204. The ultimate truth

…lies in the realm of feeling, not intellect.

Having explained in several other articles that memory is connected to emotions and they are the ones that recognize of themselves in the outer world, and they play a big role in your daily life .

So let’s have a closer look at the first seven years of your life when you build your emotional body that drives you to eat, move and eventually walk. During those first years you pick up the vibrations/feelings from your surroundings . Remember during that time, you have not developed your mental body yet. This starts to develop during the next seven years. You will realise that these first seven years are related to what is known as inherited sin. The emotional expressions that you have in the presence of your children will taint them, remember that! They inherit them from you! Now let’s say that today you were confronted with anger, what you really see is a reflection that is buried deep beyond the mental body.

The next seven years you develop the mental body, reasoning (I do not like this word to0 much as it suggests understanding while at best it is a trying to make sense).
The first seven years are the basis upon which the mental body is built. Your awareness has shifted into this mental body and became blind for this feeling perception, it does not have conscious acces to the causal.

This feeling perception is a realising or real- eye -seeing into the inner, from the inner. Someone could act nice and kind but if there is an underlying anger or fear then it can be felt by this real eye ( the heart). As a child in those first seven years, you pick up on all these from your surroundings which, in the next seven years, you start analysing- and connecting them, not from their true source but its external reflections. This first seven years is where what we understand as intuition, “into it seeing” . Then, when this is closed off, we try to mentally interpret the outer world which in the following 7 years becomes a physical focusing, a living it. Intuition is a not yet worded insight, and because this real-feeling-seeing by the heart is closed off, you do not make conscious connection between the feeling body and mental bod. If you had, then you would be conscious of the I am having moved from the heart to the mind.

While the development of all 3 bodies is needed, our I am needs to return to the heart, the all feeling, being in it, not of it.

Now anything happening to you is happening not to you but through you. The emotion you are aware of is really a reflection of a memory, a placing of the past over it, an integrated emotional signature if you like. Grief, anger and fear is a feeling-experience from your childhood that is resurfacing. The mental body is really placing experiences into these different emotional buckets (Mr Bucket/miss Bouquet).
You feel good about this or that, or feel bad about an experience and therefore stored as such which becomes the eyes through which you see and judge. So you live your life in the physical reflecting of your mental collection that was coloured by emotional in-prints from early childhood. So again, in reality, things are not happening to you but through you. What you recognize is a feeling you inherited. They are not yours to start with.

Let’s say you picked up the vibration of anger from your father or mother. Later, in your mental body, you recognize of this anger in a situation and this situation is then tainted with this emotion and any next experience that somewhat resembles the previous experience is then gathered into its relative bucket and it is this and all the other buckets which then become the analysing ‘anal- eye –ing’ eyes through which you perceive the world. Anger, fear, greed they all lead to desire which is based on impurity that entered the heart.



Moshiya van den Broek