224.He who has eyes to see

The holy geometry is the language of light which expresses itself from the non-material into the material 3 dimensional world. This non-material structure which is shown throughout the website, is the bases of ALL. It contains the mathematics science is trying to discover to make sense of the world as a whole. It is a number generator on which the alpha-beth is based. This will become clear when the articles are studied and is the true Bible code.

In fact the Bible is written on the basis of this very structure. This basis was given to Moses on the two stone tablets. You will say, but it were the 10 commandments, and you are right, if you keep them, you, as the expression of, will be in line with god’s will. It will be like being lined up to receive. The wrong configuration is related and can be compared with the chakra’s not being lined up for the holy energy to flow through. The kabbala or what is known about it is about this structure/configuration, but the Bible speaks of it and through it. In fact, it explains itself in a metaphorical kind of way and I need to say this because each word we read calls up an image that we know but is not necessarily the true meaning. It is more an interpretation of the first language. This might not be easy to understand but this first language was the language of numbers which are the mathematical expressions or laws of God. If I say or write the number 1. we could translate that in unity or oneness, yet this true unity or oneness is not really known therefore reading it is done in the light of our own limited understanding of it. What is more, we usually do not read numbers in that way at all. Often only in a quantitative way. Not to mention the order of numbers like 18 or 81 of which words are its spoken expressions. You will come to see that all numbers in the Bible really are part of this very structure and like the 12 disciples or the 12 gods in Greek mythology that make up the 25920 years of the zodiac or our seven days of the week which represent the planets. With this, I do not say that they were merely a story because you will be able to recall that I said, it expresses itself from the nonphysical to and into the physical.

Several years ago there was a great hype when Michael Drosnin came out with a book called the Bible code. As a reporter, he was confronted with a mathematician Eliyahu Rips who found, by skipping letters in the Torah, words or short sentences and clusters of associated words with which they predicted Rabin’s assassination. But statistics, the chance calculation like 1 in a 1000 chance etc. was the only tool to try and prove that there is a real code hidden in the Bible. But if there is a hidden code, no matter how complex, there must be a structure and unlike the skipping code which is unable to answer questions such structure would reveal them. The claim that this code reveals future events and all that was, is and will be, would mean that such code structure would contain or be based on the structure of time and life itself. In fact it would be the structure of everything and therefore of the creator Himself.

For you as the reader of this, to understand or at least become aware of this, there is no short cut. As you study the articles you will start seeing the connections to the structure, your place in it and its place in you. It does not matter where you start, but what is important is to watch yourself keeping a real open mind. At the end you can judge it against your own ideas again, but this real keeping of an open mind is a good practise and tool to gain insights into who it is that is reading, and more than once you will discover that this, I think, I know, will interrupt. It will try to make you/through you, hold on to its own ideas and this is actually an important thing to become aware of. Nevertheless be aware of it happening but let go of it again.

While I have mentioned this in other articles, I write this for the newcomers.
According to the scriptures there are 51200 of the 153600 working on the temple at any one time. What time? The cycle given is 25920 years times 3 is 77760.
77760 divided by 153600 is 50625 or in any one cycle 25920 divided by 512. is 50625, the ark of covenant is 5625 as you recall, 1,5 x 1,5 x 2,5 = 5625. Multiply this by 9 and you get 50625. I have shown you in the table of 3,6,9. After nine a zero is added, I will show you this again, remember add the numbers back to one digit.

1    2   3    4   5   6   7   8   9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
3    6   9    3   6   9   3   6   9

While the unspoken book is based on 22 letters, the expressed book had 5 letters added so it could be pronounced and here lies another secret, the tree had 22 letters until it was out spoken, until its fruit was eaten. The great cycle of the zodiac 25920 divided by 22.5 is 1152 which is 576 and 576, or the tree of good and evil. And if you divide the great cycle in 22 it becomes the centre of the ark, 11781.818 but as it was said the ark had a window of one cubit (18) therefore the true cycle is 2591,82/22 is 11781.

A circle of 360 degrees multiplied by the cubit is 188496, these numbers spell out: the one, duality(88), the earth(4) and change(96). When you divide it by the 88 (which is also 1152) you get 2142, and when you take 5625 minus the Torah 304803 minus the zero’s 5625 minus 3483 you get 2142 or 201402 plus 304803 is 506205. And 2142 minus 1152 is 990.



Moshiya van den Broek