219. T.O.E.

The theory of everything.

Scientists from all over the world are working and dreaming about the theory of everything and have come up with one theory after the other. One of the latest is the String theory, each time adding new particles or dimensions in their effort to connect it all together. But before we move on to explain the theory of everything we need to go back in time, to Pythagoras who said everything is number, in addition to studying the relationship within numbers Pythagoras was also intrigued by the link between numbers and nature. He realised that natural phenomena are governed by laws and that these laws could be described by mathematical equations.

One of the first link he discovered was the fundamental relationship between the harmony of music and the harmony of numbers. Pythagoras had discovered that simple numerical ratios were responsible for harmony in music. If you examine the properties of a single guitar string and simply plucking the string generates a standard note or tone which is produced by the entire length of the vibrating string, it is possible by fixing the sting at particular points along its length to generate other vibrations and tones. Crucially, harmonious tones only occur at very specific points.
For example, by fixing the string at a point exactly half-way along it, plucking generates a tone which is one octave higher and in harmony with the original tone.
Similarly, by fixing the string at points which are exactly a third, a quarter or a fifth of the way along it, other harmonious notes are produced. However, by fixing the string at a point which is not a simple fraction along the length of the whole string, a tone is generated which is not in harmony with the other notes.

Pythagoras had uncovered the mathematical rule which governs a physical phenomenon and demonstrated there was a fundamental relationship between mathematics and science. Ever since this discovery scientists have searched for the mathematical rules which appear to govern every single physical process and have found that numbers crop up in all manner of natural phenomena. For example, one particular number appears to guide the lengths of meandering rivers. The ratio between the actual length of rivers from source to mouth and their direct length as the crow flies. Although the ratio varies from river to river, the average value is slightly greater than 3, that is to say that the actual length is roughly three times greater than the direct distance. In fact the ratio is approximately 3,14 which is close to the value of Pi. The ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter.

The number Pi was originally derived from the geometry of circles and yet it reappears over and over again in a variety of scientific circumstances. In the case of the river ratio, the appearance of Pi is the result of a battle between order and chaos.

Einstein was the first to suggest that rivers have a tendency towards an ever more loopy path because the slightest curve will lead to faster currents on the outer side, which will in turn result in more erosion and a sharper bend. The sharper the bend, the faster the currents on the outer edge, the more erosion, the more the river will twist and so on. However, there is a natural process which will curtail the chaos: increasing loopiness will result in rivers doubling back on themselves and effectively short-circuiting. The river will become straighter and the loop will be left to the side forming an ox-bow lake. The balance between these two opposing factors leads to an average ratio of Pi between the actual length and the direct distance between source and mouth.

Pythagoras realised that numbers were hidden in everything, from the harmonies of music to the orbits of planets and led him to proclaim that everything is Number. By exploring the meaning of mathematics, Pythagoras was developing the language which would enable him and others to describe the nature of the universe.
Henceforth each breakthrough in mathematics would give scientists the vocabulary they needed to better explain the phenomenon around them . In fact developments in mathematics would inspire revolutions in science.
Isaac Newton as well as discovering the law of gravity was also a great mathematician. His greatest contribution to mathematics was his development of calculus and in later years physicists would use the language of calculus to better describe the laws of gravity and to solve gravitational problems. Newton’s classical theory of gravity survived intact for centuries until it was superseded by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which developed a more detailed and alternative explanation of gravity. Einstein’s own ideas were only possible because of new mathematical concepts which provided him with a more sophisticated language for his more complex scientific ideas. Today the interpretation of gravity is once again being influenced by breakthroughs in mathematics. The very latest quantum theories of gravity are tied to the development of mathematical strings, a theory in which according to them the geometrical and topological properties of tubes seem to best explain the forces of nature.

We talked about the golden ratio and its expression in nature several times. Now you have seen that Pi also expresses itself in nature also. What is more, it shows to be related to opposing forces, much like good and evil which eventually lead to this middle path. While having explained that this is related to the whole story of the Bible including the mathematics, what we did not go into is that this theory of everything would need to have all these natural laws within it if it were ever to be a Theory of Everything. And it is not a tube as the string theory suggests but the star of Bethlehem, the tree of knowledge that, in its spin, creates a torus and electro -magnetic fields and what they call gravitational fields and all the mathematical laws that govern the uni-verse. Between the five and six pointed star it creates the mystic seven. His shape is that of an 8 and its circumference is 576 degrees and it is the great treasure of the ark of covenant. Yet science considers themselves high above ancient knowledge, so each time they come up with a theory and a new discovery does not fit the theory, they continue to add for instance more dimensions, new particles, dark matter, etc. Physicists consider and understand gravity pretty well since the seventeenth century. In 1687, Isaac Newton’s magnum opus, the principia, described the law of universal gravitation which has survived for half a millennium with very little modification. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Einstein’s theory of relativity extended Newton’s theory. However, except for objects that are in very strong gravitational fields or that are moving very fast, Newton’s laws do a nearly flawless job describing the motion of objects under the influence of a gravitational field, it works beautifully for our solar system. If you know the mass and position of the objects in the solar system, you can calculate the direction and the strength of the pull of gravity on a given object and how it will move. The earth is about 93 million miles from the sun, so that tells them how strongly the sun pulls on the earth and how fast it must move in its orbit around the sun, about 18,5 miles a second.
Perfectly in accord with observation, the farther away an object is from the sun, the less pull it feels. The slower it moves around the centre of the solar system, not just this solar system but others too, it should also apply to any disc shaped objects, like a spiral galaxy , the farther away from the centre of galaxy a star is, the less it feels the gravitational tug of the other stars pulling it towards the galactic centre. The farther a star is from the centre of a disc shaped galaxy, the slower it should orbit the galactic core. This too should be as solid as Newton’s laws, but it is not so.

Observations have shown that however far the stars were from the centre of the galaxy, they moved at about the same speed, approximately 150 miles a second around the centre. Newton’s predictions amazingly, were not holding up. Something seemed to be wrong with one of the fundamental laws of nature. Looking at other galaxies they noticed the same patterns. This meant either Newton’s laws had to be discarded or disk like galaxies were not disk like after all. Few astronomers wanted to toss out Newton, but how could a disk shape galaxy not have a disc shape? When astronomers look at a spiral galaxy, they see a disc. If they count the stars, one by one, estimate their masses and use Newton’s laws to calculate their motions, the galaxy should behave like a disc, how could it not be a disc? According to them, there is a way. If there is more to the galaxy then visible stars, galaxies must contain invisible dark matter. They go on to say, if there is additional matter in the galaxy that is dark rather than shining brightly like stars that we observe, we would not see it- but could explain the strange rotational behaviour of stars. A cloud of dark matter surrounding the galaxy, a dark halo invisible to telescopes would still have mass and gravitational attraction. This dark matter halo would provide a little extra pull on far out stars making them move faster than they expect. Here again proof is in the pudding, the disc like galaxies look not like a disc but more like a saucer shape, the vesica piscis of our now familiar tree of knowledge, when looking at it you will see that the disc is really the eye of the eight numbered 4 and 5 and looking at these photos will show you the so called disc of matter (stars and their solar systems) are part of a greater whole.




Picture one shows you the white disc like horizontal location of where the spiral galaxy (picture 2) is located, picture 3 is a galaxy with jets streaming from its centre which is a black hole, the picture above it can be placed on top of picture 3 which then shows you that the disc is formed where the eye is. In other articles it shows you that on the left and right side of the eye is where the numbers 4 and 5 are.

Therefore the disc shaped galaxy is caused by what lies in the centre of what I refer to as the 8 or tree of knowledge. The jets in picture 3 and the circular shapes in the picture above it are the outer field of the thorus which makes the left and right side of the disc a north and south pole of the field. Very much like the poles on earth and cause an equal distribution of the forces. Strange as it may sound, one could say that a material disc galaxy is the event horizon of a black hole, while these names are not really correct, it helps you to get the idea. And a black-hole is therefore at the same time a white (w)hole. You could say a regenerating system, birth and rebirth.



Moshiya van den  Broek