192. The final frontier


Nearly each month a scientist comes up with a new theory, all eager to find this one single theory that brings it all together, the so called unified field theory. Some come up with yet another mysterious exotic particle, or string that connects everything, some even came up with a theory of chaos, from and out of the mess comes order. I call them all back to the land of fable, or was it babel where confusion started?

Some scientist do indeed touch the true structure, a part of it, people such as S. Tenen, M. Rodin, N. Haramein, I. Campbell etc. who then drift off again into trusting their mind/ego, and make the mistake that rides on pride and desire in search to prove their theory or insight to be right and so becomes conditional again, instead of coming together and see what unifies in their theories they wish to hold on. But if they really understood they would become humble, grateful and most of all open, because the insight they might have had was not the great work of their minds but was given in their moments of silence. Ask any of the well-known people such as Einstein.

I have given you the whole but you continue to pick and choose to fit your own ideas in the hope to gain godly powers, to play god, to do what? Change something that is perfect? Not according to your idea? Indeed you are living according your idea. When I said matter is an illusion, you agreed, but when I said that what makes it appear as matter is what you call the event horizon of a black hole you find it difficult to believe. Yes, every particle you are made up of is in essence a singularity, each its own level of consciousness, each a seed of potential and the structure has a path upon it is said to work to eventually return to god, the One.

This field that creates the different layers is based on the cubit and Phi, with it the scaling of speed, size and conditions if you will. Everything ( outside) of the singularity is bound to the law of duality created by the five and six star (3D) so when science talks about an expanding universe (the picture they give is that of a balloon with dots on it so that when it is blown up the dots move away from each other), then this same law of duality states that something else is deflating.

Read the previous articles and come to understand that empty space is not empty at all. The contracting vacuum is full of potential and its laws were given to man. There are nine layers of development which will return to the one again. These layers are also represented as planets, each another level, scale of consciousness or at the base a black/white hole with its own field in relation to the other ones, with its own gravitational field level.

There is this so called struggle between good and evil, it is this battle of expanding and contracting. The law of duality and that of God, the field controlled by the singularity, this is the man with the great white beard so to speak, that does the blowing into the balloon. So yes, the heart lies in the star of David but the decay lies in the five pointed star. He is in you and you are in him, in other words, the reflection or mirror image, the 5 in the 6 and the 6 in the 5.

Daath lies in the 6, its reflection in man is his soul. What you see is the event horizon, it follows the cycles entering and leaving the illusionary world of matter, a black hole and a white (w)hole.

The six pointed star infinity large to infinity small, the tree and its seed and in it the potential of a tree and within it its seed etc.

The five pointed star infinity large to infinity small and its seed potential etc. while this drawing is not fully correct in angle and degree the scaling can be seen.



Moshiya van den Broek