Familiarity with numbers and their source


Let me first explain the reason why these numbers are an important part of the path. They are a stepping stone towards both understanding and of strengthening one’s believe, a necessity for further growth.
Words as we know them today are interpreted in many ways, if I say fear then it would mean different things to different people, one might be scared of spiders or snakes while someone else is scared of flying. Or take a word such as morality or immorality, which could contradict each other in different cultures. Each word has been given a value based on one’s experience, education and upbringing.
If I were to say that most religions are really the same, then quite a few would like to disagree or consider one greater than another, but numbers are a vital part in all of them, even though it might seem more or less obvious in some. Numbers unlike words are less prone to differ, their value is pretty much equal to most of us.
Now if I were to say that all branches of science are really one, even though they seem to be fighting individual battles in search for the truth. At present it is physics that considers to lead the search for truth, or at least for the question as to how. The why is left to the philosophers. Astrophysics lives on theories. The problem with theories and believes is that once you believe to know something you stop searching and start defending it.

We start with numbers that most of you have come across at some point in either religious or other books to eventually end up with you, that’s right, it’s all about you and the truth that will set you free.

The zodiac is divided in 12 equal pieces of 2160 years, totalling 25920 years.
This is the length of the circle so if we divide the circle length 25920 by PI (3,1416) we get the diameter. The outcome is 8,250.572956455309. A number none of you will recognize unless one realizes that they are cubits (52,36) 8,250.572956455309 x 52.36 is 432.000.
Now there is a number some of you will recognize, 432 is the old musical base note, which not all too long ago was changed into 440. These natural notes effect you on a deeper level.
The zodiac is reflected in the 8, the two overlapping circles that make up the vesica piscis and divides the line of 432 in 3 pieces of the familiar 144.
Both circles share its centre and if you take one circle away it will look like a bowl or cup, in biblical terms it’s a vessel, 288 degrees, there is one above and one below.
Those who have studied the Kabbalah will know that it is said that a vessel fell from the heavens to the earth and broke into 288 sparks.
Now the circumference of this 8 is twice 288 making it 576 which is the value of the words holy spirit.

I will not yet talk about the meaning of these numbers and their location openly, apart from telling you that the upper circle contains the star of David with its 6 points and the lower circle a pentagram with its 5 points, joined they don’t make 11 but 7 points on the outer rim of the 8.

Let me go back to the zodiac for a moment again, 25920 multiplied by the cubit gives you 1.357.171,2. There are many cycles within this great year.
Nostradamus was an initiate of the sacred secrets and his predictions ended at 3769.92 so some of the interpreters say his predictions end some 1753 years from now, but none know why or where this number comes from: 1,357,171.2 ÷ 360 = 3796.92.
Plato spoke of the music of the spheres, these musical tones not only effect the harmonic of your D.N.A. but all of nature too. Your make up was given a tune when you entered your cycle, and is effected by its movements and remains slave (like in the biblical story of Moses in Egypt) until you are free.
But do not make the same mistake so many have made, it is not the gathering of this knowledge that sets you free.
And for those of you who have been practicing: nor is it the looking back at the impact of the animals of the zodiac and its legion or the emotional impulses one had, but the ability to catch them in the act before they are expressed that builds the strength to break free from the chains.

All else strengthens the shackles.


Moshiya van den Broek