220. The road to freedom part 1

For a long time scientists tried to figure out everything by looking at the single things. They took cells apart, tried to understand the human gene DNA, tried to understand what causes for instance cancer, and think it would just switch on due to inherited factors, making someone get it and others not. It even goes as far as the French leading politician asking scientists to find the criminal gene meaning you are predetermined to become. This sounds like wishing to create the perfect race does it not? But cells do not switch on and off by themselves. Nor are they programmed to fail after a certain time. So what then switches them on and off?

The environment switches them on and off. In order to understand this we need to look at ourselves and the sense receptors located in our skin. Yes, even eyes and ears are openings which receive signals from its surroundings. Be it photons through the eyes which as electrical signals are then translated into images in our brain or sounds through the ears and trigger responses. While I could elaborate on this, and I will another time, what needs to be understood is that the cell has receptors on its outer skin too, the mem-brain too receives from its surroundings. What I need to mention here is that each receptor is like a key and each receptor takes a different key. Like eyes take in photons and ears take a more direct vibration (sound) being translated into a positive or negative charge, this happens in the cell too. Cells have something like muscles with negative ends and like magnets two negatives repel and positive and negative attract, they switch on and off. These are the proteins, static or active, the primary signal from the environment outside the cell are turned into secondary signals inside the cell creating motion. The receptors (awareness) and effectors (physical sensations) are the gauges meters that show the performance, telling you the state of things, much like the temperature gauge in your car, when it gets hot you stop the car so it can cool of, but when you get frustrated or angry what do you do? You usually get more angry or frustrated. And nowadays doctors will give you medication that shuts off the gauges, thinking the problem is solved, think about that for a moment…. they are feedback about the performance.

Back to the switch again. The receptor and effector, awareness of environment and physical sensation, the name for this switch is Perception. The dictionary states: perception: awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation. It is how you see the world. If you are confronted with something that scares or worries you, that is a switch! And each of you see the world a little different, which is explained in other articles on the site. So let’s line this up, environment>membrane>signal>protein>structure>function= behaviour.

The same counts for DNA. Your genes do not regulate the DNA but the environment does. Scientists neglected 50% proteins which are like a sleeve around the DNA, not being able to read the DNA until the environmental signal unrolls the sleeve and exposes the gene so a copy can be made, a copy called messenger RNA.

What is relevant here is miss perceptions will select inappropriate genes functions, it is how you see the world. That, controls your genes. So let’s plot them out in order:
environmental signal>regulatory protein>DNA>RNA>protein
primary cause>epigenetic control>long term memory>short time
memory>behavioural element. It is your interaction with your environment.

You should realise that cells cannot be in two places at once, they are either going to positive or moving away from negative. A nurturing environment or a un healthy environment, a life lived in conflict will select different programs.

Perception controls behaviour, controls genes and therefore perception controls Biology. Perception is a unit of awareness, it is like this is your mother, this is your father, this is red and this is green. Each perception is given a value, this is good and this is bad, something that threatens or supports your life, so each time you perceive something, you remember, this threatens my life, it scared you etc. or I love this, these are the values given to the unit of awareness. What is important here is that you learn these.

So there is growth and protection. Growth opens, protection closes. If you go into protection where does it get its energy from? From growth! The more you think you need protection the more you shut off growth. If you feel threatened it shuts off vital energy to feed the muscles to run. Just think about this and see that these negative emotions do! Fear, anger etc., you shut down growth! Not just from childhood to adulthood but each moment cells die and need to be replaced. So if you wonder why while the mechanism is there to live, people die, the more fear, the more protection you live in, the more illnesses and systems shut down. You are a community of cells, just like society is, growth is love, fear is protection. The hypothalamus is the switch that controls this growth and protection. It remembers the values of perceptions, it says, o I remember that, that was scary or I love that, if it perceives something as stressful then it signals the pituitary gland and works like a government ordering the cells to go into protection and the adrenal system kicks in (fight or flight). It suppresses the immune system, produces corticosteroids, stress hormones, it narrows the blood vessels in the viscera to supply the muscles so you get this extra power to fight or run, a survival mechanism, but it shuts down the vital growth. Now imagine living in this stressful environment.
Your immune system which protects you from infections etc. will be turned low or fully shut by stress. If someone gets an organ transplant, we give them cortisone so it shuts the immune system so it does not reject this strange body, meaning you become more susceptible for illnesses. But not only does it narrow the blood vessels to your vital organs but also the front part of the brain so more goes to the back of the brain more reflections less thinking! Less intelligent! This is what stress does! Not thinking clearly.

So where do perceptions come from?
The first are genetic (instinct) basics, the second is subconscious mind (learned habits) and third is the conscious mind (creative programming). Genetics is nature, subconscious is nurture (learning from experience), conscious mind is the highest one because it can override both the subconscious mind and even nature (genetics).
The first one starts before birth and shows itself after the first 7 years. Nurture too starts before birth and continues to influence you in life. Nurture as you will recall is environment, therefore how you relate to your even unborn child already effects his future, yes even at conception. Consciousness is not a primary function until the seventh year. Your perception plays a role in the selection of the egg and sperm cell! Conscious parenting is therefore very important, remember that. You are genetic engineers for your own developing child By the way you perceive life.

Remember I said you are a community of cells, as a single cell you have limited awareness, in a community you share awareness and a cell community is an organism. In community, cells defer their own intelligence to follow A Central Voice. In other words, a community could not exist if they follow only their own ways, but by following a common goal, a plan, a central voice. What would happen when cells pull out of a community? It would break up the community, like cancer! The community would not work very well, like anger would break it up.

Remember mothers environment= foetal environment not just food but all the molecules are travelling through the blood from the mother to the foetus therefore perceiving the world through the mother, including Emotions etc. As the mother experiences so does the foetus.

Getting back to the central voice of the organism, the brain, the subconscious. During this time up to seven years, you as a child are mainly in a low frequency state, meaning delta tetra state, a semi hypnotic state, a programmable state. It is mainly downloading information without being consciously involved saying, this is good or bad, meaning subconscious programming, while during this time the frequency slowly increases the subconscious and can register 4 billion Bits of information per second but it is totally habitual. Once learned it will replay over and over like a tape, your experiences, emotions will, as explained, seek to feed itself, it has developed switches, while self-conscious which resides at the pre-frontal cortex can process two thousand Bits per second it is hardly ever used as most is habitual subconscious, playing tapes responding to the environment. Perhaps you remember some advertisements at the cinema by building images that conscious would not be aware of, but subconscious would, it is called subliminal. So the usual central voice you are listening to is your conditioned subconscious. Imagine as a child being told you are not good enough, it becomes an in-print in the subconscious mind. But before I continue, let me mention something I have explained before, man of old, the ancients, build and lived using knowledge of God so they could live in harmony with him. The mission of science was, to gain an understanding of the natural order so that we can live in harmony with it. But when they started to think that they did not need God because they thought by being able to predict some things such as the cyclic nature of the planets etc. and seeing it just as a mechanical process, the mission statement of scientists became: to obtain knowledge that can be used to dominate and control nature. With the heart in the right place one would think. If let’s say, someone is sick then if we understand nature we could heal someone for instance, but studying the human seemed to complex and so they turned to the smaller bits, the cells. Hoping to find the controlling mechanism and thinking genes was the answer. But the truth is, a cell is a living entity with all the same systems we , as a human have. Digestion system, nerve system, reproduction system etc. the question remained the same.

But now, as you start to understand perception being awareness which is shaped by belief and the definition of believes are conclusions derived from information and experiences and understanding that as a child you collect in the subconscious, data/information which after 7 years enables it to draw conclusions, is also why they say that around this time a character is set, and that experiences that follow this time are weighed against the now set base believe systems, are added and self-reinforcing the cycle of experiences shaping perception. Perception creating believes reinforcing perception shaping experiences and realising that these believes therefore determine your biological behavioural reality. You see the world NOT as it is but as you are.

You have two minds, the conscious and sub-conscious, the conscious sets goals and judges, being  fed by thought of mind. Number two the subconscious mind, which is habitual and monitors and prefers the familiar, and it can at times be in conflict with each other. If your conscious wishes something that does not agree with the subconscious, then it might make you fail without you realising what has caused it. For instance, as a child you were never going to be good at something, the subconscious will try to ensure you fail, because the system is to listen to the central voice.

The conscious mind is abstract and conceptual in its bases. While the subconscious thinks more literally and is more sensory based.

So now it is time to rewrite this negative impure programming. Having explained in earlier articles, to look back at some experiences of which you consciously know you were wrong at that time or simply misjudged a situation and still seem to make the same mistake over and over again right now. The goal was to visualise that moment but remain detached from the experience/emotion, meaning looking at it as an outsider and not through the eyes of the “ I am experience “. The reason for this is that, simply recalling the memory means not only has it strengthened your believe system in your subconscious mind but also created filters from that moment to now and therefore be blocking a clear view. When done consciously and detached then your clear and directed thoughts towards the situation engraved in your subconscious will weaken its influence.
Hypnoses uses the same principles, but it is the hypnotist who speaks to your subconscious. The subconscious mind is the storehouse for values, attitudes and beliefs.

As explained the subconscious takes care of many things you can now do without ever thinking about, walking for instance, in fact many things you consider automatic such as digestion, heartbeat but also the more basic things such as preferences in taste. Some are picked up long before self-conscious became active and words were connected, so delving to find the cause would for most of you a near to impossible feat. But imagine this, conscious with only 2000 bits per second becoming aware in the subconscious with 4 billion bits of information  per second. Some yogis are known for such as control of heartbeat, body temperature etc. or the things found along the path of meditation. A warning is in place here, it leads you away from the true goal!

You needed to know consciously what caused the problem and use the visualisation so your believe system strengthens on how it works, but in stage too many of the behavioural in-prints that you are not able to recall or trace back can be altered by establishing communication with the subconscious and following the right way and includes the ability to detect conflicts between conscious and subconscious , a true and false, a good and bad found in the Bible story, which brings it to another important point here and that is that the deepness of this healing is not a mental feat but a gift earned.

It is also known as holy spirit, and also known as enlightenment, it needs the healing power of Christ, and what this means is that through Christ you come to the father, the one who will forgive you and make you whole. There is no other way, it is related to the statement: how can you recognize truth if you do not know it? How can you be wisdom if you do not include everything and how can you express real love if it is limited? To know all causes and therefore all its effects known and hidden is the only true healing.  Christ’s words, his touch have been given the power to heal, to raise from death.

But to get it, to be saved takes more than wishes, in fact takes ALL effort, ALL your awareness,  ALL your conscious in each and every moment and the only way is to purify, to fight the devil, love and forgiveness, based on all knowledge.
Yet it is also letting go (of all that is not) so stage two starts with the establishing of communication with the subconscious, this communication is (urimm and thurim) a yes or no  (related to the godhead ) and in the next part of this article I will provide some practical tools that will result in real change .

A few more things, the reason why stage one was given is that it establishes a balanced left and right hemisphere. Why is that needed? Let’s look at the two hemispheres.

Left brain      right brain

logic                     emotions
words                   pictures
parts                     whole
order/control   spontaneous/free
corpus                 callosum

They too are sometimes in conflict.

To continue read part 2 of the road to freedom coming up soon.



Moshiya van den Broek