193. A uni-verse in you

It has been the dream of many scientists to be the one who would come up with the theory of everything, but each time they come up with something, they need to think of another, more dimensions, another exotic particle but even if they would have found it, they only looked at the strong and weak forces.
But life is so much more than that, the right formula should include consciousness too. In fact it is at the centre of it all.

But let’s first look at what joins the cosmological structure to the subatomic structures. You know by now that this so called empty space is not empty at all, that light and darkness the joining of the six pointed star and the five pointed star within the thorus turning in opposite directions causes the spin both in small as in large(96).
I will call this the horizontal force so that you can see it on the star of Bethlehem where the 4 and 5 is or where 36 and 60 come together hence 96, and the vertical force from the top one down between the 7 and 6.

Now, according to Einstein gravity is not a force resulting from objects themselves but the curvature of space time in the presence of matter/energy.
But understand that all particles, all matter in essence is really a black hole and a white (w)hole. As a black hole does not only absorb material/information but it radiates this information back in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Please pay attention and look at the spiral arms of the galaxy the opposite ones look as if they go a different direction, one like a six and one like a nine.
The event horizon is a bit like the skin with different layers, the illusionary skin of a particle, sun, planet etc. Even the chair you are sitting on is made up of those atoms that spin.
Without this spin nothing would be there. The sun has black spots which could be seen as a gravitational collapse, yes the sun is in its centre a singularity, a black/white (w)hole. The earth is said to have a metal core that causes the magnetic field which now seems to lose energy, but it is not a metal core but a singularity. It sends out and gathers back, light is send out and when it returns it gets to know……… please take time to think about this.

To be conscious you need reflection, but it starts with only seeing the outer things, and this limited insight is what judges. Consider also that the heart is the source of an electromagnetic field they can measure and that the heart has a cavity that seems to be the source of it.
The continual vibration of the component atoms of objects is picked up by the eyes, they produce sight and when they enter the mind, they cause thought. All sensation is explained by contact. In the case of touch and taste, the contact with the object perceived is obviously direct. In the case of sight, however, the contact is, as we have seen, indirect and the same applies to hearing and smell. These sensations too are caused by influences entering the relevant sense organs.

The mind and spirit, the two components of the soul, are corporeal. Being parts of the body, they are born with it and die with it. The spirit (anima in Latin), the seat of sensation, is distributed throughout the whole body, while the mind (animus), the seat both of thought and of emotion, is located in the breast. At death both mind and spirit are dispersed , and there is no more sensation or consciousness.

Lucretius’ explanation of the nature of the mind and spirit is to prove their mortality and goes on to argue that “death is nothing to us” and that fear of death is unreasonable. Fear of death is, as we have seen, one of the two main obstacles to tranquillity of mind, so that it is not surprising that Lucretius devotes a whole book to his attempt to dispel it. It is to be noted that the Epicureans regarded fear of death not only as a very bad thing in itself, but also as the root cause of that feeling of insecurity that leads people to compete for wealth and power and often to commit crimes or go to war in pursuit of these objectives.

1. Extravagant wealth is of no more benefit to men and women than water is to an already full glass. Both are useless and unnecessary.
2. We can achieve great satisfaction when we look upon the wealth and vast possessions of others by remembering that we are not troubled by those desires nor are we a slave to the labours and duties necessary to fulfil such wants
3.These are the root of all evil: fear of god, of death, of pain, and desire which goes beyond what nature requires for a happy life. Nothing contributes more to serenity than a simple lifestyle that is not too busy, that does not demand that we engage in disagreeable tasks, and that does not require us to push

The “Esagila” tablet.

The “Esagila” tablet is a neo-Babylonian mathematical text that has come down to us in the form of a later copy made at Uruk (Mesopotamia) in 229 BC. The name given to the tablet does not correspond fully to the content of the text, for the only parts pertaining to Esagila (the temple of the god Marduk in Babylon) recorded by the scribes are two courtyards built earlier than the temple. The rest of the tablet concerns the ziggurat, Etemenanki, and is extremely valuable for its reconstruction.

A complex mathematical system.

This text, which illustrates the mathematical calculating methods used by the Babylonians, reveals a more mysterious aspect of the art of the scribe: these dimensions are “sacred,” and on the back of the tablet, the recapitulation of the dimensions to be calculated are accompanied by the phrase, “let the initiate show the initiate, the non-initiate must not see this.” This closed, learned system was for the sole use of the “wise men,” the guardians of tradition. In their concern to safeguard it, they omitted to pass it on to their Aramaean and Greek colleagues, which brought about the disappearance of the entire Mesopotamian culture, for nearly two thousand years.

Excerpt from the text:

“Measurements of the base of the Etemenanki: here are the length and width to be considered: 3×60 is the length, 3×60 is the width, measured in standard cubits: one is one. If you do not know the value of 18, here it is: 3 measures of seed, surface area measured with the small cubit. Base of the Rtemenanki: the height is equal to the length and width. Let the initiate show this to the initiate. Let the non-initiate not see it. Tablet written, traced and collated, after a copy made at Borsippa… Uruk, month of Kislimu, 26th day (12 December 229 BC). Year 83 : Seleucus (He was) roi.”

The Greek sources.

This tower of Bel-Marduk is also known to us from Greek sources: Diodorus Siculus (Book II, 7-10) records that “The temple of Bel erected in the centre of the city… was extraordinarily high… and the Chaldeans did their astronomical work there.”

Herodotus (I, 178-182) gives its measurements: “This temple is square, and each side is two stadia in length. In the centre is a massive tower, of one stadium in length and breadth; on this tower stands another tower, and another again upon this, and so on up to eight.” The Babylonian text confirms this information.

The eight has a circle around it, its measure is 360 x 52,36=188496
(18×8×4×9×6=31104 recall this number?) or (18×8×4×9×6 and see the numbers 144, 576, 5184 appear)
(18×8×4×96 =55296 or 1296 which is half the circle 25920 and 12×96 is indeed twice 576 or the tree of good and bad 1152) and you could say naturally 1+8+8+4+9+6=36(0).
One eighth of 188496 is the ark 235,62 or 45 degrees. Now pay attention! The eight is 576 degrees x 56,25 is 32400, and let’s look at the above again where it was said 3×60 by 3×60 indeed is 32400.

Here is another one for you, 3×90 by 3×90 =729 729+324=1053 and 729-324=405 (remember what is said about the zero).

Now back to the eight again, as you know it has 576 degrees and 3 times 576 is 1728 which is 12 times 144 but with Christ is 13 times 144 is 1872. But lord Jesus Christ has a value of 3168 and I told you that you enter the ark 4 to 5 and leave 5 to 4 (45&54).
Now 1872+3168=5040, and again 3168-1872=1296 which is 6 times 216(0) half way the cycle of the zodiac. So what about the 1728 (3×576) 3168-1728=1440.
And 1728+3168=4896 (48+96=144) 48 is between the 33 of 304803, the letters of Genesis.
3168/48=66 the 66 books of the Bible. Remember the 188496 divided by 8 gave you the ark 235,62. Divide the ark by 6 and you will have 39.27, 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament, but that is not all, half way remember? Half way back into the golden ratio 2618 is 1309, 26 generations and half way the eighteen, right in the all seeing eye, 13.09 thus plus 39.27 is 52,36 the cubit of Noah.
And the measure of the ark of covenant as you know is 56,25, a turning point, death or life, 96 is that point entering or leaving 56,25 x 96=54(00) 5400/31.25=1728.

Perhaps you start to understand that the story in the Bible is a story about you and your journey from the cradle to the grave until you wake up. Add up all the keys and you get 1917, now how close are we? It is now the third and final time, we come again to the end of the old testament 159. Now the cycle of disciples or zodiac signs is:

2592(0) years and Christ 3168
2592+3168=5760 and 3168-2592=576
10 by 5 cub molten sea =? 52 5=392.7 (3927 Bible)
25920 x 31,25 is 810000
25920 x 56.25 is 4608. Look at the multiplications.
1872×31,25=585 32×585=1872
585×2=117 17×585=1053
153×154=23562 ark of Noah
77×153=11781 x 2=ark of Noah
304803 letters in the Thora (3483) 3..3 x 48= 1584 x2=3168
1584×7=11088 (585 is the one holding the 8 in place)

Look back at previous articles and you will find the 55 explained in a picture about 1 to 10.

1584 x32=56088
216/31,25=6912 mirror 1296
77 x 153 is half the ark 11781
777 x 153 is all 3 worlds 118881

Do the math and you will see the holy grail, the star of Bethlehem. The trees of knowledge have this one underlying shape that shapes all.

Know that the lips of wisdom are forever sealed for those who have not developed the eyes to see and ears to hear.



Moshiya van den Broek