209. Let him that has understanding…

Including atoms and black holes

There has been much speculation about the meaning of this number 666 mentioned in Revelations, but without knowing the structure and its meaning it leads to pointing fingers at people such as the Pope, Bill Gates and even barcodes, but the truth is, there are as many religions as there are people and they are 666 billion of them.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

The earth travels at 666mph, around the sun. Inscribe a circle on a piece of paper, mark its radius as 10.000 x Pi feet. Calculate its circumference. Divide the earth’s equilateral circumference in feet by the circumference of the 10,000 x Pi circle.
These type of things would have to be left as mere coincidence (a word that does not really exists in its common meaning as being without cause) unless you have solid ground under your feet, in other words, if you know what you are doing and not just speculate.
In order to understand, you need to look at several other words/numbers “Here is Wisdom”
Wisdom 37=8+11+13+5 (ordinal Value)
Hokmah 73=8+20+40+5 (standard Value)

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1.1 has a total value of 2701 =37 x 73. The number 37 is geometrically integrated with the mirror 73, it is the hexagonal heart of 73 as star.
This number is very rare (look up on line integer sequences), there are only 12 such numbers, less than 7.5 x 1016 which is less than one in ten thousand trillion, this number 37 is the only such number less than a thousand, and it is in the heart of Genesis1.1.
The product of this geometrically integrated pair of palindromic primes yields Genesis1.1, the exact same pattern, based now on the hexagon/star pair 19/37 is found in the Hebrew word for The Heart.
The Heart 19=5+12+2 (ordinal Value)
Halev 37=5+30+2 (standard Value)

And 19 times 37 is 703, the value of V’eth HaAretz “and the earth”. Now before we move on, I need to explain the number 18 in another way here. LUKE 13:18 “and ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day?” The Primary significance of the number 18 is life, “but there is none that lives and sinneth not”, so you find the concepts of life and death/sin inextricably intertwined. This as I have shown you, is part of the structure of the trees of good and evil (mirroring), THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE = 414 (the one in the middle explained elsewhere in the articles)=16(life) x 23(live). Both words Chi and Chata (life and sin) are Keywords, and both evaluate to 18.

The Ordinal Value is determined by the letter’s position in the Alphabet. It is its place value. This view of the Alphabet is closely aligned with the geometry of the Wheel. For example, the Hebrew word for All, Whole or Everything in its Ordinal Value is 11+12=23, this coincides with the ordinal |Value of Aleph=Tav, which is actually a manifestation of the symmetric geometric correlation of these two words on the wheel.

So let us now return to our 666 and the wisdom 37 x18=666. 18 by the way as ordinal number is the number of Adam. What you have to remember is that there are two trees, of knowledge and they are mirrored. 37 x 576=21312

And the word was made flesh: the word logos is the Greek for Word and has a value of 373 and as you can see is related to Genesis1.1

Now, we usually read translations of Hebrew and Greek and we take them to be the true translations, but some are vital in understanding it correctly. One such word you will find in most Bibles is the word mystery(s) which means incomprehensible, unknowable, beyond understanding, but the Greek word found in the Bible is Mysterion. It means secret but is a rough equivalent. It means something which cannot be known until it is revealed. In the Latin Vulgate of Eph.5:32 we find the Greek word musterion rendered sacramentum, it is clear that it was used as meaning a secret sign or symbol and not the modern meaning put upon the word sacrament, i.e. Holy mysteries.

188496/73=25821.69 something called the precession
25821,69 x 365,2422 =36.02433
2PI (6.2832)
While 73.05236 (73 and the cubit) gives you 35999.82 that is 0000,18 missing to make 36000000 round. In hours 365,2422 is not a real year, as you know we need to adjust every 4 years.
Spirit being 576 and having 3 of these eights (as that is its shape).
8 x 6 x 6 x 6 = 1728 (3 x 576 = 1728) 1728 has 18 turning points,6+6+6=18 x 96 =1728.
144.000 x 6 x 6 x 6=(1) 864,(2)51,84,=(3) 31104
144000/6/6/6= (1)24000,(2)4000,=(3) 66666666
A great year of 25920 + 5184 is 31104.
144,000 x 18=25920.

Atoms and black holes

Science is considering to build a super computer of atoms as they store information. If atoms are not matter then this storing of information must really be in the field of energy they really are. This would mean some sort of structure would it not? Or energy pattern.
Perhaps the skin or what gives the illusion is really the event-horizon and every particle a black hole/white(w)hole.
They often present it as a black hole as if it is a 2 dimensional disc, seeing a ring of light around it.  But seeing it as a 3d globe means you cannot see it except for its light body, a matter of scaling. Our sun is said to have a plus minus 5000 degrees surface and an even hotter inner core, but sun spots that are holes in the surface show dark in infrared, which means cool, at least, compared to its outer layer. So an entering point and exit point would indeed be like a north and south pole. It is just a matter of scaling, it is a little like a torus, a donut or the egg around us sometimes referred to as aura or light body with a south and north pole. It is just a matter of scaling is it not?
Electricity too moves from one pole to the other and is it a surprise that its natural flow equals that of a magnetic field? A torus.

188496 divided by 81 is 23.271111 is the angle of the tilt of the earth.

You remember the number 1309? It is the value of: the way and the truth and the life (Jn 14.6) Greek.

I also explained it to mean half way, right in the heart of 96, 96/2 is 48 as in 304803.

And at the heart of 2618 the golden ratio.



Moshiya van den Broek