221. Holy grail found part 1

It is time to show where the grail was hidden within the text. And how many will be lifted up. But before I do, we need to go back for a moment and look at the structure which is known by several different names but mostly miss interpreted and miss understood. But if you pay attention it will become clear and with it, you will come to realise you are indeed approaching the time of reaping the harvest.

Let me first start with the names: the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, the star of Bethlehem, the holy grail, the two stone tablets of Moses, and then there are the names such as the alchemist stones and related to it are of course turning lead to gold and the Ark of Covenant and even the ark of Noah as you will come to see.
Secondly the shape which has the outer appearance of the number eight in a sphere. The sphere is of course 360 degrees in circumference and the eight has 576 degrees in circumference. It contains the hexagram and pentagram and in their joining they produce the seven rays. Enough can be found throughout the site on this so we move to the next step, the Ark of Covenant which held great power as you might recall.

Now the eight or 576 is encircled by 360 degrees and the zodiac cycle is placed around it. But let’s move to the story in the Bible, David fled from Saul before David became king. 480 days. (1 Sam 27.6) ( Saul had reigned 40 years )
480 is 12 times 40. 40 is a generation and both David and the son of David (Solomon) reigned 40 years.
Both David and Solomon had a distinct 7.5 year period of great significance in their 40 year reigns. David reigned just over Judah the first 7.5 years of his reign (2 Sam 2.11). Solomon spent 7.5 years to build the temple (967-960 BC) the triumph of his career. It was build 480 years after the Exodus ( 1 Kgs.6.1) and 480 x 2 years before the birth of Jesus. 480 x 3= 4 x 360 to 4 times 4 more years is 5760 years, the number of creation till the year 2000. 7.5 x 8 x 8 x 8 years = 3840 another calendar cycle. Similarly, the remaining two cycles of 4800 squared = 75 squared x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8.

The total volume of space for the temple was 36.000 cubits (60 x 20 x 30 cubits) (1 Kgs 6:2,19).  There are 3 dimensions that made up the temple, the holy place (24.000 cubic cubits) the most holy place (8000 cubic cubits), the remaining space above the most holy place, (4000 cubic cubits. Also the brazen alter (4000 cubic cubits) (2 Chron 4:1) (also see Revelation 21:16-17).

Now pay attention: the number of men conscripted to work on the temple was
150.000 + 3600 foremen, a total of 153,600 men (2 Chron 2:2 17-18).

The 40 year cycle breaks off into two branches for intercalating the month, either as the 3840 year cycle or the 4000 year cycle. These two cycles multiplied by each other (4000 x 3840) equals the 153.60.000, or 100 times the amount of men conscripted. This means that 153,600 (men) is a multiple of all possible cycles above the 40 year basic unit. For instance, the last cycle of the 3840 year branch occurs every 88 billion years, or 88,473600,000 years to be exact divided by 153,600 amounts to 576.000 ( 12 x 48) 153,600 too is divisible by 480, ( 480 x 8 x 40= 153,600)

Now pay attention : only one-third this figure (51,200) was working on temple matters at any one time, ( that is 80 x 80 x8 =51,200) the remaining would stay home.

What does it mean to work on the temple? Your temple for God and what does it mean to stay home? Not be lifted up.

The ark of covenant was talked about in previous articles and said to contain the two stone tablets of Moses, equals the two overlapping circles by the hexagram and pentagram. But if it contains them, then it must represent the circle in which the eight resides. The perimeter of the atonement cover over the ark was(1.5 +2.5 x 2) 8 cubits and 8 times 45 equals 360. The area of the atonement cover, over the ark was (1,5 x 2,5 x 1,5) 5,625 cubic cubits and 5,625 times 8 squared (64) equals 360.

The letter value in Hebrew of “ six days “ is 576 and the “ third day” multiplying the letter values also gives you 576. The earth travels 1,600000 miles per day, this times a full circle of 360 degrees is 57600000. miles. From Adam to Noah is 1056 years of 360 days is 380160 divided by 66 books is 576. divided by the 33 is 1152.
51,200 x 5,625 is 288 which means the upper half of 576, those who are lifted up. New Jerusalem with its 12000 cubits by 12000 times 4 sides is of course 576000 and a golden cube, 6 sides times 8 corners times 12 lines is 576, and a Troy pound of gold is 5760 grains.
The 576 x 5,625 (ark of covenant) is 3240 x 8 = the zodiac great cycle 25920 years
324 x 96(96 explained on the site) is 31104 and there are 31,104 verses in the Bible.
The sun has travelled 11520,000 miles in 24 earthly hours (twice 576).

The question rises among some, why is there no writing found from before the flood while artefacts show a very high degree of knowledge. The ancient Egyptians had a myth which declared the invention of writing to be a step backward, rather than forward. In his book Phaedrus the Greek philosopher, Plato tells how the Egyptians believed their hieroglyphics were invented by Thoth, the god of learning. Thoth took his invention to the pharaoh of the day, a certain Thamus, and claimed that it would help wisdom. Instead the king replied that just the opposite would be true. Writing, he judged, would encourage forgetfulness, because the educated would no longer need to remember as much–all they would have to do is keep their books nearby. Students would know the appearance but not the reality of wisdom, learning and reciting words without knowing their true meaning. With the Egyptians, this indeed happened. Many of the religious texts in what we call the Book of the Dead are so old that as early as 2300 B.C. the scribes seem to have trouble understanding what they were copying.
And this is the case with the Bible too and the writing of today. The words used have lost their power, words such as love, care, compassion and even believe have lost their true meaning. A dear friend often tells me that all mankind needs is to believe in Christ to be saved as stated in the Bible. While he is right, mankind does not believe in Christ but in their personalised idea of what it means to believe in him. To really believe in him and through him in God would mean you walk on that very narrow path.

The very reason why I talk about numbers is to lead you back to Christ and a purified believe that sets you free. A language that gives you back the power to trust and believe as it was meant to be. Now Moses came down the mountain with two stone tablets with 10 commandments, the structure to live in accordance with Gods laws. Let’s look at a simple language that would give a great variation of expressions while never losing its true meaning and value. When we do not look at the different appearances of cars and the value you give to owning one, then you simply see it as it is, transport. Let’s look at numbers (do not forget that each letter that makes up a word also has a number value, like A=1 and B=2). We have really only nine numbers and the zero (shown and explained in other articles). Let’s take the number 3 for instance, 12 is related to 3, not just 4 times 3 but 1+2 is 3 also, just as 21 is 2+1, while there is meaning in the order of them, if you place the numbers 1 to 9 in a row and continue with 10 to 18 under each number, 1 and under it 10-2 and under it 11-3 and under it 12-4 and under it 13 etc. and the next row under 10 you place 19 etc. When you add them up as I have shown you then it does not matter how big the numbers become, they are still adding up to 1 to 9. if you multiply 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128 etc. And add the bigger numbers you get the number sequence 1-2-4-8-5-1-2-4-8-5 no matter how far you go it remains this sequence. Now, having some understanding of the number 8 which also is the tree of knowledge and the sign for eternity, and the story about moving away from God and eventually it leading you back, we will see this in the multiplication of 8, 8×2=16=1+6=7 /8×3=24=2+4=6 /32=3+2=5/40=4+0=4/48=4+8=12=1+2=3/56=5+6=11=1+1=2/64=6+4=10=1+0=1, in other words the sequence of 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 over and over again.

There is a story told by the numbers which leaves far less room for personalised interpretation, a language Christ spoke to those who had ears to hear and eyes to see and hinted at to those who could not see or hear.
The purpose is not to become mathematicians but to open your eyes and ears, strengthen and purify your believe to accept Christ.
This language is the language of creation, a godly science that was lost when you started to believe the snake instead of God. Placed higher value in personalised ideas and it was this, that blocked you from seeing truth. God made it so, so that these personalised ideas would have only a limited amount of power, which as we can see was needed as this limited power already has caused lots of suffering.
Free will was what you wanted but it only means you unify your will with God or with evil. If your choice is the latter and do not know God’s way, then suffering is the outcome. It is when you do not know that fire is hot that you burn your fingers. So this road is a road of learning and becoming and as you awaken the path becomes clearer . This knowledge was known to a very small group and was passed on when the disciple, student, was ready. A story which is often told through that of the alchemist and the test when given some of the gold.

Getting back the 800-80-8 the eight that has 576 degrees, and there are 3, the trees of knowledge with its two opposites good and evil, mirror images, one with its roots in heaven the other earth and the tree of life which appears when the two have merged as one. When the 153,600 builders became divided by 3, leaving 512.00 by 888, outcome is 576.576.576 one working on the temple, one home, one not involved, 8×8×8=512, when you take a cube made from 512 smaller cubes and you would take the first layer off which is 296 then you are left with 216, which is 6×6×6.
296 plus 216= 512, and 3 times 296 = 888

More in part two of the holy grail found.



Moshiya van den Broek