186. The Nag Hammadi codices, the Berlin codex and the Sophia of Jesus Christ

Codices, the Berlin codex and the Sophia of Jesus Christ.

Ever since December 1945 when an Arabic farmer by the name of Muhammad Ali al-Samman found the scrolls and were translated by theologians of different dogmatic religious schooling, the Gnostic significance was nearly lost. The Da Vinci code of Dan Brown did bring the scrolls to the public eye, while there it found the same danger of being lost through interpretations to fit personal beliefs, it also found some open minds.

Often the question rises who the authors were, particularly the new Testament, so let’s see what has been said and what can be traced back: The evangelic of Thomas, the farrizia learned man received the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. In other words they have received the gnosis that is to say they were the lawful inheritance of the Misha (verbal explanations of the laws of Moses. (Matthew 23:13)

(Luke 11:52)

Around 200 AD the process of canonising was finished in Rome where the Canon Muratori was written that determined which were the holy scriptures, and it is here where they hide the keys starting with the amount of books 39 in the old and 27 in the new Testament making 66 in total. The reason for this will become clear.

We will return to this later. Another subject of many discussions is that of Mary of Magdalene, by whom it is said that Jesus took away 7 evil spirits. In the Gnostic worldview the universe is made in 7 levels. The sun the moon and 5 visual planets that were often represented as evil forces that keeps man imprisoned in matter, now pay attention here!

Above these 7 there is the Ogdoade or eight represented by the starry heavens, this is the mythological home of the Gods. The gnostical journey on the sevenfold ladder to the Ogdoade. Gnostically speaking the grave tomb and the physical body are one and the same thing, where one lives in a spiritual death existence, with the highlight of the story of Jesus, where Mary finds the empty tomb, and to whom Christ arises and appears for the first time and symbolizes the fulfilment of initiation, the empty tomb symbolizes we are not the physical body, and our true nature is God Conscious. At this point Mary is worthy of the name Sophia (She who understands the all) the mystical marriage, bread and wine, male and female, where there are two aspects spiritual and physical or two ends of the radius of a circle, one connected to the centre the other with the circumference. The Greek language makes a difference between scientific and reflective knowledge (he who knows the mathematical formulas and he who knows by experience and perception, he who knows me) the latter being gnosis, or insight! Self-knowledge. Self-knowledge in the deepest level is at the same time knowledge of God.

Give up searching for God, creation etc., search for him by searching within you, learn who it is within that takes all to himself, my God, my spirit, my thinking, my soul, my body, learn the source of you, love, hate, sadness (hyppolytus ref: 8.15 . 1-2.)

Logos 1, Greek papyrus Oxyrihynchus 654 and he said: everyone who traces the deeper meaning of my words will not taste death, Logos 37 Greek papyrus Oxyrihynchus 655 and his disciples asked when shall you be revealed to us? And when will we see you as you really are? And he said: when you undress and are not ashamed and take your cloths and place them under your feet and trampled them like little boys, then shall you see the son of the living God and know no fear. To see is not by soul or spirit but by consciousness that lies in between. While God cannot be seen, faith can be found in all that can be seen. He created equal to his greatness, a great eon or what is called Ogdoade or eight-ness.

Man should become phygonauts that travel beyond the last frontiers of inner space searching for source and meaning, a gnostic poet of the 19th century wrote: we both read the Bible day and night but you read black where I read white. Do not look at the story of Adam and Eve merely as a historical story with a moral but as a vehicle with meaning. The spirit/emotional body and pneuma/higher heart-central transcendental consciousness just like the story of Noah and the Ark as the physical body, 40 days and 40 nights the emotional body.



Moshiya van den Broek