226. One religion, blue and red pill

One religion, would that not bring a more peaceful world? It would need to be based on wisdom, the knowledge of truth, that they are all of one source, God. But how do we come to see that the scriptures of the various religious books are really explaining the same story with the same intention? In order to see, we need to know why we do not see it to be so. It becomes possible only when we are willing to be open enough to let go of our personalized believes, and this is more difficult than you might think. One of the first steps needed would be gaining insights into how your believe came into being in the first place, secondly, change in accordance with the new found insights. This website offers you all the tools needed to do so.

Let’s have a look at two religious stories which in the first instance look as if they are very different from each other: the RIG VEDA’S and the BIBLE. I have explained that the ark of Noah is you, the vehicle in this world made up of everything, just like the earth itself is the body being the vehicle on a larger scale.

Our world is a globe, a spherical body, you are a body in a spherical energy body, the mathematical formula for calculating the volume uses 4,1888 which is equal to 8 cubits. The ark of Noah is 300 x 50 x 30 cubit and gives you 45,000, now multiply this by the cubit of 5236 and you get 235620 and divide this by the ark of covenant and the answer will be 41888 (a formula containing everything). The circle is 360 degrees and multiplied by the cubit is 188496 divide this by the ark 45 and you get 41888. This big circle is the great cycle known as the 12 zodiac signs, indeed the personifications are for instance the disciples and the inner circles that make up the 8 (further explained in other articles on the site). The cycle of 360 degrees divided by 45 is 8, which resembles the 7 planets/and the 7 days of the week. Another, the kings el, divide the 41888 by 3125 and you get 1309 which is half way the golden ratio. So far a little about the Bible, now we move to the Rig Veda, the key to understanding it is first to realise that lots of valuable information is lost in its literal translation by westerners and thus not giving the proper significance to the hymns and their meanings various words which often denote the gods, for instance Rathaspati, an epithet of the god Indra means lord of Chariots, however, in the Upanishads we read that the chariot is the body which contains the self (Atman) Indriyas (sense organs) and pranas (breath of life) etc. Then we have the common term Deva, which in the Rig Veda means ‘Those who shine’, from the root Div, to shine, illuminate. It not only refers to their celestial natures but also to the gods or Adityas as planets (grahas) the 12 Adityas etc. The Veda reveals these numbers I have mentioned as well. In other words they reveal and are based on the same structure .

Before I go on, I like to mention a few Quotations made by Nicola Tesla:”Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane”.

I am going to jump back to holy grail found, part one and two, where it is said that there were 512(00) working on the temple at any one time which is 80 x 80 x 8. Most of you know by now that there are 3 of these 8’s , the trees of knowledge, one of good and one of evil which is a mirror image of the tree of good or opposite. And the tree of life. But working on the temple means work on three levels as well, body mind and spirit. Something to be found in nearly all religions, just like the many flood stories, the numbers and much more, they might be hidden or not obvious because the different settings/ vehicles/words used that is more in line with the cultural background.

Why this change and unity is needed is because humanity is on the way of destruction while many think they are on the right track, on a spiritual path, they are really slave of the devil who uses your desires and fears and flavours it in a spiritual sauce like “ the secret”. You feel powerless so they offer you how to harness the (nearly) unlimited power of the sub-conscious mind, this is one of their catch phrases, “you can create anything that you desire!” You can turbo charge the part of your brain that works with the secret law of attraction, reprogram your brain to allow you to set your build in auto pilot on course to achieving ANYTHING YOU DESIRE, yes, including making money, attracting your ideal partner, getting your dream car, losing weight, simply program it in and then allow it to manifest into your life etc. etc. Yes, I know the law of attraction is attractive isn’t it? But only if we forget about the law of karma and what is more, you are already slave of the subconscious mind most of the time that runs on misconceptions and limited knowledge with only one goal no matter what the cost. To see all in its own limited light, fragmented light, think about white light and a prism for a moment, white is complete, colour is separated from this whole light. I am the light of the world, read and look at the article “ Plato’s cave”. There is a light at the back that causes shadows on the wall, fragmented by the puppets on the stage called sub-conscious where all these experiences are located and made connections to its liking and making you the prisoner of it showing you the world as they see it (they as in ego personality) but look again, there is a light defused but not influenced by the puppets in the background/back of the mind, it is this light that when you do not focus/believe the images projected on the wall that allows you to see what and how it happens to project. It is this light that reveals what is called Holy Spirit.

While mentally understanding is a first step to freedom, it is still only the first step and there are more explained in the articles that will give you the tools to let go of the stronghold the puppeteer has on you. But tools do not bring change on their own, you have to use them, do the work, IT IS UP TO YOU and YOU and YOU. This site offers you the RED PILL, ignoring it, is like taking the BLUE PILL, one thing is for sure, Zion is nearing destruction, are you getting on board?

For those who are still not sure about it, take the mathematics given above, take out your calculator a piece of paper and a pencil and do the mathematics yourself, there is a structure behind it all. But it is your choice between what you believe you know and an unknown real truth. You are either ready to leave your place of comfort or go back to commuting back and forth to work, doing the dishes. But remember this: unless you can call your beliefs to mind and self-consciously examine them, the capacity for rational thought is logically impossible.

Those few mathematical revelations is all that you need to understand there is a structure.



Moshiya van den Broek