188. Reincarnation

Jesus told his disciples John the Baptist was Elijah. Origine, the most learned of the Christian fathers has clearly declared : Every man received a body for himself according to his deserts in former lives. Solomon’s “Book of wisdom” states, To be born in sound body with sound limbs is a reward of virtues of the past lives. And the learned son of Islam stated, I died out of the stone and became a plant, I died out of the plant and became an animal, I died out of the animal and became a man, why then should I fear to die? When growth lies in dying? I shall die of man and shall become an angel.

Most of you know that Mozart wrote Sonatas at the age of four, played in public at the age of five and composed his first opera at the age of seven. Many have labelled this wondrous incident as an accident of change and luck.

At death there is no extinction of the individuality, but the embodied ego of the dead body leaves its previous structure, and the mental impressions that it has gathered during the embodiment. It needs to be understood that to identify with a past personality in the way you identify with the present means you identify with ego, each life cycle is closed off when its purpose is served, it carries over qualities that provide opportunities to add to growth.
Each through its many cycles go from slave to master, but only in the true self in which they rest can its truth be seen, free of ego.

Again it needs to be clear that objects can give two different types of experiences to two different individuals while the object remains the same. This is evident because of the difference in the mental composition of the individual and can change over time. In all there is a coming and going, so mind to is finite in nature.
The objects of the world convey their stimuli through the doors of the sense organs that create mental waves which are illuminated by the conscious principle residing in all forms.

The mental imprint an experience has left on the field of consciousness, not knowing its source, will to its own liking judge the outer reflections of the world of objects.

The self on the other hand is immutable. It can nether slay or be slain, anyone who thinks otherwise has not reached wisdom and do not know the real nature of self. That which is killed is the perishable body and the illusionary arrogation the self is that which is beyond the body and ego since the pure consciousness is that which illuminates them both, “the fire at the back of Plato’s cave”. Perhaps here when I say, the wind moves in space, but space is not moved by the wind you will understand that this light in the back is not moved by the actors or by the projections on the screen or wall of the cave, such is the light of self. They can neither be the agent nor the object of action.
Unlike the physical body, the self is not born, it being the eternal factor that exists at all times, waves are born and then die away, but the ocean is not born with the waves nor does it die away when the waves disappear. Things that have a beginning alone can end.

The self is unborn and eternal, it supports and brings forth all beings, just like the ocean gives birth to, supports and nourishes all waves in it, and yet I myself never dwell in them( there is a light so much brighter outside this cave of which only a defused light enters the cave), it is the light of the father.

It is important yet known by those who have gained a clear understanding that no teacher can or shall ever teach his disciple and thereby transform him instantaneously into divine person, unless of course the student has the divine tendencies lying dormant and ready for manifestation in him.
Ego will say to those who believe in its mental gatherings, he is no master unless he can show me to my liking, or he is because he does as in feeding those things ego desires.

Faith is often seen as believe, but it is not built upon the misty vapours of emotionalism and mental gatherings, but upon the solid beams of intellectual understanding and perfect awareness of the logic thought behind theory, the basis of right intellectual comprehension of what the scripture indicates and true teachers explain. This enduring faith lifts you to the realm beyond that of mind and intellect, the path of knowledge or the path of ignorance.

It is said that a thousand cycles constitute the day time of the creator and equally long a thousand cycles constitute the night time of the creator.
It is said that the wise are those who know the true measure of day and night calculated in terms of cycles and each cycle consists of eons (known as Yugas).

Satya Yuga consists of 1728,000 years
Treta Yuga consists of 1296,000 years
Durapara Yuga has 864,000 years

And there are many more found throughout Truth & Revelations. But do not think that by reading them you belong to the wise, for the wise have gained through becoming.



Moshiya van den Broek