205. A different look on energy

In several other articles I have pointed out that the educated scientists are blinded by their valued education. Their thinking is being structured by the way their teachers thought them. If you are told that evolution (Darwin) caused monkeys to develop into man and would answer creation on your exam paper then the chances are, you will not graduate. Their minds are boxed in. When I was asked the answer to a sum and then asked how I did it, I failed. Not because the answer was not correct but because I had the answer in a different way. When I said that an atom is the event horizon of a black hole, and a black hole is an energy pattern that creates the illusion of matter, that each galaxy has a black hole, in fact the black hole is the cause of the very galaxies and should not be called black but white (w)hole then these very same scientist will say, what do you know? You are not a scientist ! They will not even want to look at it, and continue to try and prove their theory, rejecting anything that does not fit their idea. When I pointed at magnetism being the cause of electricity, they did not even bother to reply. I told them that the natural pathway of electricity is torus shaped (not just any torus but as shown on the site).

You often hear things like, back engineering technology on conspiracy sites from people such as David Icke and Bob Lazar, a physicist and computer expert, but I tell you, there is no need to back engineer. I will make some of the technology available that will revolutionise the industry with up to 95 % less energy needed to drive engines, electrical appliances and with this, produce household units that will supply free energy. It will cause more employment because it will become affordable for EVERY ONE and cause no harm to the environment and due to its cost saving aspect, food production will be cheaper, transport will be cheaper and so cost less, but we need your help to do it,1) make this site known so they cannot stop us ,2) we need your donations, 3) we are looking for a company with research and production capacity in electrical engineering, laser technology, electronics and engine development, or scientists/researchers and finances to set up facilities. For offers and inquiries please contact the Truth-Revelations Foundation.

This is your chance to do something and be part of it, so our children and their children inherit a beautiful world.

The internet is a beautiful instrument that could bring people together but the fact is, that right now, it does the opposite. Just have a look at those communities, HI5, Hyves, Tagged, Facebook and many others where over 90% exists in sending each other cards, pictures and copies but no communication. Then, there are those sites like msn ,Icq and many other chat rooms where so many live out a fantasy life (an illusion in an illusion). True, there are exceptions, but that’s what they are, “exceptions”. It has brought down the value of words such as friendship with a simple click of a mouse.

Here is a reply I got last night, and I get many very similar to this:

Dear Moshiya,
Thank you for your words of wisdom which I really appreciate. In fact I have read them over twice and I have to admit that the tears are rolling down my face as you have truly moved me so I thought I would answer you straight away. I have to say that it makes such a difference to me to know that somebody understands because the people that I have come into contact so far on this site are on a totally different plane and can’t even be bothered to take the time to communicate nor put a few coherent sentences together. (Ca va, is about all they can manage!) Forgive me for being so critical… Anyway, I shall try and bear in mind your observations and start reading some of your articles. Once again thank you for being an objective listener and a loving friend. Warmest thoughts and regards,

Dear reader, you have such a powerful instrument right under your fingertips with which you can reach out and touch others, it is not the card with good wishes to all your friends in one single hit of a button, but a personal touch right from your heart.

When looking at many of the forums that pre-tend to be Gnostic or spiritual, it often shows to be a battle field of fighting ego’s  or they remain in the realm of what leaves room for any ones interpretation. Then there are many who talk about a shift of conscious while they focus on outer appearances rephrasing ancient knowledge as if they speak of experience. The internet is swamped with so called messages from galactic federations but none of them give you something that you could not have found yourself. These so called great intellectual and spiritual beings who need to speak through mediums, but one thing they do prove, there will be many false prophets at the end. And false they are, they keep you looking in the wrong direction, there is no U.F.O that is going to save you. Yes, the uni-verse is full of life but they are all under the same laws, and the only true important thing is the inner world. The conspiracy theorists who point to governments, illuminati, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies etc. are right but are they not themselves also victim of ego that has more money and therefore power to feed itself? And you, taking on the role of victim. Those in power are just as blind, greed, desire and fear rule. Remember, peace is not reached through wars or even the signing of peace agreements, peace comes from the heart that has no fear, greed or desire. You can take back this power of the heart that causes peace to rule again over the earth.



Moshiya van den Broek