180. The keys reveal their function

You will know by having studied the articles that the base structure of all that is, is the star of Bethlehem, also known as the tree of life and the trees of knowledge and the outer shape is that of the eight (the sign of eternity) with a one left, right or in the middle. This eight is 576 degrees in circumference.

There are 3 things you should know, first of all the golden ratio which this eight reveals, comes from joining the 5 and 6 pointed star, and that it has 32 paths (see Cabbala). So the 576 is also 18,  the eight with the one on the left.

Then there are the 3 major keys :




576 x 31,25 = 18,000 52 + 36 = 88 the material world.

576 / 32 = 18 56 + 25 = 81 full cycle from 18 to 81

56,25 x 32 = 18,00 31 + 25 = 56 the base.

So the keys reveal their usage and translate for instance from degrees to paths etc. Once more, the eight is made by twice 36(0) degrees overlapping each other leaving out 144 in other words 2 x 360 =720 – 144 = 576.

36.576.36 would be another way to write it and these then also contain the 12 zodiac signs. So let’s see if we divide 3657636/12 =304803 and what is this number? Well there are 304803 letters in the Thora.

Not unless you know the structure will you come to understand it all, when you read the article about the Koran you find that the key number is 119. This number comes from the master degree 33. 3927 is the total Bible, 39 books in the old and 27 in the new testament so divide 3927 by 33 is 119.

The ark of Noah was 23562 and it had to travel over the eight 23562 times 8 is 188496. Divide this by 119 and it gives you 1584. 304803 is 30 plus 03 is 33 times the 48 is 1584 which is half of 3168 the number for the lord Jesus Christ. While 1584 times the 7 is 11088 and the snake 25 times 15,84 is 396 again. Many of you find it hard to follow the numbers but remember it is a language, a turning point is for instance 96. Now multiply this with the 33 and you will again have 3168, reflect this on the story of Jesus on his 33rd year.

You might also remember the 7 and the 153 fishes, as you need to reach the seventh on the trees 70 and 7 (this is due to the 7 on the other side, it enters the middle of the thorus and so adds a zero to it) 77 times the 153 is 11781. This brings you to the middle of the ark of Noah (twice 11781 is 23562). You only needed to go half way the generations and there are 26 generations therefore half is 13, 13 times 11781 is 153,153.

Through your study of the articles you will gain insights into yourself and the structure, it will reveal that there is no such thing as coincidence or luck.

You will come to see that atoms, planets and solar systems are all based on this structure, yes, even your personal path. You will start to understand cell division, DNA, the brain, emotions, feelings, how to free yourself. And if science wants to understand both, the seen and the unseen, it will need this knowledge. If you wish to end suffering, know true happiness, then you will need to be able to look inside and know yourself, it shows you how. It shows you the laws of cause and effect, it contains everything! But many of you are waiting for a red or blue pill, a quick fix, or what many tell you is that you will be saved, but I tell you no galactic federation will save you, IT IS UP TO YOU! We are here to help you, we show you how but you need to do it, and if you are really willing to do what is needed, then you will get all the help needed.



Moshiya van den Broek