MASSES: and the collective unconscious as the electrons carrier
pmev = 938.271998
emev = .51100091734
pmev / (emev^2) / 6.66…………………………= 36.7872976…

[10^((1/Pi)+(1/Pi))] *1800 = 144.000014266/37

NATURES STRONG FORCE: a(s) = 14 and the fermat form: e^(Pi+8)
a(s) = 13.99995242
[(10^((2/Pi)+(2/Pi))] * a(s) = sqrt (e^(Pi+8)..e=2.7182818…

NATURES CHARGED/UNCHARGED PAIR: neutron-proton, harmonic mean of 57 and 37.
nmev = neutron = 939.5653313 (NIST 1998 = 939.56533mev
pmev = proton
(2109/940) ^ (1/Pi) = nmev – pmev = [[(1/57+1/37)^-1]/10] ^ (1/Pi)

NATURES CHARGED/UNCHARGED PAIR: fine-structure constant and Fermat form
[[sqrt[(e^(Pi+8)) * a(em)]]/10] ^ (1/Pi) = nmev- pmev

NATURES CHARGED/UNCHARGED PAIR: strong , fine-structure forces
a(s) = 13.99990799
[[[10^((2/Pi)+(2/Pi))] * a(s) * sqrt a(em) ]/10] ^ (1/Pi) = nmev – pmev

[10^((2/Pi)+(2/Pi))] * a(em) = .370000605064 ^ 2

NATURES DENSEST OBJECT:PLANCK MASS = Planck mass with Planck length as radius
a(s) = 14.00051693 =strong nuclear force
M(p) = Planck mass = 2.17656..* (10^-8) kilograms (1998 NIST)
1/[[10^((4/Pi)+(4/Pi)))] * (a(s)^2) * 666] = 2.1765 * (10^-8)

GRAVITATIONAL FORCE: G(n) newtons = 6.6739*(10^-11) mks
a(s) = 14.00051693
h =plancks constant = 6.626068758*(10^-34) joules (1998 NIST)
c = speed of light = 299792458 m/s (1998 NIST)
h * c *(10^(16/Pi)) * (a(s)^4) * (666^2) / 2 / Pi = 6.6739* (10^-11)

NUCLEAR WEAK FORCE: fermi coupling-charge =G(w) =.0000116639 F(m)
through the Feigenbaum constant:
emev = .510998902
pmev = 938.271998
F = Feigenbaum constant = 4.669201609
G(w) = fermi-coupling charge = (1998 NIST = .0000116639 F(m))
emev / pmev / F / 10 = .0000116640288484

J.Iuliano please look at http://dgleahy.com/dgl/p22.html

Having shown where this number comes from I will also show you how it relates to the zodiacal cycle, the zodiac and its 12 signs are 25920 years, it is also a circle of 360 degrees of 52,36 cubits which makes 188496. Within this circle you have the eight of 576 degrees and the famous 18 times makes 82944. But it is also known that the tree has 32 paths so when we divide 188596 by 32 we get 58905 which is half the centre of the ark of Noah 11781. If we divide 25920 by 81 we get 320, and if we multiply 58905 by 320 we get 188496 and if we multiply 320 by 81 we get 25920 again. I have shown you that the Torah provides us with both 288 and 3125, now if we divide 25820 by 31,25 we get 82944, if we multiply 188596 by 3125 we get 58905. Having explained that the clay tablet of the Sumerians tells us: you do not know the value of 18, then let us multiply the Torah number 31,25 times 18 and the answer is 5625 which is the ARK OF COVENANT.

If we divide 82944 by the cubit 5236 we get 1584.11 which is half 3168.22 which is the value of lord Jesus Christ. If multiplied by 7 we get 11088.77 which is the two trees and the two sevens as explained in other articles. If we divide 11088 by the 77 we get our 144.

There is the fine structure constant (e^2)/2/E/h/c=1.3703596. A number that every physicist has written on his blackboard or kept in the back of his mind, they find it but do not know where this number comes from, in other words they see it to be a constant but do not know the cause of it. A little tip here, the full number is 2 leaves 62964(0.4) times 14 is 881496 (188496) and 81 times is 51——84 twice 5184 is 10368 times 8 is 82944.

The 3-4-5 right triangle reflects an angle of 52 degrees 36 minutes.

The cubit 52.36 52×36 is 1872 18×72 is 1296 the difference between the two is 576. The eight. 12X96 is 1152 which is two times 576, the tree of good and evil. And 5+7+6 is of course the Sumerian 18.

576 x 5625 is 3240000.

Matter, cycles, the uni-verse a uni-ting verse/song.



Moshiya van den Broek