181. Near death experience and consciousness

Extensive research in both near death experiences and consciousness has been done. The research has shown that after the patients wake up and tell about their conscious memories during the time that they were clinically death, their stories are very similar to each other independent of age, cultural background, or religion. The common points are: travelling through a tunnel, their life passing the revue and meeting loved ones. Most of them also speak of a heightened awareness in which they seem to enter an all-knowing consciousness that seems to know the answer to each question mankind has ever asked while they cannot explain it.

These experiences happen in the time that the heart and brain show no activity on both the ECG and EEG (a flat liner). That some might argue that the stop of blood flow does not mean that there cannot be some weak electrical activity deeper within the brain, because an EEG measures the electrical activity on the surface of the brain, is for the moment beside the point because they should ask, is there a brain activity that according neuroscience is needed to consciously be aware? As particularity, those types of brain activities are totally gone in those patients.

Technically there is another problem according the present scientific insights, that the patients experience a clearer wider awareness both in seeing as in hearing, while with a lessened brain activity awareness should be less.

Present science says that it is improbable that someone can experience awareness with the absence of measurable brain activity. The ruling materialistic viewpoint of science sees consciousness as the result and sum of measurable biological and electrical activity of the brain. The neurons in the brain create spark bridges through the synapses. Through the discharge from neuron to neuron, it creates an electromagnetic field that science connects with experiencing awareness. The mystery, how awareness which is immaterial can come about in the material, is not solved by scientist.

How can they, in their materialistic viewpoint, explain how an immaterial thought can lead to a physical and material activity? This connection between the immaterial awareness and the physical body in which according to them the consciousness is located. To this connection between spirit and matter, science has no answer.

Your decision is an immaterial thought that starts in the mind and leads to electrical impulses going through neurotransmitters to signal the muscles to act. Spirit rules over matter in your body. So how can they solve this dilemma in which science says that consciousness has a material source? Unless they accept that free will is an illusion and spirit is merely biologically programmed, the body as hardware and spirit as software being pre-programmed this would sound like matter over spirit instead of spirit over matter. While you experience the latter on a daily basis.

Now your question is; do you decide the action or your genes? There are scientists who are working on artificial intelligence with its own personality and own free will. Something that was given to man by god. No, awareness is not a material thing and is separate from the physical. The soul is pure awareness and has two of its parts in the lower worlds, mind and body. The trinity. The brain is like the cave of Plato, spirit is the light from outside the cave dimly shining in, and the fire inside the cave the reflection of the bigger light outside and the surface of the brain its screen. Awareness lowered into matter disconnected from god, the actors ego that thinks he is the source and cause. This screen or cave wall, receives information from outside the body through the sensory receptors eyes, ears etc. they are recognized and sends to awareness in accordance with its view point. Soul, its highest part, is reflected lower to mind and lower again to the body and from this lower point it feeds back to make connections which have lost its full knowing by the lowering of awareness. A little like a mirror. You can say, this is me in the mirror, but this reflection has lost the quality to think, it just follows you. This is much like the situation with most people at this point. They follow the two lower reflections of true awareness which has total overview.

This is also why the patients experience this all knowing and life passing by moments during a near death experience as awareness pulls back away from the body or like googles earth camera focussing out from street to city, then country to the whole earth. (please be aware that this is just a tool to give you an idea of the truth so the truth which is also in you can shine through in its own awakening into this world and see of itself too, just as the lower ones do, to which you cling to). To answer the question of how it is possible that you can still see and hear, or even better than normally when you have such experience, is that your material eyes and ears are really a reflection of all seeing all hearing if you realise that all sensory perceptions are really electrical vibrations/ frequencies being translated to fit within the build frame work. They are all very much the same, hearing is just tuned to hear of itself, that what it has come to know (recognition) while matter itself is just that E= M c² as Einstein said, energy equals matter so it is one big play of light, awareness of different levels, the lower it gets, the further into darkness the lesser conscious awareness. Sexual drive for instance does not have much more than an urge, a drive, now controlled by mind, by the connections the lower bodies have made through experience, culture, emotions etc. Feeling needed to become wise and let go of attachments so its awareness would rise from instinct to mind and eventually from mind to spirit. Your brain translates the universal into its individual as it believes being fed by a lowered awareness. Remembering that this high soul awareness is all awareness. When you come to understand a feeling you connect this to feeling so when it expresses itself you know. So from high you bring knowledge down to the lower world. This also means that the higher part of the soul does the same to the mind but often gives the illusion that it is mind that discovered and so pride comes into being. But please do not forget that everything is already given, you only need to awaken to that.

At the moment of a “near death experience” this awareness pulls back, stepping out of this mirror reflection. Remember the discoveries in quantum physics with light behaving like waves or particles whereby the observer has influence, meaning that your reality is depending on your subjective conscious awareness. You hear by the vibrations of air molecules against the eardrum, while awareness outside this body can hear and see without the need of an eardrum or physical eye. This means that desire created by reflection to a lower more and more material world, loses aspects of what is wholeness. The right half brain and left half are a reflection of the tree of knowledge whereas the right side takes all that is depth and all that belongs to good, to see all are brothers and sisters that is closer to oneness, compassion, the sense of love and thankfulness that comes from this unaware higher reflection that is receives and because it comes closer to wholeness that way it feels more euphoric, a high while the left is more the side where all that is separate, that which sees differences that separates and where fear comes into being. While these two, the right and left brain are a reflection of a higher one, these two need to join in a similar way as the physical needs to join the mental, to be in it but not of it, to see everything but remaining in the awareness of the whole. Feeling was unknowledgeable and through the brain built recognition so could be known, feeling/knowing whole is love. But feeling became aware and spoke to you and started to rule. Emotions were your advisers. Now, by letting go of attachments while feeling shows itself, your awareness rises above it like a father to his son and can speak its wisdom to him. Attachment drags awareness down, like emotions dictate/rule you, emotions are all feelings whether you are aware of them or not.

The five pointed star with its point down means that the four arms of it are above the high point of the five. These four are the four senses and rule above the 6th. I say four because they create the fifth. And the fifth the four, Feeling! Always projecting of themselves lower, losing a little on its way, just like your reflection in the mirror.

As above so below and below reflects back to above, and for those who understand the way God hears and sees everything. Yes, but like the six pointed star loses one in its reflection to make the five. But as soon as the lower point of the five turns around and points into the six, the four and one becomes his instrument instead of the other way around.

The trinity has its reflection in this world, one the higher self, mind and body. It loses one again as the mind projects of itself and that is what you call the world outside of you. Each reflection loses a little, just like your reflection in the mirror loses self-awareness, you know it to be you but the mirror image does not.

Perhaps, you can in this recognize a pilgrim pass, one creates two, two create one that returns again to make a trinity.

The mind is capsulated in the brain and the brain in the body. Awareness projected two down,  mind and body, the highest of the two again projected two down again, feeling and the outside world. Now look at this 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.

That is as far as it goes, 13 half way. What is important to understand is that if one returns then its reflection in the lowest will cease to exist. When conscious is drawn back into sub-conscious it is called sleep, then free will is lost and fully in control of the feeling/emotional body, while in this state there is still a reflection of the highest one who gives the dreams meaning but is lost by attachment to the outer world and its meaning is not seen anymore. The physical reality is an illusion created by consciousness. A bit like steam to ice with water in between. As mentioned the highest reflects back. If it is attachment, then it pulls you back.



Moshiya van den Broek