182. The Hopi and the way of nine

The Hopi have a name for the gravity wind, it is called PESHMEHTEN –

“One Less than TEN or THE WAY OF THE NINE“.

Does the inner world have nine layers? Dante’s INFERNO, Jason and the Argonauts, Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth, the Mayan “Nine Lords of the Night”, the Egyptian ENNEAD, Virgil’s AENEID, Hopi’s PESHMEHTEN, the NINE Tiers of Palenque, Palenque has 9 steps and 9 doors, Tikal building has 9 doors.. for 9 lords of the night..

(The following is also thanks to Ramon Ulacia, rjulaciaf@raulom.com ):- “The Temple of Inscriptions, the most famous of Palenque’s structures, gets its name from three large panels with hieroglyphic inscriptions located on the temple atop this nine tier, stairs base. A tablet was found affixed to the floor inside this temple, and it had plugged-up holes in it. The tablet was removed, and beneath it there was a passageway with stairs that led down to a crypt lying below the surface of the Plaza.

For some, this is the most important Maya tomb yet found. The chamber walls have stuccoed portrayals of nine richly attired personages, who may be the nine lords of the night. There is also a stone sarcophagus covered by an engraved tablet. On it is seen a personage reclining on a representation of the earth monster. There is also a low relief of a two-headed serpent from whose fangs emerge two small human figures. The glyphs along the edge include the date 692 A. D. Remains of an individual with rich offerings, including a jade mosaic mask, were found inside the sarcophagus.”

“Reconstruction drawing of Complex Q by Norman Johnson, made in 1959. The stela enclosure is on the north side (top) with a nine-doorway palace on the south side. The flat-topped pyramids mark the east/west axis of the plaza. An emphasis on the world directions in twin-pyramid groups is obvious. The four structures are always placed in their proper sides of the plaza, so that no group is found in which the enclosure, for example, is to the south, east or west. The four-stairway’s pyramids are flat topped and do not favour any one direction. In themselves, they are fit stages for the ritual of the four directions.

The use of the number nine in twin-pyramid group activities is immediately suggested by the south building which always had nine doorways. One can imagine the appearance of the nine ‘Lords of the Night’ or of priests carrying nine items for sacrifice, and so forth.” ( www.crystalinks.com/ ). 3 places in Chicen – where you go down to the underworld – there are nine steps down each time..

The Nine Lords of the Night is a cycle of nine glyphs, believed to be names of gods who held offices on successive days. This succession of nine deities were thought to rule over the hours of darkness, each with his or her own prophecy (good, bad, or indifferent). Since the combination of the Lords of the Night and the Calendar Round date will not repeat for 467 years, it was used to locate far more precise moments in time than is possible using the Calendar Round date. This cycle, like the rest of them, runs simultaneously with all the others. There is still some question because the names of the Mayan gods on glyph G cannot be read yet, but this was an important part of specific dating for the Maya. (www.ancientx.com) “The patterned position of the Blackman Eddy cache contents demonstrates intentional placement. The nine flakes of this cache represent a recurring spiritual theme associated with Maya ideology involving the number nine. This sacred number appears repeatedly in Maya architecture, caches, art, and calendars and frequently represents the nine Lords of the Night or Underworld. Caches containing nine cherty or obsidian flakes occur in sites throughout the lowlands — this came from “MODELS OF COSMIC ORDER” –

Physical expression of sacred space among the ancient Maya” ( http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=18&q=http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayFulltext%3Ftype%3D1%26fid%3D234936%26jid%3DATM%26volumeId%3D15%26issueId%3D01%26aid%3D234934&e=9797 )

Nine Lords of the Night.. in ancestral tribes – each inferno has a Lord.. (one masculine and feminine..9th level Mictclan..). Aztecs in particular.. Popol Vuh also speaks about the ninth inferno.. managed by 14 pairs… from http://www.mc.maricopa.edu/dept/d10/asb/anthro2003/legacy

Exploration of World View of the Quiche Maya … Within shadowed waters resided a god, Sovereign Plumed Serpent, “enclosed in quetzal feathers, in blue-green.” The celestial god, Heart of Sky, also called Hurricane, descended and joined him, “and they talked, then they thought, then they worried.” The gods devised their plan of the universe, of living things. “For the forming of the earth they said ‘Earth.’ It arose suddenly, just like a cloud, like a mist, now forming, unfolding.”…..As there were thirteen tiers of heaven, so nine layers formed the Underworld that lay beneath the surface of the earth. The Maya thought it a dark and miserable place of pestilence and putrefaction ruled by the nine Lords of the Night. Into this realm-sometimes called Xibalbathe dying sun descended at twilight to endure untold dangers during its nightly passage, until, with good fortune, it triumphed and rose reborn at dawn to begin its daily journey across the heavens.

Deceased rulers also travelled this treacherous path and, like the night sun, rose again-as deities. In death, the ordinary Maya, however, had little hope of ever escaping Xibalba.

Abraham and the ASSA of RA from URu…birthed the Ben-ja-min cup in the line of MAGda-ELline.

– Thoth gave his blue seed to Aksenpahten (Alabaster Jar origin of Magdalene myth) whose dark blooded family returned to the south of France called “Black Madonna”- the KA called BOAT TO THE UNDERWORLD for navigating THE NINE) in KAllisto, arKAdia, KAthar and even (ironically ) KAtholic.

Who is: Re (or RA), The name of the ancient Egyptian solar deity who personifies the midday sun. He created himself and humankind. The centre for the worship of Re was in Heliopolis, where he was the head of the Great Ennead. The sun was known as Khepri at dawn, Re or Ra at midday, and Amun at dusk. – Also Known As: Ra, Amun, Amon, Amen, Amen-Re

–Who is Metatron (Enlil’s son requiring all the life support of Harkonen yet same seed Reverend Mothers/Orion Queens/Ptah Taal – used to make Muab Dib/Enki )- : below from ananda “All Is God”, which of course is the Emmanuel Christ Seed for it is the realisation beyond the entrapment of Jehova/Nephilim (El Shadai being Enlil Anu’s first, who was banished to the deprived realms of Shadain, and rose as El Shadain, which in Arabic translated to El Shaitan [Satan], and El Shadai/Metatron, of Genesis 17, who required feet washing, feeding, and sleeping, and destroyed Sodom and Gomorah with force, as the Dead Sea Scrolls reveal.

– Sumerian name vs Babylonian Name

An Anu

Ki/Ninhursag Aruru, Mammi

Enlil Ellil

Enki Ea

Nanna Sin

Inanna Ishtar

Utu Shamash

Ninlil Mullitu, Mylitta

The 5 and 6 vertical and 1 to 9 horizontal.

With numerology they tell you to add the numbers to a single digit but does it have a basis? It has, but so do double and bigger numbers. And where each number in relation to the other is. Here you can see how they should line up.

The total sum horizontally can be found in row six vertically, the vertical and horizontal sum are the multiplication of row five times nine. Each individual sum horizontally differs vertically by eighty one or nine times nine.

Each row from one to nine differs vertically nine from each other.  Each vertical total sum always adds up to three six and nine horizontally. And in full it differs three.

Each vertical row is one plus nine, plus nine etc. next row two plus nine etc.

In the first row the total horizontal sum is found in the total sum of the vertical row six. Each next horizontal rows answer can be found in the next three row block.

The total sum both horizontal and of row six are nine. This by multiplication of row five by nine. First row one, second row two, third row three from one to nine.

Each horizontal row is a copy of the first horizontal row.

It does not matter how big a number is, when you add the individual numbers up until a single digit you know in which row you can find it.

The vertical rows and their mirror image:

If you really studied the articles you will also notice it also reveals something about the structure of the star of Bethlehem ( the 5 and 6 star).

It is known that in the final battle of the gods, the massed legions on the side of “order” are the dead warriors, the “Einherier” who once fell in combat on earth and who have been transferred by the Valkyries to reside with Odin in Valhalla – a theme much rehearsed in heroic poetry. On the last day, they issue forth to battle in martial array. Says the Grimnismal (23): “Five hundred gates and forty more – are in the mighty building of Walhalla – eight hundred ‘Einherier’ come out of each one gate – on the time they go out in defence against the Wolf.”

That makes 432,000 in all, a number of significance from of old. This number has a very ancient meaning, for it is also the number of syllables in the Rig-Veda. However, it goes back to the basic figure 10,800, the number of stanzas in the Rig-Veda (40 syllables to a stanza) which, together with 108, occurs insistently in Indian tradition. 10,800 is also the number which has been given by Heraclites for the duration of the Aiõn, according to Censorinus (‘De die natali’ 18), whereas Berossos made the Babylonian Great Year to last 432,000 years. Again, 10,800 is the number of bricks of the Indian fire-altar (Agnicayana).

“To quibble away such a coincidence,” remarks Schröder, “or to ascribe it to chance, is in my opinion to drive scepticism beyond its limits.” Shall one add Angkor to the list? It has live gates, and to each of them leads a road, bridging over that water ditch which surrounds the whole place. Each of these roads is bordered by a row of huge stone figures, 108 per avenue, 54 on each side, altogether 540 statues of Deva and Asura, and each row carries a huge Naga serpent with nine heads. Only, they do not “carry” that serpent, they are shown to “pull” it, which indicates that these 540 statues are churning the Milky Ocean, represented by the water ditch, using Mount Mandara as a churning staff, and Vasuki, the prince of the Nagas, as their drilling rope. (Just to prevent misunderstanding: Vasuki had been asked before, and had agreeably consented, and so had Vishnu’s tortoise avatar, who was going to serve as the fixed base for that “incomparably mighty churn,” and even the Milky Ocean itself had made it clear that it was willing to be churned.) The whole of Angkor thus turns out to be a colossal model In france the Louvre, they have the stone tablets of the zikkurat of Babylon, E-temen-an-ki House of the fundament of heaven and earth, it gives the measurements. They belong to the holy E-sag-il the main god Marduk of the city ( AO,6555) the text is of the Seleuciden period and presicely dated at the 9th month, the 26th day of the 83rd year of king Seleucus ll ,12 december 229BC and written in Uruk (Erech in Genesis 10:10) the following is a description of the tower in the tables 16-19;

16. measurment of the Kigal of E-temen-an-ki so that you see height and width of it.

17. 60.60.60 the lenght, 60.60.60 the width in ellbow lenght Suklum. 3x 3=9, 9×2=18

18. because you know not the value of 18, with the elbow elbowlenght sirchitum

19. Kigal of E-temen-an-ki hight equal to lenght and width

While there is much more which I would like to point out, 7 stories high making it 90 meters high. But also the list of ages which I have already shown you in another article.

So how must you see this 7 steps and 90 high:  look again at the 1 to 9, 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9. Up to 7 because the 8 is where it is rounded off and 9 lies beyond. Like the 7 chakra’s within the body, the eight is the field that surrounds the body.

And the nine………..

In a single session you would be able to understand the first language from which all other came, conscious, heaven, earth, universe, nature and god.



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