212. The two masonic pillars

That will lead to the middle pillar are often known as Jachin and Boaz, but is a little misleading, as insiders will know the true word is IKIN and BOAZ, and is said to mean as much as “he establishes” and in him is strength.

He, of course, establishes the earth and the strength is in the heavens, they stood at the entrance of the temple of SoLoMoN.

And their height was 18 cubits. Please visualise them overlapping each other so its centre becomes the vesica piscis.

Now let’s look at the value of IK-IN which is 30-60 and BO-AZ which is 72-8. Together the individual numbers 3+6+7+2+8 equals 26 the value of JHVH. And 30×60=180 while 72×8 = 576 the value of spirit as you will know by now. And when 180 is multiplied by 576 you get 1036800 which is 24 x 43200 Kali yuga’s.

While it is said that their purpose is unknown and leave it open for speculation, those who have seriously studied the material presented on this website will know better.

The Freemasons Circle. Solomon’s Pillars Lodge No 59.

SoLoMoN is equal to 60-30-40-50 which totals 180.

Al Shdi or El Shaddai/God all mighty is 1+30+300+4+10 equals 345

And Ahih Ashr Ahih/I am that I am, has a value of 543. In other words I am that I Am God all mighty is 345+543 equals 888.

Then we have He that was, He that is and He that will be or HJH HVVH VJHJH these make up the triangle 345 of Pythagoras, what is more it is the sacred secret behind PAX 681 of Rennes-le-Chateau.

The Letter value of PAX in our 26 letter alphabet is 16-1-24 or 716 and 681+716=1397 and the Sin of 1397 is 0,68199836.

The middle pillar is the R, the triple-looped character Ch passing through the Lozenge shaped R (vesica piscis) representing the perpetual reincarnation of life by passing through the womb of nature, entering the house “Beth”.

Tracing the numbers in numerical sequence will show the meaning of this triple loop,

45 the reverse 54
63 36
27 72
81 18
—– ——
216 180 totals 396.
Which is as Plato said as far as you need to go.

Adding to it 270, the period of human gestation in days will give you 666, notice also that these series of numbers as a combination of indivisible and divisible numbers of which the first are male and the other female or matter. The loop can be seen in the above numbers by following the path 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

I wish to remind you that Nicola Tesla said, he who understands 396 understands the uni-verse, showing you that his inventions are based on this ancient knowledge.

And again science was represented by physics professor Michio Kaku on a BBC World interview about parallel universes. He talked about Dark matter whereby they have discovered invisible gravitational influences which suggest the existence of dark matter that makes up the missing 96% of the universe. And he also talked about the possibility of an infinite amount of bubbles or universes, or multiverses. Well let’s join them into one big whole, therefore the word Uni-verse remains correct because as I have explained, the trees or hexagram/pentagram configuration has within itself a duplicating scaling principle within itself, it also has a horizontal and vertical plane, one produces the disc we see as the plane of a galaxy, or on a smaller scale that of planets and smaller again, moons and another step neutrons and protons. At the centre of this double sphere/bubble we have this event horizon/3D plane of matter, depending on the configuration and scale, each having a similar field.

A little like the sun has its moons we call planets and the planets have moons. It is again scaling but within each vesica piscis that determines the strength of its gravity force, the other plane, I will refer to as the vertical plane causes the electromagnetic field, it is where they meet that causes its spin and their relative stationary position, and its spherical shape. The whole uni-verse is made up of this aether/spirit or what scientist call dark matter. Yet, at its smallest scale it is not matter, you could call it the potential field for creation and the actual field of creation. A uni-verse and a singularity.

This scaling which can be measured in the configuration itself will give more evidence again, for instance why our planets in our solar system have the distances between them, and we see this in nature itself too. Gravitation exists between the individual lines yet the cross points of the horizontal and vertical keep the sphere such as the earth in place in relation to the sun. But the gravitation experienced on earth is related to its inner, the event horizon is the material layer and the apple that falls is the force between the cross lines and its centre. Each layer outwardly a different quality, one our atmosphere, also layered the other, the moon. A bit like a tree that has a seed and within that seed there is a tree with seeds and those seeds are the potential you could call eather/spirit or what scientists call dark matter.

Around 5 and 4 lies the solar disc or galaxy with in between 5 and 4 the sun or central sun, or for instance the earth and around 5 and 4 the moon, the spiral arms 96 emanate from 5 and 4 where indeed 60 and 36 degrees meet to make 96 degrees. Yet each planet becomes the centre point in its own right. Then, there is the spin that creates the torus and its magnetic field, each having its own point of view in relation to the heavens like the earth to the zodiac. Try to take the pictures of the last few articles and overlay them in your mind.

He also said in this interview that scientist are placing bets that if they find evidence of this creation of bubbles they are likely to find something like an umbilical cord, now isn’t that something. Let’s have a look at the vesica piscis again.

Look at the birthplace in the centre, the vesica piscis, the feminine. The opening to the womb.

A the centre of a circle, B the outer on the circle can become A as well when A and B are used as radius. Now translate this spiritually!

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are number, so that geometrical and mathematical formulas expressed in letter become words. But 3 represent earth water and fire, 12 represent the zodiac beginning with Aries the Menorah of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon.

One has to realise that unless one is an adept, one has no means of discriminating among the genuine, the self-deluded and the imposter, the inevitable trinity of all so called occult investigation. The words sacred secret, theosophy, freemason ritual, numerology, sacred geometry, cabbala etc. have become so elastic that it can be made to embrace every species of speculation and then guarded under a veil of secrecy that helps them to escape questioning.

Michio Kaku also talks about rewriting the science books because they don’t fit the discoveries anymore. But unless you have this title “scientist” which was given and made up by those very same people whose books need to be rewritten again, and the structure and formulas they are now pointing at have been right there all along which are still hidden from them by ego. A highly paid job for guesswork, educated guesswork based on wrong ideas as they now admit, while the evidence is piling up that the science given in the ancient scriptures is correct, both sides of the camp “science and religion” are closing their eyes for it.

The truth is, mankind is further away from the truth than ever before, science and religion are like love and wisdom, some will say love is blind but could real love be blind? If it would be wise it would embrace everything to be unconditional. Religion preaches love but listens only to their limited personal insights that excludes that of others. Science listens only to their personal theories, in some cases even hide what does not fit in their theories. Yet they are two sides of the same coin. Then there are the people educated by them, freedom of speech, right to be different, an individual with its own ideas, free will, but true free will is when your will is with God, something most still do not understand, there is no such thing as free will if one is slave of ego personality, because it leads to destruction. You chose suffering over happiness, but say you don’t while listening to desire and fear, greed, jealousy and hate.

There is a saying: the blind leading the lame, I say to the slaughterhouse, your bankers were your gods, your governments your kings, the poor get poorer and the rich more rich. Is it not time for a real King? One that does not rule by self-made laws. You have come to a time of choice, you have had enough experiences, are able to see what is not, it is not another party, democrat or republican, left or right, but one that has the qualities to see each of you as true equals, with equal rights, one that has the qualities of a King, loving and wise.



Moshiya van den Broek