227.The power of the ark

Bible and Koran

The ark of covenant is said to have special powers and those familiar with the stories in the old testament know that great care was taken in keeping it and moving it. From the stories we also know what it contained, the stone tablets of Moses, and it is also said to contain his staff. As we will go into other aspects, I would like to remind you of the two stones being circular in shape as explained in other articles and they represent 18 and 81. Five laws on the one and five on the other make up the 10 commandments. I will not have to go into its volume which as you know is 5625 and how it is related to the cubit and the structure that is based on the hexagram and pentagram or its joined circumference of 576 degrees that makes up the figure eight. But what I wish to show is that instead of multiplying 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 = 5625 we add them 1.5 + 1.5 + 2.5 = 5.5, and if I write it like this 5/5 which if you look up the Hebrew alphabet is the first letter aleph.

The letter Aleph has 3 distinct parts and 10 laws concerning its form.

Aleph is the silent letter, this letter is a line with two symbols called Yod, the first letter in the Tetragrammaton YHVH, it is also called the Gem, the life, the flame, the cause. The one, and the most fundamental of the Jewish phallic emblems, its numerical value is 10 and it is considered as the 1 containing the 10. expresses the originally undivided unity and principle of extension of all things. It signifies, therefore, the beginning communication, and the end of all things.

What if we split this 10 or one? 5/5 or 5.5 1 divided by 5.5 is 18181818…

Are you getting the picture yet? Now the next bit, heaven and earth, the pentagram and hexagram that makes up the eight or 576 half of it is 288,if we divide it by 5.5 we get 52363636 the cubit. If we divide this by eight we get 65454545 which is 360 divided by 55. Again this is only a very small part of the one being divided. But I will leave it at this for the moment after mentioning something I have explained before, the mirroring, the five too gets mirrored, it becomes a two 25 or 52 added become 77, and multiplied 1300. half way the 26 generations. If we divide the one we get a chain reaction, a kind of a big bang of galaxy,s1818181818….. the structure. While we are talking about the structure there is another important point I like to mention. When scientists talk of waves, the whole spectrum, then they always show them as they understand them to be, like a cardiogram of a heartbeat, a line with high and low points but this is a wrong view, they are really like the rings you see when you throw a pebble in a pond, ripples, what you see on the monitor is really like a cut through. You know that physicists look at the smallest particles and at that level they are not even particles any more, they are waves, this is known as the particle wave duality. But if ultimately everything is waves then what is the difference between the one thing that can attain the speed of light (photon) and ordinary matter? Another thing science can tell us is that solid mass is in a near to zero state of electromagnetic frequency. Light on the other hand is high in frequency, so if we change the frequency of mass to a higher frequency state it would ultimately take on the properties of photons which escape earth’s gravity, bounce off matter fall onto your retina and provide you with an image of what it bounced into. Or reach other worlds to tell the tale. But let’s look at our model, the galaxy is disc shaped and spirals out from the centre, the eye of the eight or vesica piscis, the axes of the eight in relation to the disc is like a cross, horizontal and vertical.

Max Plank equation E=hf whereby H is 1 hertz. Energy is equal to the frequency of the oscillation of a wave.

Einstein’s equation E=mc2. Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. In physics, mass-energy equivalence is the concept that mass and energy are the same thing, so that every mass has an energy equivalent and vice versa.

We can replace the E of Einstein’s equation with hf and get the result hf=mc2.

Now electromagnetic waves spiral inwards according the golden ratio until it has closed the circle and has created the illusionary matter and moves out with the same ratio, meaning time and space starts to curve while photons travel in straight lines. Gravity is what is left when the energy is enclosed within the circle, the unbalance as part enclosed only the pulling inward force. Gravity remains while outside its field, the two forces remain in balance. Two waves, one moving in, the other out, cause spin. The torus, in truth, is the hexagram/pentagram configuration that determines the curvature. Both have hexagrams and pentagrams within them according a ratio related to the curvature.

An observer outside gravitational fields measures the speed of light locally, in his location, at 299792.458 km/s but when he looks towards a black hole he sees the speed of light there to slow down to meters/s. At the same time an observer free falling into that black hole measures the speed of light locally (in his location at 299792.458).

The electromagnetic field that spirals inward until it encloses and keeps in part (the energy) and radiates only the attractive out. In fact all matter is in reality a black hole.

Now as the frequency/rings widen (wave length) it slows down towards the blue and as the rings become closer it speeds up, red shift. Now imagine the torus and the centre where lines are getting closer and closer (before they enter the centre) and let’s assume them to be horizontal lines/waves and you look at them from a vertical angle then you are looking at an illusion. God said the universe would wrap up like a curtain.

1400 years ago it was stated in the Quran/Koran that angels travel in one day the same distance that the moon travels in 1000 lunar years, that is 12000 lunar orbits/earth day outside the gravitational field of the sun. 12000 lunar orbits/earth day turned out to be the local speed of light, this definition is independent of direction common to all observers, inside the gravitational field of the sun we get 11% difference.

I am seeking a graphic designer, film producer and a physicist to make both visual in mathematics and film, what will change the way we look and act in the world forever and we can become true citizens of the universe.



Moshiya van den Broek