202. 2012 prediction

Type in 2012 on google and you will get 287.000.000 results, a very popular topic. Many refer to the Mayan calendar, others read into just about any ancient scriptures for predictions about 2012, even Nostradamus. But he never mentioned this date. The date that is based on the amount of lines in the quatrains (verses of four lines) is 3769 because centuries VII only contains 42 quatrains and quatrain 100 in centuries VI has five lines. This is done on purpose, and pointing out something on which you would need is the right starting point to find the right date. First you need to know that he used the equatorial system and the Julian calendar instead of the present Gregorian calendar.

Nostradamus wrote at the end of his book the following:

“And thousands of other events will come to pass, because of floods and continual rains, as I have set forth fully in writing my other Prophecies, which are drawn out in length, in prose, setting the places and times so that men coming after may see them, knowing the events to have occurred infallibly. This we have noted in connection with the others, speaking more clearly. For although they [the quatrains] are written under a cloud, the meanings will be understood. When the time comes for the removal of ignorance, the event will be cleared up still more.” Prophecies 1555.

With divine and supernatural inspiration integrated with astronomical computations one can name times and places accurately, an occult property obtained through divine virtue, power and ability.

One person who is on the right track is Allan Webber who has recognized that Nostradamus really holds a code which by anagrams reveal another message. On his website “nostradamusdecoded.com”  he points out that reading the anagrams from right to left also reveals something (mirror images). He also talks about a link between hidden and visible text, through his research he has solid evidence that like Nostradamus said there is a code, even within the text, by machine coding runes when we look at the Norse Eddic verse :

Then spoke Bragi “There are two forms into which all poetry is divided.”
Aegir asked “Which two?”
Bragi said “Language and verse form.”
“What choice of language is used in poetry?”
“There are three categories in the language of poetry.”
“What are they?”
“To call everything by its name; the second category is the one called substitution; and the third
category of language is what is called kenning?” (kenning is Dutch for knowing)

(Faulkes, Anthony, trans. 1987. Snorri Sturluson, Edda. Everyman’s Library. London: J.M. Dent & Sons.)

The kenning disguises the name by using the name of someone-else but associates it with an attribute that makes it clear as to whom it should refer. The attribute holds the key not the name used.

Now for many of you this will ring a bell and you will see a relationship to the trees of knowledge and the mirror images/numbers and realise that these Nordic stories are again based on the same structure.
And there again you will find a relationship with the zodiac.

Now coming back to what I said in earlier articles about this mirroring of for instance numbers like that of the 2 and 5 and not only visually, if one takes any number and divides it by 5 will give you the same number as when you multiply the same base number by 2.
In another way this happens with the 9 and 6, this is all part of the great plan, 60 x 30 days times 24 = 180 days, or 4320 hours and 4320 hours is 25920 minutes. So as you see there are cycles within cycles where each sign has its influence. You might recall this number 1656 now multiply 2592 by 18 and you get 46.656(4+6=10).
9 times 360 days is 3240 days a mirror of 6 x 30 days times 24 hours which is 4320.
25920 divided by 432 is 60 while 25920 divided by 324 is 80. 432 + 324=756-576= 180. and 1656 minus 576 is 1080. But enough on this for now.

“And let it divide” has a value of 117, as you know 6 and 5 makes eleven (11)while in this configuration as shown in the tree it makes 7. ”Said the lord”, which is also 117 in value and psalm 117 is the dividing chapter in the Bible. Now you know the divider , so take the great cycle 259182 and divide by 11781 and you have the places for the 22 letters on the wheel(back to back).

In a previous article I mentioned the astrolabe.


As you see it looks very similar to the big cycle with the eight, but missing this one other circle where its centre point is the top of the pentagram. The polar star which is the centre of all other signs that turn around it. The circle that they show is that of the earth. So this is very similar to the true clock. You will also be able to understand that the zodiac only shows 6 of its signs while the other are obscured by the earth 6 x 30 by 72 minutes 1296. 6 are on the dark side and 6 on the light side, sounds like the tree of good and evil does it not? Well look 12×96=1152 which is twice 576, the tree and its mirror.

I will now show you how the ark of covenant fits in, remember that I explained the 18 and 81. So 144 chosen ones, the light, 144 times 5625 is 81(000) and 288 times 5625 is 162(000) double this to 576 times 5625 gives you 324 and 25920 divided by 324 is 80 and as you know 576 is the eight !!!!!!  5625 x8=45(000) indeed the eight is the ark of Noah!!!! 1 and now the 18 which is the tree of good and evil 1152, 1152 x 5625 =648 ( 1152+648=1800). Do this with each and you will see what they stand for. 1728 is 27. and 972. 2304 times 5625 is 1296 4608 times 5625 is 25920 the cycle of the zodiac.
And 13 times 144( including Christ) is 1872 times 5625 is 1053. And this 81 equals this full cycle as the sum of the Torah division was 3125 as you remember and 81 divided by 31,25 is 25920 again.
56,25 x the cubit 52,36 is 294525 (times 4 is mercy seat and times 8 is indeed the ark of Noah 235620 and 29+45+25=99 Amen, and as you know it is the 5 and 6 pointed star that creates it so 56,25 divided is 56,18181818. While multiplied gives you 556875 (55+68+75 =198 or the 9 is hidden in the 18, ‘who was born in sin and needs to go through its rounds to become 81’).

Now in the sum of things you will find the location in the Bible.

I have given many clues and there were many right in front of you, but mankind has trained himself to look for differences. Both in religion and in science as in man himself, often driven by fame and or fortune, scientists and writers alike are unwilling to listen or join in research either by their conditioned mindset thinking they know something as truth, dreaming of a noble price. Does a theory of everything not include everything? Yes therefore I look and hope to find it in that single thing I am working at, this is what I can hear them think.
The same counts for the many different religious orders, believing in the vessel but not looking at what it contains. But let me tell you that the Christian Bible presents to a reflective mind one of the most profound phenomena of present modern life. Neglected and even repudiated by the biggest part of modern thinking, only a trained and freed mind can stand out from under its own inherited habitudes of thought and feeling and subject them to rational and dispassionate criticism. Few can rationally appraise mass sentiments. This is the function of the philosopher and thinker. For the most part, people accept as authoritative the mass conceptions amidst which they grow up and regard their general vogue as the seal of their rightness . You will agree that more study of spiritual things is decidedly a need of our time. But we face a strange situation here, which does not seem to have been discerned by the advocates of Bible study. To begin with, there never has been a book that has been studied so assiduously and zealously as this. No book has received such devotion and reverence. No other has been preached on so often and so fervently. It has been organically dissected and analysed without end. Thousands of volumes of exegesis have been written upon it. Yet we are told we need to study it more.

It is still a sealed book for most, know that it does contain a message that would save the race from disaster. Few, if any, know that it is one of the books of a grand past wisdom. And perhaps no one now living knows thoroughly what is hidden in its pages. It is futile to give it more study of the kind that it has received until now. If it lacks study it is because thousands have laboured to get its meaning and have failed.
The effort has bred disappointment and resentment against its incomprehensibility. What the modern age needs with regard to the Bible is not more study but some comprehension; not more waste of futile wrestling with riddles, but a few grains of understanding. In brief, what is needed is a knowledge of the background out of which it grew, and in reference to which alone it can be grasped.

Failure of modern effort to read the deep message of the Book is due to the fact that modern scholars stupidly and stubbornly refuse to see that ancient scriptural writing was esoteric or hidden as to its meaning, and allegorical and symbolical as to its method. They put up their secret wisdom, vouchsafed to them by the great Sages, in the form of allegories and myths, which were to be taken as fiction in their outward dress, but as the vessel of profoundest truth and knowledge in inward sense. By a combination of symbols, nature signs and allegories, woven into a background of real history, as that is the word made truth and they have portrayed the deepest types of spiritual experience and an intellectual grip on reality. The Bible has been taken for literal truth about living personages on the stage of mortal history. It has been rendered literally and historically. This is the biggest blunder, and grand error, in all human history,–this mistaking of spiritual truths for literal human narrative.

They took the older sacred science and converted them into new stories to fit their then present culture while the initiate kept the hidden secrets within them. Realise that the whole world of the civilized West has thus been based on history that was rewritten on a much older story, and the Christian Church has been founded on a set of miracles that were never performed. The only miracle envisaged in ancient theology was the transformation of human character by the indwelling god, and this spiritual miracle was poeticised, dramatized and allegorised in a hundred forms of outward representation, all of which was absurdly taken for personal history later which caused and causes the loss of wisdom.

This conversion of spiritual into biographical history has made Christianity the instrument of the grossest degradation of sublime ancient truth to which it has ever been subject. That is to say, that all Christian doctrines present the ancient wisdom in a more literal and hence cruder form of meaning than had ever been done before in national religions. In the nailing of a personal Jesus on a wooden cross Christianity reduced the glorious drama of the spiritual life to its grossest and most repellent form.

It is our job to lift this weight of literal dogmatism from off the modern imagination and conscience at whatever cost. The human soul is itself bound on the cross of utter superstition so long as these crude notions dominate the conscious and subconscious thought of modern man. The light of the true spiritual Gnosis of olden times must be cast into the dark corners of modern thinking, and disperse the mists of such errant and arrant doctrine.

I dare to say that it is impossible to understand the allegories of the Bible without a knowledge of ancient methods of sacred writing, and of the ancient philosophies and understanding of the first language.

(1) The composers of ancient scriptures never wrote literally. They were in the line of generations of sages and seers who knew the structure that gave them the art of spiritual representation to a point of the utmost ingenuity and complexity, completely shrouding the intended real meaning under veils of symbolism, which have utterly misled modern scholars who could not pierce the outer veil to read the truth hidden underneath. Hence the works cannot be read without the keys to the myths and reference to the symbols, structure and understanding of the first language used. The ancients themselves testify plentifully that the scriptures are allegories. Origen regards the whole Bible as a set of allegories. But the most astonishing declaration to this effect is St. Paul’s own statement in Galatians that the whole story of Abraham and Sarah and Hagar is “an allegory.”

(2) The ancients were also esoterica, writing only of the inner life and for initiated pupils. They wrote of inner things under an outer veil. They wrote of the Greater Mysteries which were never given out to the multitude, but taught in secret to disciplined students. Spiritual truth was not published in modern fashion. Whatever was written, was veiled under glyph and symbol. Mostly it was taught by oral tradition.

(3) Then the ancients were “uranographers”.  The “uranograph” (recall the astrolabe!) was a chart of heaven. By this is meant a map outlined by the early Sages charting the spiritual constitution and physiology of man, the psychic centres, areas of spiritual force, and all “after the pattern of things in the heavens.” Man, the microcosm, is a replica of the heavenly man and the universe. From the history of man written thus in the constellation of the skies, the early religious formulators transferred the record to earth and distributed the various phenomena and localities over the national maps in accordance with the heavenly chart! All nations framed their own history and geography after the pattern of things in the heavenly mount.
According to this chart each nation was given an upper and lower section, had a river flowing from the upper down to the lower, had a lake or sea, a central city representing the Holy City, and a score of parallel features found in every case.
There was first a division into seven nomes or districts, later into twelve. Each nation thus strove to have its history interpreted as a fulfilment of the sacred allegory; and its national history, thus diverted into the form of the celestial myth, was made into the national epic.

(4) All religious writings deal with but one central fact, the incarnation of man, or the descent and resurrection of the soul. It is graphically outlined in the Prodigal Son allegory. It is the whole story of religion. The old books deal with nothing beyond this story and its involvements. It is itself the key to all philosophy and religion. All meanings proceed from this one fact and return thither. In the light of this one fact all complicated meanings can be reduced to clear significance. It unravels the infinite complexities of the symbolism that have confounded the learned scholars and theologians. That man is a god dwelling in an animal form is the central and cardinal fact of all religion.

It is well to note a few situations in the Bible which preclude any sane mind taking it for literal truth. How the literary “swallows” them other than hide behind God can do anything.

First, the story of the flood. Forty (or four hundred) days’ rain would not raise the ocean an inch, as all rain is first drawn off the ocean and only runs back into it at the constant level. And how could millions of species of every living thing be collected, cared for and housed in the “ark” by a single man and his family. It would take an army many years to gather a minute portion of all creatures. Then how could they be kept in living conditions, fed, and tended on board for months? Its true meaning is explained in the articles, where it is man who in his animal body travel on the waves of good and evil to eventually reach the spiritual mountain.

The Bible is sadly misinterpreted by its most loyal devotees, is in reality a collection of ancient works that embody in veiled figures the fundamentals of the genuine old wisdom of the hierophants. One might say indeed, that it is a repository of the great Mystery teaching of early times. In fact it is an assemblage of material comprising the substance of Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Cabbalism, Chaldean astrology, Greek Orphism and Hindu Wisdom. Plato summed up most of the elements of these systems. Christianity are right in one aspect, that its Bible is heavily charged with the elements of the great Divine Wisdom of past ages.
Our goal is to bring to light the real teachings of the ancient wisdom. The Christian Church, that systematically eliminated the ancient wisdom teachings, plunging the Occidental world into a Dark Age which still envelopes us today. Ironically, the ancient wisdom is contained in the Bible, available to those who have the keys, as provided on truth-revelations explaining the ancient wisdom, its symbolism with reference to the Bible and other scriptures and mythologies.
Providing insight into the human condition and the cosmic purpose of human life.
As there is a great need for an understanding of the ancient wisdom in order to restore earthly life to its true glory and purpose.
The core of the ancient wisdom Central to the ancient wisdom is the concept of the divine spark or seed buried within each person. It was the purpose of the ancient mysteries to bring to life this divine spark so that it would illuminate life on this earth. This divine spark was symbolised by various figures at different times and in different places. Their names were Horus, Orpheus, Dionysus, Mithra, Krishna, Adonis, Hercules and so on. They were all Christs.
We must relight the lamp of truth and let it shine throughout the land. The darkest hour is just before the dawn. The people are crying out for light and new life. A new day is dawning! Releasing the flow of the life giving waters of divine wisdom.

The truth can be regained, and it will set you free! But recognition must happen within you, and you must awaken to the fact that waiting for Christ to enter your life does not mean he is not here, but means you are not able to recognize him.



Moshiya van den Broek