222. Holy grail found part 2

Going back to the ark of covenant and the amount of people working on the temple (2 Chron 2:2 17-18) 150.000 and 3600 foremen or in other words the foremen ruled over the workers, where they work, on what they work, 3600 foremen would need to be divided among the workers to supervise. This means each foremen had 240 workers. Now, dividing the circle of 360 degrees into 15 parts gives you the ground plan of the churches in the south of France, ”Rennes-le-Château” and the extended pentagram. 153.600 times the 5.625 (ark of covenant) is 864000 (24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds is 86400) and it was said that there were only one third working on the temple at any one time 153.600 divided by three is 51200, this multiplied by the ark of covenant 5,625 is 288000 and this number as you know is where the joining of the hexagram and pentagram takes place, as the structure of the eight is 576 degrees. Note that 576 is 24 less than 600 or 240 less than 5760 and when you look at the extended pentagram you will notice that one point sticks out of the circle through an opening of 24 degrees. 6000 (576 plus 240) to 9000, or from 3 to 6 to 9.
1536,00 was all people or 3 and 3×3=9 so 1536,00 times 3 is 4608 and 4608 times 5,625 is 25920, the great zodiac cycle.

It is this structure that is needed for these holy numbers to have any meaning. Anything else is just number juggling. And in it, you find the mechanism of creation. The biblical story is the carrier of this knowledge, and this is so for many others such as the Veda’s and the creation story of the Annunaki. The goal of the alchemist and this knowledge was the power the ark of covenant represents.

Some of you will recognize this 3, 6 and 9 from other articles. It was Nicola Tesla who said: if you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

I like to get back to the royal cubit, 0,5236 meter is ratio between the volume of the cube and the inscribed sphere, its diameter being equal to the side of the cube. It is also the ratio between the length of a 30 degree arc of the circumference of a circle having one meter as radius. There is an Egyptian myth, a king is half a cubit, and 12 royal men measure the heavens, (its circumference is 12(0) so 12 times half a cubit 5236 divided by two golden ratio 2,618 and this times 12 is Pi 3,1416. and 12 multiplied by 3,1416 is 3769.92 which is half 188496.

3769,92 divided by half a cubit is 144. 3769,92 is also the end date of Nostradamus’ predictions. Divide 3769,92 by the circumference of the eight “576” you get 6545 which is one eights of the cubit. Back to these 12 royal men “zodiac”, this cycle is given as 25920” Plato” and you as the ark of Noah, travel over the cosmic ocean, through the zodiac (life) but the ark was 45,(000) so we divide by 45 and the answer is 576. Take the 6545 and multiply it by 45 and you get 294525 divide this by the royal cubit and the answer is the ark of covenant 5625.

I consider it time to say again; He who has eyes to see and ears to hear. One more, 3769,92 divided by 72 is 5236. Within this great year, inside of the zodiac lies the ark or the 576 or the eight. But returning, entering the ark is 4 to 5, leaving will be 5 to 4 and 54 x 576 is 31104, all the verses of the Bible. And 6.545 as last one, the golden ratio 2,618 . 6545 minus 2618 is 3927 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament. 6/8 of the cubit. Now the 72 degrees again multiplied by 30. The cubit is also the length of a 30 degree arc of the circumference of a circle. 72 x 30 is 2160 which as you know is one zodiac sign which takes 2160 years.

In other articles I explained the other cubit from the Torah which as being half the Bible meaning 576 divided by two is 288, and this number is related to 31,25 and 3769.92 x 31,25 is 11781 which is half the ark of Noah, but naturally these numbers have meaning too. But enough is said about that. There are several articles giving examples, for now I wish to point out the relationships and connections of the structure on which the heavens and earth as well as the Bible is written. One last one, the Torah in Hebrew was written from right to left, the Greek from left to right, and as said the tree of knowledge has its reflection/mirror image like 18 and 81. While adding both reveals more, for now I like to point out that the old testament has its mirror reflection in the new testament, like the coming of Christ and his life and destiny including His return, so from the prophecy in the old testament 39 books to the prophecy in the new testament 27 books we get 3927 and his age was 33, 3927 times 33 is 129591. What is so special about this mirrored number? 3 times 3927 is 11781 and as you know is half the ark, if you take 129591 minus 11781 you get 117810. And 39 plus 27 books makes 66 altogether, 129591 divided by 66 is 19635 which again is half. Twice 19635 is 3927. I have told you about the Sumerian clay tablet in the Louvre, Paris, which said: you do not know the value of 18, which mirrored is 81 on completion and added gives you 99, the value of Amen, like 27 and 72 make 99. 207702 would make 909 , 207 plus 702, 207702 minus 11781 is 195921 which is 129591 mirrored. Adding them both gives you 325512 and 32+55+12=99

32 paths 55 balanced 12 apostles, multiplied gives you 2112, and the 15th place on the division is the one above the circle (top point pentagram), 2112 x 15 =31680 and indeed the letter value of Lord Jesus Christ. 3168 is 88 times 36, you know what those 8,s stand for by now, 576 or two is 1152, dividing it by 88 would have to make sense, the answer is 13090909 which is half way, the golden ratio is twice 1309(0909), 26181818, and 13 times 9 is 117 or 1309 x 9 is 11781. But half way on top there was a window, one cubit 5236, 11781 divided by 52.36 = 225, back to 1152 divided by 225 is 512 which is one third if you remember of 1536(00) 22 plus 5 letters. By the way 225 times 25 is 5625 and 36 times is 8100.



Moshiya van den  Broek