230. The comforter

Clues that will reveal who you have been waiting for.

You will remember that 13 is half way the 26 generations, but you also know that 1296 is half way the cycle of 25920, the cycle is based on the cubit 52,36 and it is at the heart of Amen (99) its centre is therefore 49.5 times 5236=25918,2 half way, therefore is 129591 a number that might not say anything to you until you recall that it is mirrored. And the Nineveh which is not only a city build by Nimrod but also mentioned on the clay tablet to be a cycle of 1959552 whereas 55 is unity within one as previously shown in the article about the ark of covenant.

17 is a prime number the seventh in the row, seven stands for spiritual perfection and the ten stands for ordinal perfection together makes 17.

The Lord Jesus Christ has the value of 3168. His return means there is another order in his numbers and as the prophecy tells us true believers will be taken up, a similar story was told with the ark of Noah, this ark was 23562 (300×50×30=45,000×52,36). As you might also recall, there was Noah and 7 others on it, Noah being the ordinal perfection, now divide the ark by 17 and you get 1386 which are Jesus Christ, his numbers in a different order, divide 1386 by the ark of covenant 5625, and you get 2464, multiply this by ordinal and spiritual perfection and you get 4,1888 which is the formula that includes everything (the volume of the globe).
What is more 45 x 2464 =11088.

Nothing is a coincidence, not even the events in your lives. Some might only be interested in anything that will strengthen their personalised ideas/believes. Others like scientists are very similar, they wish to prove their theories to be right and often at the cost of truth. They might make some discoveries, at times even related to the structure of everything but then ego gets a hold of them. What all should realise is that everything was given, YES EVERYTHING was given, and true treasures only come in moments when ego/personality is still. But as soon as the spark is received ego/personality will jump in to take control for its own agenda. They look but SEE him not, they listen but HEAR him not, he walked among them but they recognized him not.

The ancients spoke about reaching Nirvana, heaven etc. and they used stories to describe the nature of man and how to reach the highest goal. Stories that you could understand, the Greek compared man with Apollo who played his seven stringed instrument whereas Apollo himself was the highest principle. Hindus compared man as a chariot driver with the horses being his lower nature, its leads with thinking and the chariot the body. And in folk stories the higher self was often represented as the princess that was to be saved by a prince, the spiritual warrior within us. In actual fact each of you and your life story in a way resembles such story, a vehicle, with events that offer you a chance to awaken that spiritual warrior in you but more than often you get lost in the drama.

The time is nearing very fast where there will be no room for those who are addicted to the dramas of life, of ego personality. Time to get up and take up your bed.

One more point in preparation of the next article and a reminder of something I have explained before, the 3 layers of the Bible. The last one which to you is the first one, is the literal language you know as the vehicle, the story. The next one, is the structural one, numbers revealing the underlying shape through number, known as gematria, and the last one is that of ratios, by single words and string of words in 3 different ways. The last two are mathematical but in a way tell the same story you read in a kind of technical way.

One of the first examples and very much the bases starts with the Torah as a whole which shows us 3 sets of numbers, 18, 288 and 00,3125.



Moshiya van den Broek