213. God’s signature

The authenticity of the Bible has been attacked many times both by atheists and theologians alike, but none have explained away the mathematical seal beneath its surface. It is a little like the silver thread in a euro or dollar bill to prevent counterfeiting, but saying this would raise the thought that this would be its purpose, a kind of gods watermark of authenticity.
The truth is that they are the language of creation. They are later pronounced as letters and later as words. In fact the text, Hebrew & Greek, is a formula whereby the letter value creates a geometrical structure that can be found in nature.

The last book of the Bible, Revelations of Jesus Christ has 888 Greek words. What this eight means is explained throughout the articles but I would like to get back to Harmony, the uni-verse and the musical notes for a moment again. Goebbels as propaganda minister during the second world war ordered to change/raise the original 432 Hertz to 440 Hertz. This was done to keep its effect for the select, the right frequency has uplifting and healing properties, it influences the chakra’s etc. or is destructive when out of balance with the uni-verse.
Let’s have a closer look, if A or Do is 432 Hertz then the octaves are 27 Hertz, 54, 108, 216, 864, 1728 etc., the D will then be 576 Hertz (the circumference of the eight) with the octaves 9, 18, 36, 72, 144, 288, 1152 etc. The E note then becomes 324 Hertz, with octaves 81, 162, 648, 1296 etc.
The structure as shown of the tree of knowledge/life is a 2D plain that projects a 3D world, the galaxy with its central sun, and our sun with its planets is the horizontal plain of the vertical eight. This means that the visual world is a bit like a hologram, the information/laws are projected into the physical plain.

Science continues to discover bits and pieces that prove the structure which is being revealed in the articles to be the true structure of everything. But both science and religion wish to look the other way. If they would seriously look into it, they would have all the tools to make this world the paradise it was intended to be, but as it is said, there is enough to feed every need in the world, but not every greed.
Mankind has followed his desires and ran from all his fears but neither brought them lasting peace and happiness, now blaming others in conspiracy theories which have become as popular as spirituality. Both have become a fashion and business. But all they do is point to outer things and none really lead to the inner way. They continue to build on mind as the ultimate tool. How can the world be changed for the good by the very tool that caused the problem in the first place?
Now some will immediately say “the heart” but the heart is instructed by the mind, the heart as the centre of all senses conditioned by mind and therefore is said Wicked.

I am not going to teach you how to develop what is so popularly called clairvoyance because it is less clear than you might think, I am not going to teach you remote viewing because it is less remote than you think, I am not going to teach you to move objects by mind because there is less movement than you think, I am not going to teach you to see the future because it will repeat the past, I am not going to teach you how to become rich by intent as “the Secret” wants to make you believe because it will leave you spiritually poor, nor will I teach you to heal, because it will only be plasters on a wound. But what I will teach you is only for a select few, a Truth that will set you free.

The question is… do you have ears to hear and eyes to see?



Moshiya van den Broek