214. The upcoming change part 1

On the night of 21 to 22 January the earth’s magnetosphere was hit by high energy electromagnetic radiation mainly by X and gamma rays. Its source a magneto star or neutron star. Without going into technical details, what is important to know is that the sun and its heliosphere and the earth’s magnetic field usually protects you from radiation. Both that of the sun and earth are weakened and have holes in them that leave the earth vulnerable for these cosmic fires.

But what does this mean for you, life, living tissue?

Please look up gigatesla and microtesla, the magnetic strength is measured in tesla, the earth has something of the order of 30 to 80 microtesla, and your bankcard would only need something in the order of millitesla’s to be wiped clean, a source with 10 gigatesla would wipe your bankcard from a distance from here to the moon.

According ESA this neutron star was in the order of 1 million gigatesla, all satellites and electronics could be knocked out in an instant. The effect on society this would have, I will leave for you to ponder upon, but it would and will effect life on a cellular level too, DNA. Not evolution as Darwin suggested caused these great changes, but light! Just as I have previously explained that, if we had not a blue sky but for instance pink, much like what you sometimes see in the morning or evening, reddish of colour, it would affect plant growth and flower colour, making alligators, crocodiles several times the size they are now, and like the story in the Bible talking of giants and dinosaurs had nothing to do with natural selection as mentioned in the theory of Darwin but with the cycle of stars which effect living tissue/DNA.

Our sun too has a far bigger influence on life than you might expect, it is not just photosyntheses and heat. Many think that the forests of Brazil are the lungs of the earth but, the sea is the main one that supplies the world, light of the right spectrum and angle will split water into hydrogen and air.

This is another important information scientist should have looked into. There is now research to produce hho/brown gas that can run engines with only water damp as residue, but they use electricity to create electrolyses, that is still not efficient enough.

Another thing they should look into is the natural route of electricity which follows the same lines as that of a magnet, in the right way, with knowledge provided on truth-revelations man will become master over matter. But at this time it is neither my goal or purpose to give man more power over nature, as he has proven to use it for selfish reasons and as such, it will never lead to the good of all. The financial problems the world is in now are caused by this very same lust for power and greed. While they desperately are trying to get this system back working, they should look at what is the real cause.

And this system will Never work and always at some point collapse!

Why is it that so much evidence is being blocked or hidden from you? Take for instance the overwhelming evidence that archaeology is keeping the truth hidden, not just continuously referring to the pyramids as burial places, or the history of the earth itself, making you believe the earth is millions of years old while in fact it is not, the fact that there was a great fold as was told in the Bible, that coal, fossil fuel, fossils are all only thousands of years old instead of the millions they claim. Please visit www.halos.com and see the overwhelming evidence for yourselves.

Due to the many phone calls we are getting with many people being worried as they are getting in financial trouble, I wish to point out how important it is to read the articles explaining how emotions feed thought patterns and in turn feed emotions again. It explains how you will be able to experience this process yourselves and through it become able to see how this leads you. It will also strengthen your ability to disassociate yourself from this and take more control of your life, and become more forgiving and compassionate towards others as you discover they too are slaves of the past and all its impurities. Yes, you will come to understand what evil really is and how it uses mankind to rule the world. KNOW THY SELF. Only through this inner knowing, through experience will you be able to change and make changes.

By doing this you are opening your heart, not to ego who seeks for its own reasons but to Christ (the truth within yourself) to a knowing that does not need mind but can use mind as the tool it is intended to be, to bring about, to bring into this world the love and peace this world is so desperately in need of.

It may sound strange or even unbelievable but your suffering will turn into a gift for which you will be thankful, in discovering how it works, they, the experiences become the very tools that will lead you to insights that will set you free, but remember evil (he that thinks he knows ) will cause thoughts to arise that will try any excuse for you not to read it, or to try it, because it wishes to hold on to what it (thinks) it knows.

And remember, this takes time and practise. Time you are really short of as we are reaching the turning point. Do not be fooled by those who say that the cosmos, or anything else for that matter will bring about this change in you, and all you have to do it wait for it to happen, they are the excuses I was talking about earlier.



Moshiya van den Broek