177. Are you ready to meet the devil?

Before we do so let us go back to the storyline again, the ark of Noah, God told Noah to build a vessel so they could populate the earth after the flood, in it all the animals and the seed from Adam to Noah, male and female, would travel the waves (up and down) until they would reach the top of the mountain and then follow the story of the raven and the dove. This as you will have understood through the articles is the story of man entering this world to eventually (45) leave the ark to enter this new world (54). The raven means, letting go of ego and the dove means living righteously. Then it will return with the olive branch, the holy spirit. So far in short the story and what it resembles.

Now God told Noah to build it 300 x 50 x 30 cubits is 45,000 cubits and as you know the cubit is 5236 which can be written as 0,5236 and translates to 45,000 x 0,5236 is 23562.

As you know revelations 13.18 Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of man, his number is six hundred threescore and six, in other words 666.

The story of the Bible is the story of man and it has 66 books, and these 66 books are divided in 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament.

Therefore 3927 equals 66 books. And 3927 times six is 23562 the ark again, or as you know YOU. Yes you! Or at least you who are the raven.

The death of the raven, or the negative, that what has limited understanding and who wishes to satisfy its own idea, that, has to die in order for the dove to fly out or in other words again, to live according the right conditions, while this is all explained in more depth in the articles on Truth and Revelations. You need to understand this order to change. Let’s say someone who has a drinking problem or drug problem or any other condition that translates to a blindness, is to recognize that you have a problem. Nowadays there are many who seek the evil or beast in others, as conspiracy theorists like to point out that it is Bush, the Pope, or the Illuminati. They do not understand that ego, who knows them better than they know themselves, will point to anyone but himself and by doing this remains able to feed itself of this world. Yes, he is the master of this world. Ego is the illusionary personality that can only be through reflection of itself. It needs to recognize of its own build ideas to have a sense of being. And it will do anything to continue to do so at the cost of you, you who are in truth pure awareness, but this awareness has descended or fallen to earth which means, it became attached.

So those who point to others as being the beast, are really conspirators themselves, much like a drunk saying, I don’t have a problem, I can manage it and stop whenever I wish, but never does. Because they tend to identify with their thoughts and feelings, the I feel, I think. As you might have learned in life that when the emotion is alive, it rules you, when anger comes up then anger is your adviser, he who sees of itself, he who sees only reason to be angry.

Yes you are his slave! But not unless you have experienced this happening, you might not have experienced that there is another part of you who can say I can see what is happening in me, and what these thoughts and feeling are saying but those are not me, you can be outside of these feelings and be pure awareness.

While it is true that these organizations are blinded by him, it is like the pot blaming the kettle. But many people only know life through his eyes and ears.

And yes he collects everything. Some of you might recall or remember but others are deep within the what they call, unconscious mind, but he has access to all of it, and he will take control over anything he can get his hands on. He seeks it to gain power and control over you so he can live out his life. This is the very reason why this knowledge was protected, not by any organizations but by mankind’s own blindness. If he could lay his hands on the knowledge then he would use it for his own goal. You do not need to experience more, your experiences are enough to recognize this, but only when awareness is separate from and is the meaning of the saying “ BE IN IT BUT NOT OF IT”.

Understand that usually you are this feeling and thinking body that translates on the base of what it has collected in the past and projects it to the future.

Be the observer, the one that sees and hears but does not identify with it.

Each word you read is being read by the experiences one had in relation to this word. As the physical and mental body are of this world, and can recognize only of itself,  is not spiritual but him misleading you. You, who is eternal, is pure awareness, the highest soul while the two lower bodies belong to this world and are subject to the cycle of life and death. Therefore in order to be born again you need to die and in order to die you need to become aware(ness).

By this very revelation you will come to realize that we have come to the last chapter, in other words we are in the last days. Now, can you permit yourself to be unaware? Because when the moment strikes and you are him who does the steering, the guiding, you will go down with him.

Through connecting feeling to the mental (male and female) you gain insight, you are able to become aware. Read the articles and come to see that feeling needed to experience in order to make connections with mind so it can express itself, come to understand what feeling is telling you. But confusion sets in when you place trust in limited understanding, yes knowledge, but knowledge is not wisdom for wisdom is complete and does not leave anything out, otherwise you would not be able to take everything into account and your love would not be perfect.

While this is not something you can reach, you can only reach halfway, you will need to act in the goodness that you know, and that is the part that is awareness as to what is outside and at the same time inside, but not the lower two worlds. Each experience that is limited in knowledge is used to judge the next.

If you are able to reflect without identifying your viewpoint, it will be like watching a movie, whereby the overview makes you see what the individual who lives out his role as actor does not see.

But all this is explained in more depth throughout Truth and Revelations.

Don’t let these precious last moments pass by, the holy war comes to an end and who will be the victor? Yes, right now it is your moment in the desert, your fight against evil, wake up! The days are counted.



Moshiya van den Broek