191. Golden Calf

The Bible mentions that Moses got angry when he came down from the mountain, seeing they were making offers to self-created images. The Bible also mentions astrology and that it does not please god. Does this mean there is no truth in the stars? While Jesus mentions to look at the heavens for signs of his return, and in the very same new testament the wise of the east followed the star of Bethlehem.

Does this mean that the new testament contradicts what was said by Moses in the old testament? Seen it like this, saying thanks to the stars is like children saying thanks for the presents to father Christmas while the parents did buy them.
God made the stars to be signs ( read Ps.19:5a) and (Hand.7:22) and Moses was instructed in all wisdom of the Egyptians. Jacob the patriarch was familiar with signs and so was Josef when he had dreams about the sun and moon that would bow to his star. And as most of you know that the images that appear in dreams are always related to the things you know, you could not dream about an aeroplane if you never saw one, at most of a big giant bird that carried someone on his back.

Once at a show, a hypnotist who had picked a couple of subjective people from the crowd and had hypnotized them, told them they were at a circus where a clown performed his funny act, and after the show they were asked what they had seen and what the clown was wearing. All saw the clown but each described him with a different outfit, except a little girl who said she did not know what he looked like but said it was funny. When asked if she ever went to a circus she said she had  never been to a circus before.

As Moses was familiar with the wisdom of Egypt who had Ra the sun-god and Ptah Apis of Memphis, the black bull and all the Zodiac signs Gen 1 14 and Esther 1 13 and the king said to wise knowers of the times. Read Deut 18 and 4 :19, it tells you like that of father Christmas why you should not be tempted to bow for the stars. Do not think that they determine the events, they are messengers, no more! Read Jes 47:13 who guides the stars and month by month make known what will happen to you.

Each time the Bible tells you not to do so it also points out to leave it to the wise, even have to.
Matt16:2 and 3, also read Matt 24:30, signs in heaven.

When a child is born it is easy to calculate under which sign he or she is born but you can also do it when not yet born, yes like the wise of the east who were able to see. Jesus was the morning star, there were 24 elders and 144,000, and as you have been able to see in the articles there are cycles on this great cosmic clock, but left only to the wise who have eyes to see and ears to hear. This science of god, the framework he made cannot be seen by ordinary man who are still slave to the egoistic mind for it can only see and hear to its own liking and all it gathers through experience it will use for its own goals. Jesus said those who have eyes to see will find God under each stone they lift.

The structure as shown in the articles are both light and matter, particle and wave, and were never truly hidden except for the conditioned mind. God has given everything, but your questions, your prayers were conditioned, you thank the stars, you speak of luck or bad luck, of coincidence but the only moment that you’re asking God will be answered is when you lose this overpowering faith in mind and then you will discover it was already given before you asked. The knowledge that then is revealed is not to serve ego but to honour God.
The ancients knew this and displayed it in all their works, their temples their weights and measures and all their actions, they were called the sons of god.

There are those among you who feel that we are close to the end of days, that we are at the brink of a new time. They are both right and wrong. There are those who anticipate the coming of Christ, they are both right and wrong, he has been there all along whether you were aware of him or not, he lives in your heart, the God essence. His rebirth into the flesh already happened but who is able to recognize him? Who is he to satisfy? Your or Gods will? What, you know God’s will? Then it must be you who they have been waiting for, or could it be that he has been waiting for you to wake up so you might recognize the truth in his words.

I can hear many of you think ,yes I would recognize him, but with what do you recognize him? O, you expect miracles of him? Walk on water, yes he does on living water. Heal the sick? Yes he does and will heal the greatest sickness of them all, the false self that caused it all.

The question is,  are you among the 144,000 that will cross over to the other shore? Will you enter this new world or go under with the old? Go before it is too late.

Do you have enough oil to burn the light of awareness within or is it fuelling sin?

This self-created image that fills every room in your heart and expect him to enter ?

Perhaps you realise there is no time to take any of these (ego) belongings when you hear this call, and it was you he was waiting for.



Moshiya van den Broek