223.Road to freedom part 2

On a conscious level you might think you have dealt with some of what has happened to you but on a unconscious level it is still engraved and in the moments you are not functioning from a conscious level it will still influence you. You will not like this but this is usually 99,9 % of the time. Years ago, if someone had a physiological problem they would do a lobotomy, taking away the part of the brain where self-conscious resides and guess what, people would still function normally because most is done from that level. As I did say before even motor functions are run from the subconscious level and this can be used to test if you communicate with the subconscious. Lie detectors work in the same way and can be used for a far more important goal. Using it for this purpose is Bio feedback.

As you know, everything is energy and many spiritual workers talk about energy work but, to tell you another truth, everything is energy work, even medication, pill etc. because they are all molecules vibrating at some frequency.

The mind is not the brain. Mind is energy that interpenetrates the brain and body, i.e. Photons of light held in an electromagnetic field. The brain is really nothing more than CPU chips in a computer. Healing therefore is about bringing energy into balance.

I have been confronted with stories of psychotherapy lasting years dealing with past trauma’s, habits etc. and the general thought is that, if it’s been there for a long time, it will take a long time to change it. But the fact is that it is more like changing a program in a computer and it does not take longer whether the program is years old or one that was installed a day ago. It might likely have influenced you all those years.

Let’s have a closer look at Photons: Light, like other forms of electromagnetic radiation, is composed of subunits. A subunit of electromagnetic radiation is called a Quantum. The special name for a quantum that we can see (i.e., A unit of visible light) is a Photon. Light is odd among physical phenomena, it has properties of both a particle (it bounces off solid matter, and its path can be bend if it travels through liquid) and a wave (it travels through space in a wave form). Not all photons are the same. Although all photons travel at the speed of light “299,792,458 meters per second”, individual photons making up the light around us may be travelling at different wavelengths or at different frequencies. Photons of different wavelengths interact with matter in different ways. For example, photons ranging in wavelength from about 380nm to about 580nm are received by the human eye and processed by the human brain as colours . The colour of the photon depends on its wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency and the higher the energy.

The highest energy photons are in the violet region; the lowest energy ones are in the red region. Photons interact with matter in one of three ways. A photon striking matter, be it liquid, gas or solid can be 1) transmitted, meaning it passes through the matter. 2) reflected, meaning it bounces off the matter and changes direction. 3) is absorbed, meaning its energy is converted into the energy of the molecule it hits. Only absorbed photons have biological activity because only those are giving up their energy to the matter which has absorbed them. Colours are all in the mind: colour is a psychophysical phenomenon.

There is now a new name, biophotons. But do not be led astray, they are photons, but named so because plants, animals and humans and more, generate up to 10 photons per second, per 1 sq. centimetre of surface area. The light is too faint to be seen by the naked eye, light is constantly being absorbed and remitted by DNA molecules within each cell’s nucleus. These Bio-photons create a dynamic coherent web of light, a system involved in the chemical reactions within the cells, cellular communication throughout the organism and overall regulation of the biological system, including embryonic development into a predetermined form. The laser like coherence of the bio-photon field is an attribute for exchanging information in a highly functional, efficient and cooperative fashion. The intelligence factor behind the biological processes. An aspect of consciousness. Bio-photon emissions will vary in relation with the functional state of the organism.

There will be a different photonic signature from healthy and sick cells. You might realize here that this coherent web of light is or are the meridians or energy points used in for instance, acupuncture “ the Chi energy or vital life force”. The node lines within the bio-photon field to heal. But what is more, this radiation the cells and the organism (total collective of cells that make up the body) as a whole radiates out, has this same coherent field of photons that makes up the aura around the body. And further.

Now pay attention, I go to something else for a moment, plants Absorb light primarily in the violet/blue and orange/red region of the visible spectrum and plants reflect and transmit light in the yellow, green and orange region of the spectrum, this is why they look green in your eyes. Next to the visible there is this transmission of the non-visible part of the spectrum. As the material visual part, the green leaves for instance, which also shows the condition such as, change of colour in the plant itself, in autumn turning brown, also shows the underlying condition in the aura. Body and mind reflect its condition in this total proton emitted light body. When these wide range of colours reunite into this white light, unbend by emotional discolouring, reaching the top is called enlightenment. White light that is pure consciousness, no temptation! Does not bend.

When healthy water is viewed through a somatoscope at 30000 magnification six pointed (hexagram) stars unfold within six pointed stars, light, part thereof has the shape of the star of David and the star of Bethlehem, a joining of matter and non-matter part. What is more there are 8 different stages of photons. And its shape it not bound to size, on the smallest of scale to the largest. The disc like shapes with a dark centre often seen in space and often seen as an ufo, is actually conscious light close to the perfect shape.

Snow crystals have the hexagram basis because the photon in the water radiates out and causes the patterns and as shown by research that human thoughts that are directed at water before being frozen will affect the shape of the crystal. Scientist suggest that water has memory but again it is the photon, conscious light that influences the forming of water crystals. What does this mean other than these pretty crystals? You are based on the same Photons, which influence the physical. Therefore it is true that your thoughts/emotions affect your world.

While all this knowledge could assist in and as tools for a better world, they could also lead to an even greater destruction when ego would master them and the intention of this site goes beyond this knowledge. It merely uses this knowledge to show the structure so you can see it for yourself and strengthen your relationship with the truth which lies beyond ego. It is your sense of being a separate individual that brings a feeling of disquiet and longing, or even a feeling of having lost something that makes you a seeker, a searcher. Yet here lies the true problem, the me that seeks peace and fulfilment, the me that seeks self-improvement, even enlightenment. It seeks clarity or a formula which will give the me what it thinks it wants or needs. But the me not getting what it wants is not the dilemma, the real dilemma is the apparent me. Any collecting that is strengthening ego’s believe system only brings more me. Searching for what this me cannot have or know. The biggest obstacle is this me/ego, its greatest fear is not being. Yet it has its being in separateness and therefore never reaches oneness.



Moshiya van den Broek