185. Be light


Interpretations are someone’s viewpoint and someone’s viewpoint is based on how someone has interpreted all impressions in his or her life through education, culture and experience and the emotional weight they carry. The emotional weight is based on how all these are interconnected in the mental and physical body received and projected through the five senses.

A viewpoint therefore is an individual thing disconnected from the whole.

Interpretations therefore are personal ideas, overview on the other hand is disconnected from a single point and includes more points. Personality considers its point of view to be an overview but leaves out others.

Disconnecting and reflecting, reflecting and disconnecting.

Based on the above will include more points like those of others, but each time it has included another point then personality will weigh it against the points it has excluded.

Attachment therefore weighs you down.

. Consciousness is that what has been brought to your awareness

. Sub-consciousness is a latent awareness of itself that will lead to the above statement when recognition has taken place.

This sub-consciousness/consciousness is a personalized collection as explained in the above article and therefore judgemental. Through reflecting and disconnecting one will awaken in an awareness where the centre or point encompasses the whole.

One does well to realize that each word you read or hear is only understood from this personalized point of view and is referred to in the biblical story of Babylon where the one first language was lost and became many due to the loss of their true and pure meaning.



Moshiya van den Broek