187. The golden ratio and the Hebrew alphabet

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. When god set the stage, there were then 5 added so it could be expressed. He created the circles, suns planets and moons.

So 22(oo)5 22 and 5 5760 909 divided by 2618 is 22,005.
5760 is of course the eight again and the 909 is aum/amen
26 x 18 =468 mirror of 864
468 x 2 =936 x 2 =1872
468 x 11 = 5148
468 x 22 = 10296.

Now as you know the golden ratio is created by joining the two stars ( the 5 and 6 pointed stars ) and those two circles.

Now look at the sign for Phi:

Now look at the two circles:

576 divided by 22 is 26,18181818181818181…( the 18 divided by 5 is 3,6 cycle of 360).

Returning cycles.

Everything in nature goes through cycles, seasons etc. and they in turn influence you. It is much like a clock, a cycle is a track between 4 points much like a clock, first zero, second 3 o’clock, third 6 o’clock, fourth 9 o, clock and returning to zero again.

They are circular and when plotted out they show a sinus type of wave.

Looking at this sinus wave you can see a minimum and maximum and two sort of in between, like spring and autumn. But planets too and their position in relation to others all have their influence, so history knows such highs and lows as well.

Let’s look at the Mayan calendars and see that they match up.
They have 15 calendars and is called ‘Quiche’.

IXIM TUN: the first calendar has a revolution of 130 days used by farmers.

MOM TUN: the second calendar has a revolution of 180 days, a micro cycle of insects and to do with fertility, also used for farming (while far more than this it is intended to show you the cyclic nature).

TZOLK’IN: the third calendar lasts 260 days and is a cycle of 20 weeks of each 13 days and is related to the bio rhythm and birth cycle and 13 power points in the human body through which energy flows. But also related to place and time of birth.

TUN: the fourth calendar lasts 360 days a cosmic calendar in perfect harmony with the cycles of the stars, planets and galaxies.

TZ’OTZ TUN: the 5th calendar has 364 days and has 28 days adding up to 13 months and related to the moon. And said to be used for prophesy and there were 5 tribes of Mayans that used it. 52 weeks of 7 days is 364.

IK TUN: the 6th calendar related to the actual moon cycle and feminine cycle.

HAAB: the 7th calendar of 365 days and is divided in 18 months of 20 days and a 5 day celebration that is called Vayab. It is also the best known calendar, and corrects in 180,000 years like the adjustment we do with our 4 year correction.

KIEJEB: the 8th calendar counts 400 days and is also known as a prophetic calendar and still in use.

MUCHUCHU MIL: the 9th calendar is a Mayan centaury of 52 years and synchronizes the HAAB and Tzolk’in and when this one ends all fires stop burning, after 5 days ZERO POP, the fires are lit again by the priests.

CHOL TUN: the 10th calendar works much like the Tzolk’in but a macro cosmic calendar.

KU TUN: the 11th calendar lasts 520 years and varieties, every 4 years a cycle where energy flows for the whole of mankind with special qualities.

TIKU TUN: the 12th calendar is divided in two cycles, the first is Belejeb Bolon Tiku of 9 times 52 cycles of darkness that is a full 468 years (look at the top part of this article to see more on this cycle) the second is Oxalajuj Tiku of 13 x 52 of 13 heavens or lights that lasts 676 years.

AJAU TUN: the 13th calendar of 13 cycles of 20 years.

EKOMAL TUN: the 14th calendar lasts 520 years and points to a male and female turning of the sun.

OX LAJUJ BAKTUN: the 15th calendar lasts 5200 years and is the one related to the 2012 and the change to the 5th sun. But the 2012 is not fully correct, the mistake is made in the translation to the Gregorian calendar.

While much more could be said about these 15 calendars, they are only mentioned to show that they were familiar with the structure.

The earth travels 2412 miles in one and a half day (3 times 12 houses), the sun in the same time travels 17280000 miles, this number is the 3 x 576 or the eight.
In 24 hours the earth travels 1608 miles (please look at Km/Miles), 24 is of course a full day 12 day 12 night, the sun has then travelled 11520000 miles which is twice the eight or 576.
In the one and half day the earth has travelled 36 hours, in 12 hours the earth travels 804 miles (a smaller 3) and 45 times the 12 hours (houses) it has travelled 36180 miles.
12 divided by 3 is 4 and 4 is half the eight or 8 and half (4) 804.
It will take some effort but if you try to remember that the eight is also 576 and the four is 288 then 804 is a smaller cycle of 1,5 but also 864 (576+288=864).
60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in a hour, times 24 hours is 86400 seconds (by the way the diameter of the sun is 86400).
The cosmic clock also has the 12 houses and 864 times 3 is 2592 ( 12 times 2160 is 25920 years). 2160 is the diameter of the moon again.

The big house has many rooms. Why a day and half? Because it has 3 times 12 and that is a circle. A completion.
Do you remember 1656? 3×3×3×3×3×3×3×3=6561, count them, there are 8 of these 3 (8×3=24).
360 divided by 5.76 is 0,625 (5 x 0,625 is 3,125 from the 5 books of the Thora). 0,625 x 8 is 5, times 9 is 5,625, 24 times is 15, 36 times is 22,5 and 72 times is 45, 88 times is 55, while 144 times is 90.
The Thora has 304803 letters, leave the zero out 3483 divided by 0.625 is 55728, the 55 is equal to 1. 5+5 is 1(0)728 and the new testament is the story of 144, making 1872.

Let anyone who is wise count the number of the beast, 666 divided by 0.625 is 10656. 25 times 1656 is 41400 the one in the middle, the staff or snake.

37 x 1656 =61272
73 x 1656 =120888
61272 + 120888 =182160
18 times 2160 is 1,5 times the zodiac 38880.
1/3 is 1296
12×96=1152=88 or twice 576.
1872 18 x 72=1296 (1152 /88 =1309,090909 half of golden ratio.)
1872 x 3 =5616
1872/6,25 =29952 48 short of 30000.
1872 x6,25 is 11700 (117.81 is half the ark of Noah 11781/6,25 is 1884,96 3600 x
52,36 is 188496.

This article will be very hard to understand but once you do, numbers will become the language of creation that was hidden from your eyes.



Moshiya van den Broek