225. S.O.S. a world in trouble

The news is full of it every day, those who are to serve you, those who are the embodiment of trust have been raping, robbing and ripping you off mentally, physically and emotionally for years on end. Banks, pharmaceutical industry, oil industry, religious orders and governments. But do not worry they have new faces lined up for you to choose from, to create the illusion that they are your choice when they have to regain your trust. What is happening in England is happening all over the world. Your money, their tool, your prison and an economy based on your debt. But wait, you earn too much, the value of your house is too high, national growth must be at least 4 % per year causing automatic over value, a time bomb that sets off a chain of bombs. Keep spending on the products that we make which you need to replace. Make sure that medication do not cure you but need to be use continuously. Don’t worry, we make sure you will have work, if nothing else we will start a war and if nothing else there is rebuilding to do after it.


The American president Obama in an interview speaks of the need to automate the medical system so there are less double files, less administration to save costs and prevent mistakes etc. But not a word about the real money cobbler, the real thing that drives up the cost of the health service. Medication is a tool to make money and gain power, not a cure but control. Medication that needs to be used continuously, just look around and see how many are taking a daily doses of tablets. While I could continue and fill many pages pointing to the mess and turmoil the world is in, I will leave it at this because there are loads of sites on conspiracies and wrongdoings but far less with solutions. This site is about solutions! While this is not directly obvious in the first instance, the articles show through existing knowledge readily available throughout the internet, that there is a pattern behind everything which reveals the structure known as the trees of knowledge and aside of the mathematics, it also shows how the human psyche works, which leads to what we see in the world today.

But, it also shows a way out and the solutions that lead to a healthy harmonious world. As mentioned before this pattern only becomes visual when you read the articles in a particular way. The reason why I say this is that we tend to read with a conditioned mind, that is to say, we have ideas about things with which we weigh what we read, rejecting what fits the idea we have and take from that which fits. Even on the level of the words themselves, like the practise of mediation whereby we practise not to cling on to thoughts that come up, so too we need to learn to read so the truth that is also within you gets a chance to recognize of itself. Just like your personalised ideas recognize of themselves but because this is how you are used to read and look at everything and the fact that these ideas have a strong tendency to defend themselves, it will take practise, it will try to make excuses such as, numbers are not my thing or, no this is not how I see it. I say, IT will, because this “I” is not you but the collection of learned and experienced ideas that look through your eyes and listen through your ears, through your senses, all this to hold on to itself. Once you have developed this different way of reading/looking/listening to books like the Veda’s and the Bible, they will reveal a deepness never seen before, just as life itself. I would advise you to print out an article before reading and save it to read again on a later date. This because your ability to see will grow and when you go back to the article you did read previously it will open up for you. In other words it will then reveal what you did not see or recognize before. There will be articles that go into this in more depth and articles that go back to earlier mentioned things for this purpose. But please do not expect to read a single article and get it, you will discover amazing things and then think, I see it, but it will happen again and again, just as the mind will many a time get a grip on you and you will follow the chain of thoughts that come up. But I promise you if you persist, it will change your world and the world around you.

Impurities reside in the past (memories) and fuel themselves in the present and build their future.

Jesus’ descent into Hades/hell is based on 1 Peter 3:19 which says Jesus preached to the spirits in prison, there were many apocryphal sources which dealt with this story in much more detail such as the acts of Pilate /the gospel of Nicodemus. There are shamanistic traditions in which shamans would go into trance and descend into the underworld to heal a sick. Many have come to believe that Christ actually physically descended into hell. But you will come to understand and discover how beautiful the story really is and how the known was used to explain the unknown as a bridge to connect this world with heaven.

The following statement was made by Nicola Tesla: if you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9 then you would have a key to (understanding) the universe. There is a vibrational pattern that causes a material structure, there is a trinity that causes/leads to pure/white light, a photon in the presence of pure has a wave form of the star of David, in the presence of impure it is distorted .

The present musical notes are not harmonious but when the book of numbers, chapter 7, verses 12 through 83 were deciphered using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, it revealed a series of six electromagnetic frequencies that correspond to the six missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale. The first is 396, added up 3+9+6=18(0) plus 396=576

Those of you who have read the other articles will recognize the eight or 576 here.

The following order is 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852, note that there are pairs of mirror numbers such as 396 and 639, 417 and 741, 528 and 852.

Now take the difference of each of these numbers and 576 such as 576-396=180 etc. then add them up you will get 891. These numbers can all be translated to words (Hebrew and Greek). Now multiply by 21 the answer is 18711. It might not directly be recognized but it is the mirror of 11781,  half the ark of Noah and 117 is psalm 117 the centre of the Bible. Many of the meanings of these numbers are explained in other articles but would be making this article to long. When we add 11781 and 18711 we get 30492 which by the way times 13 is 396396, but getting back to 18711 which was 891 times 21.

Now we take its mirror, half the ark of Noah 11781, and divide this by the 21 and we get 561 (one seventh of the Bible 3927), add it up to the 891 and you get 1452, multiply this by 21 and you get 30492.

85 times 30492 is 25918,2 the great cycle or great year divided by the 66 book of the Bible is 3927, if we divide this great cycle by the cubit we get 495.

But getting back to 891 and its mirror 198 added is 1089 x 28=30492 again. As shown 11781 divided by 21 is 561 minus its mirror 165 is 396 again. And those of you who have understood the structure know the eight or 18 equals the 576 which is based on the 5 and 6, the hexagram and pentagram that makes the 7 points. Look up verse 495.

Now to the ark of covenant, its size as you know was 5625 and its mirror is a great cycle in degree 5265 the difference is 360. So what about this mirroring? The trees of knowledge is really one and its mirror, one with its roots in heaven and its branches on earth and the other has its roots on earth and reaches out to heaven with its branches. They are mirrors of each other and more, they are the trees of good and evil. As this tree is 576 the two add up to 1152 together with the tree of life makes 1728 and the 144 makes 1872 multiply by 5625 gives you 1053(0) which is twice 5265 its reverse. And 576 times 5625 is 3240000 a cycle known from the Veda’s as we know 576 is 4 times 144 and 1872 is 13 times 144, we divide 324 by 4 which is 81 ( THE 81 OF 11781) which is the reverse of 1.

And there are 13 times 144 in 1872 so 13 times 81 is 1053 the sum total of the difference between the Solfeggio frequencies and the 576 add up to 891 which is 11 times 81 or cabbalisticly speaking 32 paths gives you 25920 the great year again. But Daath the mystical 33,  33 x 81= 2673 is 81(0) away from 3483 which is 3(0)48(0)3 letters in the Torah.



Moshiya van den Broek