17. You have heard, it has been said! part 2

Please read “You have heard, it has been said part1″, so it is freshly in your mind. This is intended to make you see the bigger picture.

GENESIS 22:1-12 In this part Abraham is asked to offer his son Isaac, and when at the very last moment, having the knife at hand to offer Isaac, he was called by the angel of the Lord: “Abraham, Abraham!”, and said “here I am, don’t strike the boy, because now I know. Now I know you are god-fearing, and your son, your only one, you didn’t want to keep from me.”

Like g-d did with his own son!! Yes, please read part one again. Not just Jesus on the cross, but his first son too. Darkness was upon…….. please read Genesis again, yes I do leave out more and we can. Another time I will go deeper into this, but for now we leave it at this.

Men`s desire to rule on this earth due to his turning away from g-d. And having sense and perception through its outwardly directed focus means that he judges on limited knowledge. Again the truth is that to keep a hungry person away from food while he can see it (some of it) creates a desire that would get out of control unless the father rounded it to ensure it would not be forever lost.

Just think about the law of attraction and the variations. So again, it is therefore needed to keep from over-eating, in other words: to dose the amount of (knowledge). Experience was the only way to get you to the point where you could recognize the father in you, through recognizing his work, but recognize his son also, that ruled this world. To recognize the father by the very laws he gave. The son, by his very work that was not in accordance with the fathers laws. I did say it to some who know me personally: you can not teach anyone anything; you can only create situations for someone to learn something.

I am not here to teach either, I am here to make you see yourself. But (other than you hoped for) not by giving you all at once, but step by step so you will start to get the bigger picture. Because when you start to make the connections yourself, you really start to recognize it in yourself. Yes because you can only recognize what is within you, the outer you has experienced enough, 32 are done. The cycle has run its course, it is time to wake up to the world that g-d has planned for you.

I give you some fruit, little by little of the tree. Then I show you the outlines of the storyline, and connect it to some of the points i gave before (little bridges). But only through self-recognition does the will strengthen, and so lead you to the promised land. With the truth in front of you carrying the ark of the covenant. Yes you need to experience, the tree of good and evil, but it is time to awaken, because all that is not in accordance with his laws will be lost. Pay attention, it was said none of your beliefs will save you but only the truth of g-d. Be you the one that brings his son home.

I urge you to read all the articles again, print them out and take a few hours to yourself, and read them all. Do it with the purest of love you know, put aside all personal judgement, trusting truth will recognize of itself.


Moshiya van den Broek